Always Been Yours Chapter 647

Feng Shenye did not know what was going on in Lu Yunxin’s mind.

He saw that Lu Yunxin looked much better than yesterday, and she was also in good spirits, so he nodded and said, “Since you’re well, take a good rest afterwards, and don’t toss those things around.”

Hearing these words, Lu Yunxin, who was originally quite happy, her smile faded.

Because she could hear the displeasure in Feng Shenye’s words.

Even so, she nodded her head, “Don’t worry, I won’t wander off in the future.”

In the next few days, Feng Shenye was still very busy.

In order to free up his time at the end of the month, he had to finish all his work in advance.

On the other hand, Wen Shiyu was also very busy.

Especially as the time for the show was getting closer, they were planning to leave for Y in advance.

This time, there were two nights of performances.

One night was for the first group and the other for the second group, so everyone in the orchestra took it very seriously.

Especially the members of the second group.

Because this is the first time since they became a group that they are appearing in front of a crowd.

And whether they could successfully make a good name for themselves in the circle was also decided on that night.

You can imagine how important this performance was to the members of the Second Group.

These days, even though Hathaway told them to slow down their training, all of them were straining their muscles and training hard.

Wen Shiyu, as the lead violinist, was also under a lot of pressure and trained late every day as well.

As the days pa*sed, Hathaway had set a time to go to Y.

Before she left, Wen Shiyu gave Feng Shenye a call.

“When I get there, because I have to get familiar with the venue and rehearse, I might be very busy and will have little time to talk to you on the phone then.”

“That’s okay, we’ll see each other soon.”

Feng Shenye didn’t care, as he was almost done with the matter at hand.

He looked at the girl’s much thinner cheeks and said heartily, “Training is important, but don’t push yourself too hard, relax properly and don’t let me worry.”

Listening to the man’s admonition, Wen Shiyu’s heart was sweet, very sweet.

She also carefully admonished Feng Shenye to take care of himself and Little Bao’er.

After a few more days, Wen Shiyu followed the orchestra’s rehearsals and was so busy that she couldn’t keep her feet off the ground.

And the day of the performance was getting closer and closer.

On this day, Feng Shenye was about to return from work when he unexpectedly received a call from his former boss.

“Shenye, I have to stay in Nancheng for a few days, let’s meet tonight, we haven’t seen each other for years since you retired from the army.

Feng Shenye was a little surprised, but did not refuse.

“That’s fine, I’ll book a restaurant for the evening to cleanse you.”

That evening, in a luxurious private box in a private club.

Feng Shenye, Lu Yunxin and Team Shang were seated face to face at the table.

Shang was a middle-aged man in his fifties, his full name was Shang Wenyao, dressed in a Zhongshan suit, tall and upright, with the aura of someone who had been in a position of authority for a long time.

He looked at the imposing Feng Shenye with a look of relief in his eyes.

“At first after you quit, I still felt sorry for you, but now it seems that I was narrow-minded, a person as outstanding as you is an outstanding talent no matter where you go.”

Hearing these words, Feng Shenye slightly hooked his lips and said modestly, “Team Shang has over-appreciated you.”

Lu Yunxin also echoed next to him, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

After some pleasantries, Shang Wenyao asked about Lu Yunxin’s health.

“I heard that your wound worsened a few days ago and you were hospitalised again, how is your body feeling now?”

“It’s fine, the doctor told me to rest more in bed and not to move around.”

Lu Yunxin responded with a smile.

Shang Wenyao nodded, “Since the doctor has advised you so much, then you need to rest more.”

After saying that, he turned his head and looked at Feng Shenye kindly, complimenting him, “This time, it’s thanks to you taking care of Lu Yunxin here, otherwise we would have had some trouble mobilising people over here.”

“That’s as it should be.”

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