Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2229

“Well, come and have breakfast.” Hua Xiaofo greeted Mena.

Mina greeted her aunt respectfully and then sat down next to Hua Xiaofo.

Auntie noticed that Mina had been wearing headphones.

“Don’t lie to me guys, the alarm system in the house is alarming and you say it’s fine? Who believes that.” Leng Dongcheng rushed in, in a very agitated mood, “That, Miss Bao, you know about Di Feng’s situation, right? Tell me quickly, how is he doing now?”

“Has Uncle Cheng had breakfast yet?” Hua Xiaofo greeted calmly, “Or why don’t you sit down and dine together?”

“It’s already this time of the day, what’s the point of eating breakfast.” Leng Dongcheng was so angry that his face turned red, “Do you even know the priority of the matter ……”

“This gentleman.” The aunt interrupted him and shouted lowly in displeasure, “Early in the morning, you are shouting at my little Buddha as soon as you come in, do you have any manners or not?”

“And who are you?” Leng Dongcheng glared at his aunt in exasperation.

“This is Miss Hua’s aunt.” Auntie Nora introduced in a whisper.

“This hasn’t even married in yet, and you’ve brought in all seven aunts to live here, do you think this is a refugee house?”

Leng Dongcheng snapped angrily without good humour.

“You ……”

“Come on people.” Hua Xiaofo called out directly, “Get him out of my house.”

“Uh ……,” Shu froze for a moment and immediately said, “Yes!”

Then he made a gesture and a few attendants dragged Leng Dongcheng out.

“What are you doing?”

Leng Dongcheng did not expect Hua Xiaofo to be so bold at all, even Leng Di Feng had never treated him like this, he roared in agitation, “You dare to treat me like this, are you crazy? The surname here is Leng, not Hua ……”

Unfortunately, no one paid any attention to him, everyone only listened to Hua Xiaofo now.

Leng Dongcheng was thrown out and tried to barge in, but was stopped by the bodyguards.

He was so angry that he was frantic, screaming that he was going to tell Leng Di Feng about all this, and saying that Hua Xiaofo was using a chicken feather as an arrow, treating himself as the mistress before he even got through the door.

Hua Xiaofo’s brow furrowed, and Shu knew she was annoyed, so he went out and softened Leng Dongcheng up and got rid of him.

“Auntie, don’t mind them.” Hua Xiaofo poured a gla*s of milk for her aunt.

“Who is that man? So arrogant.” Auntie asked.

“Leng Di Feng’s cousin uncle.” Hua Xiaofo said casually, “That’s the only relative left in the Leng family now, annoying as hell.”

“Pfft-” Aunt Granny almost spat out a mouthful of milk, “A relative of the Leng family, you just kick people out?”

“Yes, Miss Hua.” Meena was a bit tearful, “His Highness told you so much yesterday, meaning that you should show your temper to reason with people, to convince them with virtue, and if the other party bullies you, you then that what ……”

“He’s just being nonsensical?” Hua Xiaofo interrupted her, “Who has the patience to reason with him and waste their breath.”

“Er.” Mena was speechless, she sort of understood, Her Highness had said so much to Hua Xiaofo last night sort of for nothing.

Hua Xiaofo simply couldn’t be patient and reason with people, she was used to the simple and brutal way of dealing with people, in a word, if you listened, you listened, if you didn’t listen, you would be dragged out.

Auntie didn’t say anything, she also knew that this was not a good method for Hua Xiaofo, but she knew even more that Hua Xiaofo’s personality could not be changed.

Whatever method she used, she could just get things done.

“Miss Hua, if someone else comes behind ……”

Mena still wanted to persuade Hua Xiaofo, at that moment, Yan Wanli and He Shaoming came, the two should have met Leng Dongcheng who was kicked out on the way, and after coming in, they did not make a fuss, but had a good attitude.

“Miss Hua, I heard that something had happened to Mr., do you have any news from your side?”

Yan Wanli asked politely.

“It’s not clear yet.” Hua Xiaofo said evasively, “Leng Gang brought someone over last night, he will give me the news when he has it.”

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