Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2219

“Nothing much, just a bit of diarrhea.” Hua Xiaofo rubbed her stomach, “It feels as if I ate the wrong thing, and I’m a bit uncomfortable, but I haven’t been eating today, ah, I just drank a gla*s of milk.”

Hearing this, the President’s wife’s face changed and she quickly said, “Is it because you’re hungry? It’s really hard for you today, you’ve been busy all day, you haven’t even eaten, you haven’t had a good sip of water, and now you’ve made yourself uncomfortable ……”

“It’s okay, I’ll just go back and drink more water.” Hua Xiaofo said casually, “Even if I eat the wrong things, it’s fine, I’m invulnerable to all kinds of poison!”


The president’s wife was stunned, was that a casual remark or ……

“Miss Hua!” Mina’s shout came.

“Coming.” Hua Xiaofo hurried downstairs, “What brings you here so late?”

“To pick you up.” Mina looked Hua Xiaofo up and down and asked in a low voice, “Are you all right?”

“Yes.” Hua Xiaofo was still snorting, “What can I do?”

“Just fine, I was afraid you were tired.” Mina breathed a sigh of relief, “I’ll go get your medical kit.”

“Oh, right.” Hua Xiaofo then remembered that she hadn’t taken the medical kit, “It’s in the guest room, go and get it.”

“Mhm.” Mei Na went to the guest room to get the medical kit and met the president’s wife who was coming downstairs, she hurriedly bowed her head and saluted, the president’s wife didn’t say anything and quickly followed Hua Xiaofo, “Xiaofo, I’ll walk you out.”

“Miss Hua is staying in this room.” The female bodyguard at the door gave Mina directions.

Mina went in to get her things, feeling that the female bodyguard was staring at her from behind. She had wanted to check the room for any clues, but now she didn’t dare to mess around, so she took the medical kit and left.

She smiled and nodded at the female bodyguard on her way out the door.

On the way back, Hua Xiaofo felt some stomach trouble, checked himself and said in confusion, “How strange, I haven’t eaten anything today, why do I have a stomach trouble?”

“Did you drink something?” Mina asked.

“Just a gla*s of milk.”

Hua Xiaofo found a pill and took it with the mineral water.

“Is there something wrong with the milk?” Mena asked in a rush, “Did …… anything happen to you after you drank it?”

“No, I guess, I fell asleep after drinking it.” Hua Xiaofo didn’t think so, “If it was usual, I would have known if there was something wrong with the stuff just by taking a sip, but at that time I was so tired and exhausted that I wanted to fall down and sleep, where could I taste the milk.”

“That’s too big of a heart for you.” Mina was a little anxious, “So when did you fall asleep, and nothing happened to you after you fell asleep, did it?”

“What could have happened?” Hua Xiaofo said with a smile, “I am invulnerable to all kinds of poison, even if that gla*s of milk is really poisonous, it can’t do anything to me, besides, this is the presidential palace, who dares to poison me?”

“This ……” Mina froze, “A hundred poisons are invulnerable?”

“Yes, I was raised by Chinese herbal medicine, ordinary poison won’t work on me, at most I’ll have a stomach upset.”

Hua Xiaofo blurted out, and then paused after saying that, “Right, if the milk is really fine, how can I have stomach trouble?”

“Could it be that someone has put poison in the milk?”

At this point, Leng Gang finally spoke up.

“It’s not necessarily.” Hua Xiaofo analyzed, “I have a bad stomach, and sometimes I get a little upset after being hungry for a long time or eating too much, so I can’t be completely sure that there’s something wrong with that gla*s of milk.”

“But when I went in to get your medical kit, there was no gla*s of milk in the room.” Mina spotted a key point, “You had just got up and the room hadn’t had time to clean it, the milk gla*s should still be in there, so why was it missing?”

“That is indeed a big mystery.” Leng Gang said, “Maybe someone got rid of it in advance for fear we’d find something.”

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