Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2204

Hua Xiaofo looked up at the building and his whole being was stunned, “This whole building is mine?”

“This whole building is your studio.” Shu said with a smile, “There are seven floors inside, and we have specially built it for you according to the model of a Chinese medicine hall, so go in and have a look.”

Hua Xiaofo was a little excited and took a big step in, the inside was fully Chinese decorated with high grade ancient wood, the whole thing was decorated in the orthodox Chinese medicine hall model ……

“This is too perfect!” Hua Xiaofo was excited, “This is the studio of my dreams.”

She had long ago wanted such a studio, with all sorts of Chinese herbs and her precious medical books inside ……

When she was in Switzerland, she had a studio, but it was just a small room where she could only pile up some of her usual herbs, and several wooden cabinets were stuffed full, and she didn’t like to clean up, so it always looked messy.

But here, so big and all hers ……

She can get all the herbs back for her collection, and she can get a few floors for a laboratory ……

Oh my god ……

Hua Xiaofo was so moved that she wanted to cry, she had never talked about it, how did Leng Di Feng know she wanted this?

“Miss Hua, do you like it?” Shu asked expectantly, “Is there anything we need to rectify?”

“Love it, love it so much.” Hua Xiaofo’s voice was a little choked up, “Nothing needs to be rectified, there’s just one thing we need now.”

“Is it Chinese herbs?” Leng Gang asked with a smile, “I’ve already had them prepared, they should be shipped over from Z in a couple of days, all that can be bought on the market will be prepared for you, those that can’t be bought you give a list and I’ll have someone find them.”

“You guys are too considerate.”

Hua Xiaofo touched the cabinet and then the table, moved to tears ……

“It is sir who has thought of everything.” Leng Gang explained, “He had Leng Xiao find a famous designer to handle the design, then arranged for the solid wood to be shipped from Z. The work started right away, look, it’s almost completed, just waiting for the herbs.”

“Fantastic ……” Hua Xiaofo was moved, “He didn’t even tell me.”

“Sir has always done things quietly.” While Leng Gang was talking, an attendant came to report, “Mister is back!”

“So early?” Leng Gang was surprised, “With so much going on at the company today, I thought he was going to be very late.”

“What’s happened to the company?” Hua Xiaofo asked.

“Uh, this ……” Leng Gang dared not say.

“Well, I’ll go ask him.”

Hua Xiaofo quickly ran over to Leng Di Feng.

As soon as Leng Di Feng got off the car, Hua Xiaofo darted into his arms, happy as a small child.

“Watch out for your legs!” Leng Di Feng looked at her with eyes full of doting.

“Thank you!” Hua Xiaofo stood on tiptoe and kissed his chin, “I saw the studio just now, it’s so big and beautiful!”

“Tsk tsk tsk!” Leng Di Feng bristled with displeasure, “It took building you a studio for you to jump over and kiss me with joy!”

“Hee hee, just like it, want a kiss.”

Hua Xiaofo jumped up to kiss him again.

Leng Di Feng tilted his head, deliberately angry with her, “Little dwarf, no kisses for you!”

“Nasty nasty!”

Hua Xiaofo raked on him like a monkey and deliberately bit him.

The two of them were laughing playfully.

Leng Di Feng wrapped his arm around her waist and picked her up to go back inside ……

It was a happy and sweet scene.

The people around them watched and were happy for them.

Nora even showed her aunt’s smile.

Not far away in the castle, William was sitting in his wheelchair, quietly watching the scene, although he couldn’t hear what they were saying, he could still see the sweet interaction between Leng Di Feng and Hua Xiao Fo ……

How happy!

His lips curved up in a shallow arc, silently lowering his eyes, his gaze, as cold as frost ……

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