Always Been Yours Chapter 617

She then reacted and nodded with a smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t listen to your brother-in-law.”

Hearing these words, Wen Jingchen looked towards Feng Shenye in triumph.

When Feng Shenye saw this, his eyebrows rose slightly, but he didn’t say anything, but he took this account to heart, planning to clean up this naughty brother-in-law later.

On the other side, Wen Jingchen and Wen Shiyu were already concerned about each other.

“Sister, how are you doing over there?”

“I’m quite well, how about you, did you take good care of yourself at home?”

The two of them chatted about family matters, and the topic unknowingly came up to Wen Jingchen’s company.

Wen Shiyu was concerned, “How is your company these days, is it very busy?”

“It’s fine, it’s not very busy, sister don’t worry.”

“I don’t want to worry, but look at you, you’ve lost weight again compared to before, what’s going on?”

Wen Shiyu looked at her brother with some anger, feeling that he was very unloving.

Wen Jingchen snapped.

Just don’t wait for him to open his mouth to argue, Wen Shiyu’s voice rang out in a serious tone, “Money can’t be earned, no matter how busy you are at work, you still have to eat properly, your body is the capital, if you are really too busy, we will go hire someone to go back and cook and clean as well, if you are like this all the time, how can I study abroad without worrying.”

“I know I’m wrong, I’ll take good care of myself, sister don’t need to worry about me.”

Wen Jingchen had a good attitude and admitted his mistake.

Wen Shiyu knew in her heart that this was admitting her mistake and not correcting it, and very much sighed, “One and two are both workaholics, how can I not worry?”

“I’m here at home, so don’t worry so much, just take care of yourself.”

Feng Shenye stood up from his desk and snatched the phone back again, his gaze falling gently on the girl in the video.

If he let the girl talk any longer, he felt that even he himself would be implicated in the lecture for once.

So he’d better hurry up and divert Wen Shiyu’s attention.

The day of Hathaway’s birthday was a birthday party held directly at the orchestra.

Of course, the inside of the orchestra was decorated quite grandly.

In the evening, an endless stream of luxury cars were parked on both sides of the road like a long queue, and countless famous musicians got out of their cars.

They entered the venue in groups of two or three, dressed in gorgeous gowns.

Inside, the venue was lit up and surrounded by the sound of music.

A number of uniformed waiters carried drink holders through the crowd.

“Hathaway, happy birthday.”

The guests who had come forward, came forward to congratulate them.

They were all close friends of Hathaway’s.

Hathaway was overjoyed and thanked them all, taking Wen Shiyu and Kathleen with her to entertain her friends.

Everyone was talking and laughing.

Many of them were full of praise for Wen Shiyu.

“That’s your brilliant student, isn’t it? Just a lot of spirit.”

“I was really curious when I heard about the circle some time ago, now I finally met the real person, a wonderful person indeed.”

“Now the circle is full of rumours that you’ve taken on a genius student, making everyone want to steal someone.”

There was even an in-your-face dig at Hathaway.

“Miss Winn, if Hathaway can’t teach you music anymore, you’re always welcome to come over here.”

“Fishel, digging up my students in front of me, are you thinking that our friendship is too calm and trying to make trouble?”

Hathaway glared at her best friend in mock anger, and there was another burst of merry laughter.

During this time, Wen Shiyu had been standing dutifully and graciously by Hathaway’s side, making many people’s senses grow fonder and fonder of her.

Kathleen stood on the other side of the room, listening to the compliments of the crowd on Wen Shiyu with a cynical heart.

She tightened her grip on the wine gla*s, her finger bones so hard that they turned white, and her eyes, hidden under her eyelashes, were resentful.

After all, as long as she was around in the past, she was the only one these musicians praised.

But now, everyone was only paying attention to that b*tch Wen Shiyu!

Little did they know that it was a misunderstanding.

After all, between Kathleen and Wen Shiyu, these famous musicians could be said to know Kathleen very well, but Wen Shiyu they had never come into contact with before and were bound to be curious.

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