Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2208

“No need to bother you, I guess, just tell me the address and I’ll go there myself.”

Hua Xiaofo said hurriedly.

“That’s fine, I see that Di Feng has left Leng Gang at home, it should be easy to travel.” The president’s wife smiled, “Then I’ll have someone tell Leng Gang the address later, see you tomorrow night at six!”

“Okay, see you tomorrow!”

Hua Xiaofo sent the President’s wife away, and regretted a little, she really didn’t like going to that kind of occasion, nor did she want to see any painting exhibition, she simply couldn’t read ……

But the president’s wife had personally come to invite her, and even put it like that, she really had no way to refuse.

Thinking that she would have to deal with it in the future, it was better to deal with it.

“Miss Hua, don’t worry, I will escort you there tomorrow, it will be fine.”

Leng Gang thought she was worried about security.

“I’m not worried, I just don’t really want to go.”

Hua Xiaofo looked at her phone, Leng Di Feng hadn’t called or sent a message ……

She was a little upset, but she was never going to call.

What’s the big deal, if you don’t call, you don’t call.


This night, Hua Xiaofo woke up several times and fished her phone out from under her pillow, wanting to see if Leng Di Feng had called or sent her a message ……

Unfortunately, there was never any.

She was very lost in her heart, but she was too tired during the day and went back to sleep.

She woke up in the morning, not in the best of spirits, but managed to get up, wash up and eat breakfast, and then had to go to William’s follow-up appointment.

William was very co-operative with the treatment, putting up with all the pain and swallowing the bitterest medicine in one gulp.

He was trying so hard, and she really hoped that he would be cured sooner.

It was just that William seemed to be talking less and less lately, and seemed to be deliberately keeping his distance from her, no longer calling her Little Buddha as affectionately as he used to, now he rarely spoke and rarely called her ……

She thought that he was probably like this because he felt guilty about what happened before, or maybe he had become silent after suffering so much ……

On the other hand, Mina is always happy to see her, learning about medical care from her, understanding William’s condition and giving her detailed reports on his reaction to his condition ……

When Hua Xiaofo said that William was recovering well, Meena was happier than anyone else.

Hua Xiaofo observed that now Mena seemed to be closer to William, undressing, rubbing her body, applying medicine and what not, even on private parts, she gradually stopped being afraid ……

but still blushing and shy.

Hua Xiaofo thought this was a good thing, William was all alone now, it was nice to have someone to keep him company, besides Mina liked him so much.

After finishing William’s business, Hua Xiaofo dispensed medicine for Mina, who was still recovering from her previous injury and was busy looking after William every day.

Hua Xiaofo changed her medicine and told her to use it properly.

After leaving from William’s side, it was already after four o’clock when we went back.

The stylists and make-up artists had been waiting for a long time, and Nora served Hua Xiaofo to bathe and dress, and then had her make-up done.

Once she was cleaned up, Hua Xiaofo took the car to meet the President’s wife.

She was a little tired after a long day and dozed off in the car.

But every now and then she woke up to check her phone to see if Leng Di Feng had sent a message to call ……

Unfortunately there had been none.

She was so angry.

At six o’clock, on time, I met the president’s wife at the restaurant.

The president’s wife had chartered the restaurant and there were no outsiders, only a few other female guests.

Hua Xiaofo knew them, one of them was Yan Wanli’s wife, and the other few were the same ones she had met at the last banquet.

Everyone was very respectful of Hua Xiaofo and their attitude was particularly attentive.

Hua Xiaofo was not very good at making speeches and had to keep smiling.

The President’s wife could see her discomfort and admonished, “Little Buddha is a quiet girl, not good at socialising, so there is no need for everyone to be polite.”


With that, several of the ladies quieted down.

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