Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2221

The next few days were peaceful ……

Hua Xiaofo adjusted his schedule and left every morning to treat Avril at the presidential palace and returned in the afternoon to treat William.

During these days, Leng Gang and Meena accompanied Hua Xiaofu.

Leng Gang was Leng Di Feng’s right-hand man and had a very high status, so the president’s wife had to be courteous, so she did not dare to be negligent.

Mina followed Hua Xiaofo like a little a*sistant, busy playing the hand, while also not moving to keep an eye on everything around her.

Four days pa*sed ……

Avril’s condition was completely stabilised.

Hua Xiaofo was very good at dealing with such patients. Every time Avril woke up and was just about to go crazy, Hua Xiaofo would give her an injection and let her go back to sleep.

The President’s wife carefully asked if this would affect Avril’s health.

Hua Xiaofo said, “It will affect her more or less, if she stays asleep she can’t eat, her body will be weak and she will have to rely on fluids to maintain her, but this is better than being sick, right?”


The President’s wife was speechless.

“Madam, let’s go out and talk.”


Hua Xiaofo and the president’s wife went to the study.

Hua Xiaofo said bluntly, “Miss Dai’s treatment has entered a stable phase, it’s time to hire another professional doctor to take over.”

“What are you, not wanting to treat Wei’er?” The President’s wife asked, “Is it too much work? By the way, I haven’t been talking to you about remuneration, how much do I need, I’ll write you a cheque right away.”

“It’s not that.” Hua Xiaofo said, “The main thing is that it’s not very convenient for me to go in and out of the presidential palace like this every day, and Miss Dai seems to get particularly emotional when she sees me, and this will affect her condition.”

“Violet is emotionally unstable right now and is like that with doctors, nothing personal.” The president’s wife explained, “But it is indeed too hard for you to run around like this every day, I will hire a professional doctor as soon as possible, before the doctor arrives, can you please work hard for two more days, please?”

“Okay.” Hua Xiaofo agreed readily, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first.”

“I’ll see you out.”

The president’s wife sent Hua Xiaofo away, Leng Gang waited at the door, Mina followed with her medical kit, she noticed that the president’s wife hadn’t made any movements in the past few days, it seemed that everything before was just their speculation ……

Had she really misunderstood her?

Hua Xiaofo got into the car and waved goodbye to the president’s wife.

Mei Na sat next to her and looked out the window at the president’s wife, her smile was gentle, she really didn’t look like a sinister person, could she have misunderstood?

As the car slowly drove out, Leng Gang asked, “Miss Hua, do you want to continue to follow your side of the treatment?”

“No, I spoke to the president’s wife and asked her to hire a professional doctor to take over.” Hua Xiaofo said, “She’s making arrangements, but I still have to take care of it until the new doctor comes.”

“It’s not easy to hire a doctor in the presidential palace?” Mina said, “Wouldn’t it be easier to just send the best doctor from the State Hospital over?”

“She should know the arrangements.” Hua Xiaofo didn’t care too much, “By the way, Leng Gang, when will Leng Di Feng come back? He’s been out for many days?”

“It should be soon.” Leng Gang said, “There’s an important meeting tomorrow afternoon that he should be back for, and Mr. President is also coming back to preside tomorrow.”

“Oh.” Hua Xiaofo responded, leaning back in his seat tiredly to check his phone.

“There’s one more thing.” Leng Gang continued, “A new guest is coming to the house today.”

“A guest, who is it?” Hua Xiaofo asked curiously, “Do I know him?”

“Of course I know him, you will soon find out.” Leng Gang was mystified when.

“Hey, you’re still selling it.” Hua Xiaofo was even more curious.

Soon, the car returned to the manor, Hua Xiaofo saw another car from afar, and was feeling puzzled when two female medical nurses helped a man down from the car ……

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