Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2199

Boarding the plane, going back to Xue Cheng.

When he got on the plane, William had wanted to say a few words to Leng Di Feng, who kept looking down at his papers and ignored him, so he chose to remain silent and not bother.

Mena said hello to Hua Xiaofo and then pushed William to his room to rest.

Leng Xiao brought Hua Xiaofo’s backpack and Hua Xiaofo was overjoyed, he thought he had lost it but never thought he would find it.

Leng Xiao was always so thoughtful.

Hua Xiaofo thanked her and took her backpack to her room, wanting to change into lighter clothes, but she found that she had no luggage at all.

She fished out a white shirt directly from Leng Di Feng’s suitcase, took a shower, then changed into the white shirt and sat on the bed to check her backpack.

At this time, Leng Di Feng came back to the room with his tablet computer, and seeing her in the white shirt, he could not help but be stunned ……

She then tied two buttons, the collar was open, her full snowy peaks were calling out, and the pair of long, slender legs were coiled on the bed, which didn’t detract from the beauty.

It was only the right calf that was wounded and bandaged with a layer of gauze.

But it was this simple look that also fascinated him ……

Leng Di Feng put down his computer, went to the bathroom and took a shower, then directly pounced Hua Xiaofo on the bed ……

Hua Xiaofo let out a startled cry and subconsciously covered her mouth again, nervously looked at the wall next to her and whispered, “Stop it, this is a plane, the compartment is poorly soundproofed, the room next door will hear it ……”

“We’re all adults, what’s wrong with hearing?” Leng Di Feng nibbled on her neck and went down little by little, “Want me, hmm?”

“Leng Di Feng ……,” Hua Xiaofo pushed him anxiously, “Stop it, go back to that …… again ooo… …”

Before she could finish her words, she was kissed by Leng Di Feng.

His kiss was again aggressive, not giving her a chance to refuse, and she was just about to struggle when his tall body pressed up and one hand probed inside her clothes ……

That reckless and daring action made Hua Xiaofo couldn’t help but arch her body and close her eyes, gradually sinking beneath him ……

But she kept biting the back of her hand, not daring to make a sound.

Afraid that William and Meena next door would hear ……

Leng Di Feng seemed dissatisfied with her suppression, and soon he was raiding the city directly, and his movements became wild ……

Hua Xiaofo looked delicate and helpless under her attack, and her whole body was about to fail, but she was still biting the back of her hand in death, not daring to make a sound.

Leng Di Feng pulled her hand away and bit down on her neck, biting hard ……

“Ah ~~~~”

Hua Xiaofo finally couldn’t hold back the sound, then scrambled to cover her mouth again.

In the next room, Mina was blushing with shame, squatting on the floor, carefully wiping William’s body.

William’s eyes were closed, as if he had heard nothing, but those hands, with a death grip on the bed sheet, were almost about to tear the sheet to pieces ……

It was a long time before the sounds from the next room stopped.

Mina wiped the sweat from her forehead and carefully rolled William over, trying to wipe his back, only to find that he had a wound on his lower back, and it was festering badly.

She was startled at once and said excitedly, “Your Highness, why didn’t you say anything when you were hurt like this?”

“I’ll go and find Miss Hua ……”

She said and was about to stand up, wanting to go to Hua Xiaofo.

But William grabbed her hand and said in a low voice, “Don’t bother them.”

“But your wound ……” Mina’s eyes were moist.

“It won’t kill you to stay up one more day.” William said faintly, “Go to bed, don’t be busy.”

“Your Highness ……” Mena crouched beside him, shaking with sobs, “I am here to watch over you.”

“Thank you ……” William lifted the corners of his lips slightly, “Actually you don’t have to be so nice to me, don’t ruin your own career for me.”

“I can live without that job, I just want to take care of you.” Mina choked out, “Just let me stay by your side and take care of you.”

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