Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2212

When he hung up the phone, Leng Di Feng instructed Leng Xiao: “Ask Leng Gang clearly where Little Buddha has gone and who he has met in the past few days?”

“Yes.” Leng Xiao immediately went to call Leng Gang.

As the car continued to drive on, the driver reported, “Sir, someone is following us.”

Leng Di Feng glanced at the rear view mirror and said indifferently, “Find a place to intercept them and catch them alive.”


The car accelerated slightly and continued to drive forward.

It made the car following behind, that is, barely able to keep up, and to look a bit strained.

Leng Xiao finished his call and reported the situation to Leng Di Feng: the president’s wife had come to the door to invite Hua Xiaofo to the painting exhibition, and the person who leaked the news was Yan Wanli’s wife.

“So it seems that it might have been inadvertently mentioned by a group of women during a casual conversation?” Leng Xiao analysed, “Such a small matter, there’s no need for any conspiracy, right?”

“Let’s not worry about it.” Leng Di Feng didn’t want to be distracted by those things either, “Contact He Zi Jun and see what’s going on with her.”



After making up, Hua Xiaofo slept soundly.

Waking up early the next morning, she ate breakfast and went over to treat William.

William’s recovery was rapid and the results were visible every day.

Now that there was no poison to intervene, Hua Xiaofo’s treatment was useful.

At the end of the day’s treatment, Robin called on video and excitedly told William that they had received the medicine flown over by Hua Xiaofo.

Han Ding and someone from Leng’s branch personally shipped it over to them for them to start taking today.

William was delighted and turned the camera on Hua Xiaofo.

Robin and the people in the castle were grateful to her from the bottom of their hearts.

Hua Xiaofo gave them instructions on how to take the medicine and precautions, telling them to observe the effects every day and report back to William in time.

Robin remembered all of them.

After hanging up the phone, William expressed his gratitude to Hua Xiaofo. Although it was just a few words, not much was said, but the gratitude in his eyes was genuine and deep.

Hua Xiaofo casually said that one of his own need not be polite, and then went to work dispensing the medicine.

Mena was beside her, administering medicine to William, and seeing his eyes lingering on Hua Xiaofo, her eyes were filled with loss ……

For the next few days, Hua Xiaofo was busy with William’s medical treatment. Under her treatment, his traumatic injuries healed quickly, but the old ailments in his legs were still troublesome.

Hua Xiaofo found that the poisoning had affected his legs again this time, and the previous treatment had fallen into a calm, but now it was even more difficult ……

So Hua Xiaofo spent every day researching new options, and also called Bai Hao to send over her ancient medical books.

Another week had pa*sed, but Leng Di Feng had not returned, but occasionally sent her a message. Although Hua Xiaofo was lost in her heart, she waited patiently ……

The ancient medical books sent by Bai Hao had arrived, and Hua Xiaofo read and studied them at home every day, finally making a breakthrough and continuing his treatment of William.

This afternoon, Hua Xiaofo had just finished sticking needles into William and was packing up his things when Shu suddenly came to report in a hurry, “Miss Hua, the president’s wife is here.”

“Ah?” Hua Xiaofo froze for a moment and said with a frown, “Why is she here again?”

“It seems that that Miss Dai is seriously ill and has come to you for help because she has no way to seek medical help.” Shu said, “I saw how anxious she looked, and Brother Steel told me to come to you.”

“People’s lives are at stake.”

Hua Xiaofo immediately packed his medicine box and prepared to go back.

“Little Buddha.” William suddenly called out to her.

“Hm?” Hua Xiaofo turned her eyes to look at him.

“Let Mina go with you.” William gave Mina a look, “She’s learning some general medical knowledge now, she can help you out.”

“But if she goes, who will look after you?” Hua Xiaofo asked.

“There are so many servants in the house, it’s fine.” Mina said hastily, “His Highness is going to sleep after taking the medicine, in fact, there is no use for me to stay at home at night.”

“Alright then, I’ll go over and see what’s going on, you come over later.”

Hua Xiaofo said, and left in a hurry ……

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