Always Been Yours Chapter 752

“Daddy, Mummy, wait for me.”

Little Bao’er looked at the two people walking away and hurriedly trotted after them.

Wen Jingchen also followed closely behind.

Walking out of the villa, Wen Shiyu pulled Feng Shenye and said worriedly, “Will it be bad if we just leave like this?”

“It won’t be bad.” Feng Shenye knew what his girl was worried about and comforted her, “As long as it’s for you, whatever is good.”

“But ……”

Wen Shiyu was still uneasy.

Only when she finished, she was interrupted by Feng Shenye, “No buts, although the Feng family is my responsibility, but it’s not necessary for me, and I don’t want you to be aggravated.”

At these words, Wen Shiyu thought of what Feng Shenye had said in the living room and was heartbroken.

She recalled the first time she met Feng Shenye, when Feng Shenye gave her the feeling of an emotionless robot.

“No matter what, I will stay by your side.”

She gripped Feng Shenye’s hand back with force.

At this time, the sound of the old man’s angry roar also came from the villa.

“Shen Ye, come back here!”

Feng Shenye didn’t even pay attention.

After leaving, Feng Shenye took Wen Shiyu straight back to his flat.

Since they hadn’t had dinner yet, Wen Shiyu personally cooked a simple dinner.

The family had a warm meal.

During the meal, no one mentioned anything about what happened at the villa earlier, as if they had forgotten about the unhappy events just now.

“Sister, you eat more.”

Wen Jingchen gave his sister a dish to eat.

Little Bao’er also followed suit, “Mommy, you have more, so that the little baby will have nutrition.”

Although Feng Shenye didn’t say anything, he thoughtfully picked out the fish thorns for Wen Shiyu before putting the fish into her bowl.

Looking at the dish that was almost bubbling in her bowl, Wen Shiyu’s heart warmed up.

After dinner later, Wen Shiyu saw that it was getting late, so she took Bao’er to wash up and rest.

Feng Shenye also received a phone call from his brother.

Although he had left to not take care of the old man’s side of things, Feng Shen Jin still took the initiative to report on the situation there.

“Brother, grandpa is still angry right now, so don’t come back for the time being, I’ll arrange for someone to return to China tomorrow.”

Feng Shenye gave a hint, “Look after the company, I might not be in charge in the near future.”

“I understand.”

Feng Shen Jin knew very well that his brother wouldn’t have returned if the old man hadn’t compromised, and he had no problem with that.

After all, his brother had already sacrificed a lot on his behalf, and all he could do now was to fully support his brother in his pursuit of happiness.

Feng Shenye didn’t know this, but he also urged, “Have someone take good care of the old man when you get back, and let me know if anything happens at any time.”

The two brothers spoke for a while longer before hanging up the phone.

Originally, Feng Shenye took the phone with the intention of going back to his room, but unexpectedly, he had just turned around when he saw Wen Shiyu walking over to him.

“Is Bao’er asleep?”

“Mm, just fell asleep.”

Wen Shiyu nodded gently, her gaze falling on the mobile phone Feng Shenye was holding in his hand, asking, “Was it your brother’s call just now? Did something happen on the old man’s side?”

Looking at the girl’s worried expression, Feng Shenye pulled the person back to the room while rea*suringly saying, “It’s fine on the old man’s side, you don’t need to worry.”

Hearing this, although Wen Shiyu’s heart was relieved, it was quite unpleasant.

She blamed herself a little and said, “If only I had been better, so that your grandfather wouldn’t have such a big problem with me.”

“Don’t say that, you’re already very good.”

Feng Shenye took the person in his arms to comfort her.

He didn’t like Wen Shiyu saying that about himself, “Trust me, I can fix all of this.”

“But ……”

“No buts, no matter what happens, I will take care of it, you just need to not give up, stay by my side and rely on me.”

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

Wen Shiyu looked into the man’s dark eyes and nodded gently for half a second, “I will always be by your side, no matter what happens!”

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