Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2218

The more the President’s wife thought about it, the angrier she became, “Originally Wei’er’s condition had been stabilized, she gave the treatment plan, and the other doctors just followed it.

At this point in time, we could have gotten rid of her in the suburbs, disposed of the men she brought with her, created an accidental car accident, blew up the car with her, destroyed the body, and Leng Di Feng wouldn’t have been able to find out anything when he returned.

Now it’s over, the best opportunity has been missed.”

“Madam don’t be angry, we’ll find another opportunity ……” the female bodyguard said soothingly.

“What an abomination, it must be that lowly embryo who didn’t keep an eye on it, that woman must not have drunk the milk.” The president’s wife said in exasperation, “Do you think she has sensed something by now? Have we spooked the snake?”

“I don’t think so?” The female bodyguard was apprehensive, “Why don’t we go and test the waters?”

“Go and wait at her door, see if she’s made any movements, and report back to me immediately.” The President’s wife instructed.

“Yes.” The female bodyguard immediately went to do so.

The President’s wife came to Avril’s room, looking at the sleeping Avril on the hospital bed, her heart was very hard, heartbreakingly stroking her face, choking up and saying, “Don’t worry, Mummy will definitely avenge you.”

Twelve o’clock late at night.

Mena and Leng Gang found the presidential palace and said they had come to pick up Hua Xiaofo.

Leng Gang was fine.

Mena was anxious and asked for news of Hua Xiaofo.

The president’s wife said unhappily, “Little Buddha has been treating Weier, tired all day, and is asleep in the guest room. Why do you make it sound like I’m going to hurt Little Buddha?”

“I ……” Mina paused for a moment, remembering William’s instructions, and immediately squeezed out a smile and said, “Because our Miss Hua wasn’t feeling well for the past few days, she didn’t sleep last night either, and she hasn’t slept all day today, and I called Her mobile phone prompted off, so I was worried about her health condition, that’s why my tone was a bit hurried, madam don’t take offense.”

“Little Buddha has worked hard, let her rest here with me, I will send someone to take her back tomorrow.” The president’s wife said, “You guys go back.”

“This ……”

“Madam.” At this time, Leng Gang slowly spoke, “Before sir left, he instructed me to protect Miss Hua well, these two days I was busy with other things, I was not at home, Miss Hua’s mobile phone is now disconnected, now when asked, I can’t explain.

Please, ask someone to call Miss Hua, we’ll wait here.”

“You guys have this attitude, as if I would hurt Little Buddha.” The president’s wife was a little angry, “Little Buddha is our Wei’er’s life-saver and Di Feng’s fiancée, how could I possibly do something that stupid?”

“I’m sorry.” Leng Gang bowed his head in apology.

“Forget it, I’ll go get her.”

The president’s wife herself went upstairs to find Hua Xiaofo, and when she arrived at the door of the guest room, the female bodyguard waiting at the door whispered, “Miss Hua has been sleeping and snoring, and is completely unresponsive.”

“Er ……” the President’s wife smiled mockingly, “It seems I thought too much, she didn’t notice anything at all, or else would she still be sleeping so soundly?”

“Yes.” The female bodyguard nodded.

“Knock on the door and wake her up.”


Hua Xiaofo was sleeping deeply when she was woken by a knock at the door, she was very annoyed, “Who is it?”

“Sorry, Little Buddha, I woke you up.” The President’s wife said from outside, “Leng Gang and that a*sistant of yours, Mina, are here to pick you up and are waiting downstairs.”

Only then did Hua Xiaofo remember that he was sleeping in the presidential palace and hurriedly got up, “Just a moment, I’ll wash up and come out.”

“Okay, okay, there’s no rush.”

The president’s wife waited outside.

Soon, Hua Xiaofo changed his clothes, washed up, opened the door to his room and said with a snort, “I was sleeping soundly.”

“I also said to let you sleep here and come back in the morning to pick you up, they are not at ease.” The president’s wife smiled and said, “You’ve worked hard, are you okay?”

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