Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2223

“He hasn’t even told me ……” Hua Xiaofo was anxious, “Auntie, how many shares did he give the old king, you say?”

“It won’t affect his position, but it can’t be too little, too little in exchange for the right to speak.” The aunt calculated, “Five percent, I reckon.”

“Er ……” Hua Xiaofo had no idea, “I don’t understand, is this much?”

“Nonsense.” Auntie gave her a blank look, “Each of the three big families only has at most ten percent of shares in their hands, do you think it’s much?”


Hua Xiaofo’s eyes widened in shock, this was like giving a big piece of cake.

“Five percent of Leng’s shares is equivalent to a small half of dm’s revenue.” The aunt frowned and said, “With such a big dividend, wouldn’t that old king still treat you like a bodhisattva?”

Hearing this, Hua Xiaofo’s heart was dripping blood ……

“Aunt Granny is wise!” Leng Gang heard these words beside him and couldn’t help but sigh, “Mister this time, did pay a great price, but it doesn’t matter, he said, as long as he can get Miss Hua back.”

Only now did Hua Xiaofo realize that Leng Difeng had paid so much for herself, yet she was oblivious ……

“Leng Di Feng has good intentions.” The aunt said to Leng Gang, “But this silly child in my family doesn’t know anything. By the way, thank you for saving me this time.”

“We’re all family, we should.” Leng Gang was very respectful to his aunt, “On Uncle Ball’s side, we are still trying to figure out what to do, we will let you know as soon as we have any news.”

“Thank you ……,” the aunt thanked her repeatedly.

“Hello aunt, the room has been arranged for you.” Nora was also very respectful to her aunt, “Miss Hua, dinner is also ready, would you like to dine in the dining room or in your room?”

“Let’s get the room in half an hour, I’ll walk my aunt to her room first.”


Hua Xiaofo helped her aunt back to her room, checked her injuries and found that she had been shot earlier and had also suffered serious trauma, after treatment she had recovered quite a bit, but her wounds had not yet healed.

Hua Xiaofo was about to go and dispense medicine to her aunt at once, but she pulled her back, “Xiaofo, don’t be busy yet, let’s sit down and talk.”

“Mm.” Hua Xiaofo poured her a gla*s of water and asked, “Auntie, what happened? Why was Uncle Ball taken by Dark Night’s men?”

“It’s a long story.” Auntie said evasively, “Anyway, we owe Leng Di Feng a big favour this time!”

“If we’re going to owe him, it’s me who owes him.” Hua Xiaofo said soothingly, “He’s doing all this for me, you don’t have to feel burdened.”

“That’s true, but ……” Auntie frowned, her expression very grave, “You don’t understand about shopping malls, but this you should understand, the Dark Night is so powerful that everyone goes around to them.

Leng Di Feng has just settled into his position, at this time, it is really not suitable to provoke a rival like Dark Night, these are the reasons, he surely understands, but for your sake, he still provoked it.

That man of his, Leng Gang, is recently trying to do everything he can to deal with Dark Night and try to save your Uncle Ball out, and I know how hard that is ……

The old king’s side, can still use money and shares to exchange people, but Dark Night does not recognize this, in short, Leng Di Feng really wasted a lot of effort in helping us.”

Speaking of this, the aunt sighed, “Little Buddha, in fact, I should not say this, you and he fell in love, should be simple, should not involve so many things in, now make your psychological burden so heavy, I really afraid that will affect you ……”

“Auntie, what are you talking about.” Hua Xiaofo hurriedly said, “You and Uncle Ball are my family, your affairs are my affairs, what’s the talk about affecting or not affecting?”

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