Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2226

The aunt advised, “Listen, you must be calm now, wait for them to rescue first, if they can’t get it right or find someone, we’ll figure it out!”

“Okay ……”

Hua Xiaofo went to the window to check, and sure enough, Leng Gang had gathered all the bodyguards together and was distributing tasks.

She was tempted to go down and ask about the situation, when there was a knock on the door outside.

“Please come in.” Auntie responded.

Shu pushed the door in and first saluted her aunt, then said to Hua Xiaofo, “Miss Hua, we need manpower on Mr.’s side, now Brother Steel is going to take his men there, I’ll stay home to protect you, don’t worry, just go over and help with things, you and your aunt have a good rest.”

“Okay, we got it.” Auntie smiled and nodded, “Good work, go and get busy.”

Shu bowed and left with his head bowed.

“Auntie ……” Hua Xiaofo was about to die of anxiety as her aunt soothed, “If he’s fine, it’s useless for you to worry, if he’s not, you have to show even more strength to guard the Leng family, you can’t mess yourself up now. ”

“You’re right.” Hua Xiaofo nodded his head repeatedly.

“Do as you’re told and go and rest.” Auntie advised, “There are still a bunch of things to do tomorrow ……”

“Got it.”

Hua Xiaofo absent-mindedly went back to his room and tried calling Leng Di Feng and Leng Xiao’s phone again, but still couldn’t get through ……

It seemed that something had really happened.

Leng Di Feng had brought twelve attendants with him on this trip, plus Leng Xiao a total of thirteen, if it was a normal situation, they would be able to solve it by themselves.

The fact that they were in M but had triggered the alarm at home meant that the situation was very serious, and I was afraid that Leng Di Feng had been in an accident ……

The more Hua Xiaofo thought about it, the more uneasy and anxious she became. After thinking about it, she couldn’t resist calling Leng Gang ……

The phone kept occupying the line, it was not working at all.

After an hour, Leng Gang called, “Miss Hua!”

“Leng Gang, did something happen to Leng Di Feng? What is the situation now?”

Hua Xiaofo asked anxiously.

“This ……” Leng Gang thought for a moment and asked, “Miss Hua, do you want to hear the truth?”

“Tell me quickly.” Hua Xiaofo urged anxiously.

“Mister and Leng Xiao, and the twelve people they brought there are all lost, even Miss Hy and her men can’t be contacted.” Leng Gang said in a low voice, “The alarm is now sent to the house, which means the situation is serious.

Because, the watch that Mister has close to him is connected to Leng’s alarm system, that watch relies on his pulse to sense it, if his pulse stops beating, all of Leng’s alarm systems will automatically alert ……”

“Pulse stopped beating??” Hua Xiaofo almost jumped up, “No way? Don’t scare me!!!”

“I hope it’s alright, maybe there’s something else going on ……” Leng Gang’s voice was very low, “Miss Hua, I’ve gathered my men and rushed to m country, now I’m on a special plane, it’s about to take off, I can’t talk to you, I’ve left Ah Shu and the others at home to protect you, you must pay attention to safety when you travel.”

“I’ll go with you.” Hua Xiaofo was anxious, “Or you can go first, send me the address, I’ll be there afterwards.”

“You’d better not go, this matter is very complicated, you can’t do anything if you follow, besides there are still a few injured people at home who need you, just stay at ease …… Miss Hua, the plane is about to take off, I’ll hang up first.”

With that, Leng Gang hung up the phone in a hurry.

Hua Xiaofo’s heart was burning, but she had to calm herself down, her aunt was right, once the news of Leng Di Feng’s accident spread, it was estimated that there would be internal turmoil on this side as well.

She had to stabilize.

Steady ……

“Ding Ding Ding ……”

Hua Xiaofo was still ruminating when her phone suddenly rang, it was William calling, she hurriedly answered the call, “Hello, William!”

“Xiaofo, is it convenient? Let’s meet up.”



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