Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2216

“It’s fine, we’re staying overnight at the Presidential Palace ……”

Mena sent a message reporting the situation.

Soon after, William replied, “Protect her well, nothing must happen to her.”

“Yes, don’t worry.” Mena replied, “Your Highness you should go to sleep, it’s already 1:30 am.”

“I can’t sleep, let me know when Buddha returns tomorrow.”

“Got it.”

After sending the message, Mena looked up at Hua Xiaofo in bed, her eyes full of envy ……

Even though she had become Leng Di Feng’s woman, his highness still couldn’t let go of her, probably, this is love.

In the middle of the night, Mina had just drifted off to sleep when someone came knocking on the door, saying that Avril was awake and going crazy.

Mina rushed to wake up Hua Xiaofo.

Hua Xiaofu immediately got dressed and rushed over with a medical kit.

Avril was now very weak, yet she was still in her hospital bed, raging madly and cursing in a language she did not understand.

It was like a dying man cursing at something.

“Violet, calm down, calm down.”

The president’s wife covered her mouth with a handkerchief to stop her from shouting.

The doctors were at their wits’ end, not daring to sedate Avril and waiting for Hua Xiaofo to do something.

Hua Xiaofo immediately took the needle pack and went over to give Avril a needle.

Ai Weier glared at Hua Xiaofo viciously, her eyes as cold as a poisonous snake ……

But soon, she pa*sed out and fell motionless on the bed.

“This won’t do.” Hua Xiaofo frowned, “Hurry up and ask for a psychiatrist.”

“It’s already been requested ……,” the president’s wife was distraught, “Thank you, Xiaofo, go to sleep.”

“Madam, I’ll go back and fill some medicine first, I’ll bring it to you tomorrow.” Hua Xiaofo looked at her watch, “These pills are taken on time every day, it helps stabilise the mood and makes it much easier for them to treat.”

“It’s hard for you, I’ll see you out.”

“No need ……”

Hua Xiaofo tried to push back, but the president’s wife still insisted on seeing her off.

Hua Xiaofo looked at her haggard appearance and felt some sympathy, “Madam, don’t worry too much, this condition is not irredeemable, as long as it is treated properly, there is still hope for recovery.”

“I hope so.” The president’s wife sighed sadly, “Alas, I owe this child so much ……”

“Is the President not at home right now?”

Hua Xiaofo noticed that from start to finish, the President had not been seen in person.

“He is busy with his official duties and has been away lately.” The president’s wife smiled bitterly, “He is busy with his day-to-day business, and I am the one who handles all the matters at home.”

“Oh.” Hua Xiaofo nodded and didn’t say anything else, “You should also rest, don’t wear yourself out, I’ll leave first.”

“It’s been a hard day for you, bye!”


Hua Xiaofo led Meena to the car.

Mina saw the President’s wife’s haggard figure in the rear-view mirror and sighed, “Someone in such a high and powerful position should be calling the shots, how come her daughter is in such a state?”

“Yes.” Hua Xiaofo was also puzzled, “That Miss Dai, what exactly has happened to her?”

“Shu, do you know?” Mina asked gossiping.

“All I heard was that she was unhappily married in Dubai and that her ex-husband had a tendency to domestic violence.” Shu said, “I was told that the president was so angry at first that he sent someone to clean up after the ex-husband, but then ……”

“And then what happened?” Mina was super gossipy.

“I think it said that Miss Di was having an affair and the ex-husband had something on him ……” Shu whispered, “so it was a bad thing, and then there was a long tussle over the divorce, and it was Mr. who moved to have the other side released. ”

“That’s outrageous.” Mina said indignantly, “I hate domestic violence men, and that man has a lot of nerve, even the president’s daughter has the nerve to domestic violence. But is it true that Miss Di is having an affair?”

“I’m not sure ……,” Shu shook his head, “I heard the rest from the young emperor’s men, when the president sent them to clean up after that ex-husband.”

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