Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2228

“Okay, I get it.”

Hua Xiaofo nodded to him and hurried away.

William looked at her back for a long time before withdrawing his gaze.

Mena sent Hua Xiaofo out and came back, seeing the complicated look in William’s eyes, she couldn’t help but ask, “Your Highness, do you think, something will happen to Mr. L?”

“It’s hard to say.” William frowned, “L is too conceited, always thinking that no one can touch him, that’s why he brought so few people to M this time.

In fact, the situation over there now is very unfavourable to him, Yideng, the priest’s gang, and the new Night Family, any one of them alone is a strong enemy.

For him to barge straight through to confront them alone, with a dozen of his men, is simply going too deep into the tiger’s den, it’s too dangerous!”

“He’s probably been too smooth all this time.” Mena sighed, “If anything does happen to him, what about Miss Hua? What about us at ……?”

Although Mena didn’t know about power schemes, she knew that right now, Leng Di Feng was their protection, their talisman ……

If something happened to Leng Di Feng, then both Hua Xiaofo and William would be finished.

“Life is sometimes a gamble.” William sighed, “When I first bet on L, there was a certain amount of risk, but I still believe in my vision, he will never collapse on this …… his qi, is still behind him!”

“So can we do anything about it now?” Mena asked.

“Two things.” William ordered, “First, continue to investigate the President’s wife’s secrets; second, protect Little Buddha and help her stabilize the Leng family.”

“Understood.” Mena nodded, “I just asked Handin about it today, he’s still looking into it, and he’s already got some leads.”

“Avril’s ex-husband shouldn’t be too hard to find out, but the lover is a bit of a problem, unless it’s just an ordinary person.” William speculated, “You go over to Little Buddha’s tomorrow to protect her and let me know immediately if anything happens.”

“That’s fine with me.” Mina said, “But now that that aunt from Miss Hua’s house is here, I get the feeling she doesn’t like us very much and has a wary feeling about us.”

“Quite normal.” William smiled bitterly, “Ever since I’ve known Little Buddha, I’ve kept causing her trouble and using her three times, so it’s natural for people around her to be wary of me.

You don’t need to pay attention to that, when you see your aunt, you still have to be respectful and treat her with courtesy, she knows we are there to help, so naturally she won’t give you a hard time.”

“Yes, I know.”


Everyone told Hua Xiaofo to get some rest, but she couldn’t sleep at all.

Just closing her eyes made her think of Leng Di Feng, and the image of him in trouble made her heart feel as bad as if it was being stabbed ……

At this moment, she really wanted to fly to M to look for him.

Even if she had to run around looking for him, it would be better than staying at home right now.

Although everyone said that she needed to stay and keep the house, she knew that she was not good at doing that at all ……

She would rather be like Leng Gang, fighting the enemy to the death on the battlefield to save Leng Di Feng, that’s her character.

After a night of random thoughts, it was dawn in the blink of an eye.

Hua Xiaofo stayed awake all night and kept checking her phone, hoping to receive good news, but unfortunately there was nothing ……

She washed and changed and got up, and her aunt was already dining in the dining room, and chatting up her aunt Nora.

The mood in the house had been tense and subdued, but her aunt’s humorous remarks had made Nora and several of the maids laugh.

Hua Xiaofo also raised the corners of her lips, and at this time, she felt much more at ease with her aunt’s presence.

She had just come downstairs and was preparing to eat when her attendant hurriedly came to report, “Miss Hua, Mr. Dongcheng is here!”

“Invite him in.” As Hua Xiaofo spoke, Meena came in through the side door, still carrying the snacks she had just made, “Miss Hua, His Highness asked me to come over and help.”

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