Always Been Yours Chapter 1017

Hearing this, Sophia and Karen frowned and seemed to falter a little.

Eunice looked out and tensed up.

She must not let her teacher and the others investigate, “How come there is no evidence, isn’t the previous video of Susan drugging her little sister and causing her allergies evidence, and isn’t her jealousy of her little sister a motive that would constitute a crime?”

The lawyer frowned and did not respond immediately, turning his head to look at Susan.

Susan saw this and hated Eunice with a pa*sion in her heart.

It was clear to her that this woman was trying to pin things on her so that she could get away with it, but she would not let the woman have her way.

With that in mind, she gestured for Potler to come closer and then whispered a few words of explanation.

Only to see Potterer nod before turning his head to Eunice and the others and saying with a serious expression, “The drugging matter, my client has admitted that she did it, and my client will follow up with compensation and apology to Miss Wen, but the matter of the stage accident, my client denies it, so if you want to charge my client, as usual, please produce substantial evidence. ”

“Again, this matter of the stage, I as the victim, I am confused, if this matter is really my doing, why did I go on stage to perform when I knew there was a trap? You know how important hands are to a violinist’s existence.”

Susan also questioned next to me, “I don’t think senior Sofia would have failed to notice such an obvious breach, would she? I hope that Senpai as well as the orchestra will give me an explanation on this matter.”

Sofia pondered, thinking that there seemed to be some truth in what Susan said.

Could it be that Susan really didn’t do what happened on the stage?

Leaving the hospital, Sofia turned to Karen and instructed, “Go and check the recent contacts of this operation master and the bank statements, including those of his family.”

Eunice stuttered inwardly as she heard the conversation between the two.

Had she believed Susan, the teacher?

She wrinkled her brow originally intending to say something, but finally restrained herself.

She had said a lot of things in the ward before, and if she were to convict Susan again at this point, it would certainly arouse suspicion.

After a moment of contemplation, she put a light smile on her lips and inquired, “Teacher, Little Sister, where are we going next?”

“To find your little senior sister and tell her about the situation over here.”

Sofia did not hold back and told them what she intended to do next.

At that, Eunice would have liked to follow.

But she was not sure she could keep her emotions in check, so in order not to let the shrewd Feng Shenye see anything, she simply made an excuse to leave.

And she had things to set up.

Sofia and Karen didn’t notice anything unusual about her.

After separating, the two of them went straight to the car and went to Wen Shiyu’s house.

When they entered the living room, Sofia got straight to the point and told them directly what had happened in the ward earlier.

“Even after bringing someone over to identify her, she denied it and said it was planted, asking our band to give her a statement.”

It was probably because Susan’s attitude at that time was too arrogant, and she was still a little angry when she got to the end of her sentence.

Wen Shiyu and Feng Shenye listened with furrowed brows and a few moments of surprise.

They didn’t expect that under such circumstances, Susan would still insist on not admitting her guilt.

“Could it be that what happened on the stage really wasn’t done by Susan?”

Wen Shiyu murmured in confusion.

Seeing this, Karen sat aside and spoke his opinion as well.

“Actually, I think Susan is right in one sentence, if she had designed the stage accident, she wouldn’t have drugged you, because you must be going to the hospital after your allergy, and she, as the chief of the orchestra, will definitely take your time to perform then, so that the accident she designed will be fulfilled to herself, I don’t think she should be so stupid.”

To this remark, Wen Shiyu was approved.

When Feng Shenye listened, he also felt that the stage incident might really have been deliberately planted on Susan.

But even so, he did not intend to let Susan off lightly.

This woman had dared to drug his wife, so she should also be punished as she deserved.

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