Always Been Yours Chapter 679

The colours are divided into two parts, the top half being blue for the sky and the bottom half being green for the gra*s.

The gra*s is also painted with flowers in twos and threes, but what stands out the most is the portraits of people painted on it, which are a bit abstract but not too difficult to see, and everyone has a smile on their face, and the adults are standing side by side holding the children, which is very meaningful to look at.

“Auntie, is it nice?”

Little Bao’er looked at Wen Shiyu expectantly, with a face that begged for praise.

Wen Shiyu lost her smile and complimented, “It’s very pretty, Bao’er is really good.”

At these words, the smile on Little Treasure’s face became sweeter and more energetic, “Then I will learn from my teacher and make my aunt’s drawing even more beautiful.”

“Then I’ll wait for Bao’er to draw me even better.”

Wen Shiyu encouraged the little one, and then seeing Feng Shenye looking at them with a smile on his lips, he smiled and handed over the watercolour painting in his hand.

“Look at what Bao’er painted, isn’t it pretty?”

“It is indeed quite good.”

Feng Shenye lowered his eyes and looked at it, the curve of his mouth rising a few more points.

He liked the painting, and he liked what little Bao’er had just said even more.

A family of three …… isn’t that what they are, a family of three.

When I thought of this, the look on Feng Shenye’s face became even more gentle.

Lu Yunxin looked at the three who were talking and laughing, and found herself completely unable to intervene, her inner jealousy constantly surging.

Especially from her point of view, Feng Shenye and the others looked like a family of three, while she was just an outsider.

Listening to the constant laughter coming from her ears, Lu Yunxin could not stand it any longer.

She couldn’t understand why Little Bao’er, who always looked so cold and distant whenever she saw her, didn’t reject Wen Shiyu and acted so intimate with him.

Looking at the three of them, she felt that she was redundant in this moment.

But she was very reluctant to let her leave like that.

In the end, she forced down the jealousy that was churning inside her and looked at Wen Shiyu, saying with a leathery smile, “I heard that Miss Wen has been out for a long time, why are you still so close to Bao’er?”

“Although I’ve been away for a long time, but Bao’er and I video every day.”

Wen Shiyu heard Lu Yunxin’s target, and although her smile remained the same, her voice faded a few notches.

Lu Yunxin pretended not to hear it and said unforgivingly, “Video is video, but if there are any problems, you can’t take care of anyone, Miss Wen, do you think I’m right?”

Wen Shiyu frowned a little in displeasure, but still gave an unfailingly polite smile.

“Everyone has different views, I think nowadays technology is so advanced, even if we’re not together, it’s still quick to want to see each other.”

Lu Yunxin didn’t expect to run into a soft spot here with Wen Shiyu and sulked a little.

She took a deep breath and picked up the fight again.

“Then Bao’er is lacking motherly love right now, and I heard from her aunt that she wants a Gu family daughter-in-law.”

She looked at Wen Shiyu with a smile that did not reach her eyes, and there was some smugness in her eyes.

She had two meanings to this statement, one was to sarcastically say that even if Wen Shiyu and Bao’er were close, they were not Bao’er’s real mother, and the other was to show off to Wen Shiyu that she and Feng Shenye’s family were on good terms.

Wen Shiyu naturally heard it and was slightly stunned, not knowing how to reply for a while.

At this time, little Bao’er also heard the wrongness in Lu Yunxin’s words, and her originally still smiling little face immediately became milky and fierce.

“Bao’er doesn’t want anyone else, Bao’er just wants his auntie.”

He puffed up and glared at Lu Yunxin, his words full of defense of Wen Shiyu, “Although auntie is usually away, Bao’er will miss her a lot, but I don’t mind.”

Feng Shenye was also sullen, not saying anything, but obviously not caring either.

But Lu Yunxin didn’t know.

She was furious inside when she heard Xiao Bao’er’s words.

This Wen Shiyu was really good, she hadn’t even married in yet, and she had coaxed this child Bao’er into defending her like this.

“You may not care, doesn’t Shen Ye care?”

“I’m not caring, you care too much.”

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