Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2225

After a pause, Hua Xiaofo remembered something else, “But I am now treating the president’s daughter again, I didn’t invite this matter, the president is close to Leng Di Feng, and I can’t escape.”

“Things have come to this, let’s take one step and see what happens.” Auntie patted the back of her hand and admonished, “You must remember to be more careful in everything!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Hua Xiaofo nodded repeatedly.

At that moment, Nora brought the maids to bring dinner, and Hua Xiaofo accompanied her aunt and grandmother to eat together, and also called Bai Hao on the video together.

Bai Hao was happy to know that his aunt had gone to Hua Xiaofo’s place, and felt that this would give him security.

Bai Hao also asked about Uncle Ball, and once his aunt heard Uncle Ball’s name, her complexion became dark ……

They were all worried about Uncle Ball’s well-being, but the Leng family was already doing their best to deal with it and they couldn’t ask much.

After dinner, Hua Xiaofo took her aunt to visit her studio and dispensed medicine for her on the way.

Auntie felt relieved to see the studio Leng Di Feng had created for Hua Xiaofo, and to see that the attendant users here treated Hua Xiaofo with such respect and took such good care of her in every way.

No matter what happens in the future, at least now, Leng Di Feng is really attentive to Hua Xiaofo ……

Hua Xiaofo re-treated his aunt’s wounds, accompanied her to finish drinking herbal medicine, then went to treat William, and then came back to rest after he was busy, it was already late at night.

Hua Xiaofo took a bath and lay on the bed, thinking about his aunt’s words, and felt some guilt towards Leng Di Feng in his heart, so he sent him a message, “When will you be back?”

Leng Di Feng did not reply.

Thinking that he might be busy, she did not pursue the matter further.

After Mina had advised her last time, she also felt that she should trust him, and now after this teaching from her aunt, she had matured even more ……

She thought that when Leng Di Feng returned, she would talk to him properly and plan for the future together, and if she really encountered anything in the future, she would face it together with him.

Thinking about it, Hua Xiaofo drifted off to sleep ……

After sleeping for an unknown period of time, the sound of an alarm suddenly came from outside. Hua Xiaofo woke up with a start and immediately rolled out of bed and went out to ask, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Miss Hua, someone has accidentally set off the alarm.” Ah Shu explained, “You rest well, don’t worry.”

Hua Xiaofo turned her head and looked outside, all the infrared sensor lights were on, she remembered hearing Leng Gang mention before that there was a high security system in the castle and if the alarm was triggered it would alarm.

But how could all the alarms be triggered for good reason?

This kind of scene was unprecedented ……

“Little Buddha!” At this moment, the aunt came out from the adjacent guest room, “Come here.”

Hua Xiaofo hurriedly walked over, and her aunt pulled her and whispered, “Quickly call Leng Di Feng.”

“Huh?” Hua Xiaofo froze for a moment, “You mean, something has happened to him?”

“Call first.” Auntie urged.

Hua Xiaofo immediately went to her room to get her mobile phone to call Leng Di Feng, and couldn’t get through.

She immediately dialed Leng Xiao’s number and still could not be reached.

Her face instantly changed and she hurriedly went to Leng Gang, but was pulled to the room by her aunt, “Don’t rush yet, that bodyguard told you just now that it was just the alarm being triggered right?”

“Yes.” Hua Xiaofo nodded, “But now Leng Di Feng has lost contact ……”

“Looks like I guessed right.” Auntie looked grave, “Leng Di Feng should have some kind of personal item on him connected to the home alarm system, once something happens to him, the alarm system will all activate and all the minions will immediately a*semble and launch a rescue!”

“What the hell has happened to him? He’s still in M, and now he can’t be contacted ……” Hua Xiaofo was anxious, “I’ll ask Leng Gang.”

“It’s useless for you to ask, they won’t tell, and at this time they are all launching a rescue, so you shouldn’t go and cause trouble.”

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