Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2206

Hua Xiaofo wondered if he had gone to the study, so she put on her coat and went out to look for him.

Pushing open the room, the servant guarding outside hurriedly bowed low, “Miss Hua!”

“Is Leng Di Feng in the study?” Hua Xiaofo asked in a soft voice.

“This ……” The maid bowed her head, not daring to speak.

Hua Xiaofo didn’t say any more, she walked straight to the study, pushed open the door, the room was dark, she turned on the light, there was no one inside ……

All of a sudden, she realized that something was wrong and hurriedly shouted, “Someone!!!”

“Present.” Ah Shu ran up from downstairs, “Miss Hua!”

“Where’s Leng Di Feng?” Hua Xiaofo asked anxiously.

“Mister he ……”

“Mister has gone to M.” Leng Gang walked in from outside with, “Just boarded the special plane.”

“Leng Di Feng has gone to M country?” Hua Xiaofo’s eyes widened in shock, “When did that happen?”

After asking, she froze again, “Just boarded the special plane, which means he’s been gone for over an hour ……”

She was furious before she finished her sentence, “Son of a b*tch, he actually left while I was asleep, and just came back and ran off to M. What the hell does he want?”

“Don’t be angry, Miss Hua.” Ah Shu hurriedly calmed down, “Mister went over there because he had some important business to do.”

“Yes, sir is also there for work.” Leng Gang explained.

Hua Xiaofo thought about it, he was a person who did big things, he couldn’t be with her every day, and he had been busy answering the phone on the special flight back before, something should have happened ……

“I can understand if he’s doing it for work, so tell me, why did he sneak away?” Hua Xiaofo was angry and aggrieved, “Can’t you say goodbye properly?”

“Maybe I was afraid you would be angry.” Leng Gang said weakly.

“Then when is he coming back?” Hua Xiaofo asked anxiously, “Did you say?”

“No, that’s really hard to say.” Leng Gang explained, “He’ll come back naturally when the matter is finished.”


Hua Xiaofo was about to be speechless, it was futile to ask, it was better not to make things difficult for them.

She huffed and went back to her room, sitting on the sofa and sulking.

Outside, Leng Gang instructed the maid to keep a good eye on it, and then went to work.

Hua Xiaofo tried to call Leng Difeng, thinking that at this time of the day, maybe the plane hadn’t taken off yet.

But the phone didn’t work, so it seemed to have already taken off.

She texted him, “Call back when you see the letter!”

Putting down the phone and lying on the bed, the more Hua Xiaofo thought about it, the angrier she became. A few hours ago, they were still tangled up in this bed to death, and now he was gone ……

Without saying a word, he had gone.

She felt very aggrieved.

The special plane.

Leng Di Feng was reviewing documents, Leng Xiao brought him a cup of hot tea: “It’s really hard for you, it’s a bumpy ride back and forth, you didn’t even have time to have a meal at home.”

“Why are you as nosy as a woman?”

Leng Di Feng glared at him.

Leng Xiao hurriedly shut up, not daring to speak.

“By the way ……” Leng Di Feng suddenly asked, “How is that aunt recovering from her injuries?”

“Only today Leng Gang asked the people over in Hai Cheng, saying that she has already awakened and is still resting in bed.” Leng Xiao said.

“Since she’s awake, there’s nothing serious wrong with her, send someone to bring her to Snow City.” Leng Di Feng instructed, “Little Buddha is home alone, with no one to keep her company, she will be rambling, with her aunt coming, she has company.”

“Okay, I’m going to call Leng Gang.”

Leng Xiao immediately went to turn on his phone and connected to the internet on the plane.

“Leng Di Feng continued to read the documents, but his mind was filled with Hua Xiaofo, he suddenly thought of a problem and ordered again, “You tell Leng Gang, that wooden head, not to let Xiaofo know that I went to M with He Zijun, otherwise she will make a scene again.”

“Yes.” Leng Xiao hurriedly relayed the words to Leng Gang.

“I know, don’t worry guys, also, I’m not a wooden head.”

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