Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2202

Leng Di Feng slept through this sleep until he reached Snow City.

He woke up only when the plane was ready to land.

Looking at Hua Xiaofo who was curled up in a ball beside him, he covered her with the blanket and got up to put on his clothes ……

“Sir, getting ready to land!”

Leng Xiao reminded from outside.

“Mm.” Leng Di Feng put on his clothes and went to get another jacket to wrap Hua Xiaofo up, then carried her on the seat and fastened the seat belt ……

She was sleeping heavily and didn’t even wake up like this.

He kissed her cheek and walked out of the booth, ordering in a low voice, “Get off the plane and go straight to the office, and Leng Gang escort them home.”

“Yes, sir.”

Hua Xiaofo was woken up by the bumps of the plane, and woke up in a daze to find that the plane was already landing, and she was sitting in her seat with her seatbelt on.

She was still wrapped in a very warm coat with the scent of the cold emperor’s wind.

She thought of the way he had picked her up and handled her ……

Her heart felt warm.

After the plane landed, Hua Xiaofo put on her clothes and shoes and went out, Leng Di Feng was answering the phone again, Leng Xiao was arranging matters, and two attendants carried William down first, with Meena close by.

“Miss Hua, I’ll escort you and Prince William back first, Sir has to go to the office.” Leng Gang came over and said, “It’s cold outside, you put on your hat.”

“Mhm.” Hua Xiaofo went back to her room and put on a down jacket, put on her hat and came out with her medical kit.

Leng Di Feng had finished talking on the phone by now and waved to her.

She dragged her injured foot over and was about to speak when Leng Difeng picked her up, she exclaimed and hurriedly wrapped her arms around his neck, “What are you doing?”

“The stairs are slippery.”

Leng Di Feng carried her out, and amidst the flying snow, dozens of attendants below lined up in two neat and orderly rows, looking up at them.

Among them were Huang Shaoqi and He Zijun, as well as some other Leng executives.

Hua Xiaofo was a little uneasy, nestling in Leng Di Feng’s arms like a well-behaved kitten.

Leng Di Feng carried Hua Xiaofo down the stairs and reached out to put on her hat to cover her cold little face.

Countless people saw this scene, and there was incomparable envy and longing in He-zijun’s eyes ……

She really wished that the person in Leng Di Feng’s arms was her!

Coming down the stairs, Hua Xiaofo only saw that Huang Shaoqi and He Zijun and the others were all there, while Leng Di Feng paid no attention to these people’s gazes and kissed her forehead, gently admonishing, “Go home and wait for me!”

“Mmm.” Hua Xiaofo nodded obediently.

Leng Di Feng carried her to the car, gestured to Leng Gang, and then watched them leave.

Hua Xiaofo looked at Leng DiFeng in the rear-view mirror as he watched her motorcade leave, and it was only when HeZiJun came up to speak to him with the documents that he withdrew his gaze and said coldly, “The Night’s are so ambitious, they’re actually hitting the European country market as well!”

“It is said that the one who has shown up this time is the daughter of the old master, Night Zhen Yun, this person is ruthless and venomous and has some tricks up her sleeve, now she has joined forces with Yideng and the priest and they are digging up our market.”

Hezijun reported with a grave expression, “Do we have to go to San Francisco?”

“Go back to the company first.” Leng Di Feng took the documents and turned around to get into the car.

He Zijun and Huang Shaoqi also followed them into the car, and Huang Shaoqi volunteered as soon as he sat down, “I happened to be sick and didn’t go on the tour last time, I can do it this time.”

Leng Di Feng glanced at him and didn’t say anything as he continued flipping through the documents.

“I can go too.” He Zijun said softly, “My daddy and Uncle Yan are old, it’s not possible to count on them both, Brother Shaoqi and I are always at your disposal.”

“Shaoqi go to Hai Cheng for me.” Leng Di Feng ordered decisively, “Leng Xiao will tell you what you need to do.”

“Okay.” Huang Shaoqi smiled and nodded.

“You leave for M tonight.” Leng Di Feng handed the document back to He Zi Jun, “I’ll go over and meet you tomorrow.”


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