Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2230

“That means something is really wrong.”

Yan Wanli was shocked and exchanged a glance with He Zhiming before asking again, “What are the details now? Is the gentleman hurt or something?”

“I don’t know.” Hua Xiaofo shook his head.

“Can the person be contacted?” Huziming asked afterwards.

“No.” Hua Xiaofo shook his head again.

“Then you always know if the person is dead or alive now, don’t you?” Yan Wanli was anxious.

“I don’t know.” Hua Xiaofo made the best of asking three questions.

“You ……” Yan Wanli was furious and red in the face.

He Zhiming frowned unhappily, “How come you don’t know anything? Even if Di Feng is disconnected, what about his entourage? None of them can be contacted?”

“They’ll inform me if there’s any news.” Hua Xiaofo said calmly, “Have you two had breakfast yet? Would you like to sit down and dine together?”


Hur Zhiming and Yan Wanli were so angry that they turned blue and left angrily.

“Mr. Hyuk, please wait.” Hua Xiaofo suddenly remembered something.

Hur Zhiming stopped in his tracks, turned back, and looked at her.

“Has Miss Hyuk contacted you?” Hua Xiaofo asked directly.

“No.” Hur Zhiming frowned and said, “She’s with Di Feng and cut off contact.”

“Alright.” Hua Xiaofo barked, “If she gets in touch with you, please let me know, thank you.”

He-Zhi-Ming gave her a cold look, turned around and left.

Hua Xiaofo sighed in relief and sighed, “I thought it would be difficult to deal with, but I didn’t think it would be so easy to get rid of.”

“The trouble is still behind us.” Auntie seemed to see through everything, “Today they just came to poke around, now they are not sure if something has really happened to Leng Di Feng and don’t dare to mess around, if there is still no news of him in a few more days, these people will not be polite to you!”

“Yes, that’s what His Highness said.” Mena nodded her head repeatedly, “Miss Hua, you need to keep your spirits up these few days, you might have more to deal with in a few days.”

Hua Xiaofo didn’t have the heart to deal with these things at all, she now wanted to fly to M country immediately to find Leng Di Feng ……

The next three days were quiet.

In these three days, no one came to her door, Hua Xiaofo spent three difficult days at home in peace and quiet.

She called Leng Difeng every day, but was still unable to get through. Only Leng Gang returned her call, saying that he was now looking for Leng Difeng with his men and that she should not worry ……

The first thing that happened was that Hua Xiaofo had trouble sleeping and eating every day, worrying, but there was nothing she could do.

Time pa*ses day by day, five full days have pa*sed since Leng Di Feng lost contact.

On this day, Yan Wanli, He Zhiming and Leng Dongcheng once again came to the door, also bringing along several of Leng’s old shareholders and some senior executives ……

A group of people drove a caravan of cars to the Leng family, coming to the door to question Hua Xiaofo about the whereabouts of Leng Di Feng.

If last time, Yan Wanli and He Shaoming were still polite and courteous, now, these two have come in a fierce manner.

First they questioned the whereabouts of Leng Di Feng, and when Hua Xiaofo didn’t know, they sent Nora to the study to get Leng Di Feng’s seal, saying that the company had many urgent matters that needed to be dealt with and was now waiting for the seal.

Nora was so frightened that she turned white and looked at Hua Xiaofo with fear and anxiety.

“Who gave you the guts to come to the door and grab the seal?” Hua Xiaofo shouted angrily, “Do you think that just because Leng Di Feng is not here, this place is free for you to do whatever you want??”

“What do you mean by robbing the seal?” Yan Wanli retorted righteously, “It’s the company that’s waiting for the seal to be used, does the company not need to run without Zhen Ting?”

“That’s right.” He-Zhi-Ming said coldly, “You’re a woman, you don’t understand this, don’t get in our way.”

With that, he ordered Nora again, “Nora, go to the Imperial Wind study and bring down the seal, otherwise, we’ll have to go up and get it ourselves.”

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