Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2232

“No, no, madam, you misunderstood.” Yan Wanli hurriedly explained, “The company has a few urgent projects that need to be dealt with, we just came to get Di Feng’s seal and thought we’d get these things sorted out first ……”

“Yes, yes, the emperor wind is not in, we two have to preside over the big picture, ah, can not watch the company in chaos, right?” He Zhiming hurriedly said, “Without the seal, several big projects can’t run, that’s why we came over to get the seal, but Miss Hua she ……”

“I don’t understand the company’s affairs.” The president’s wife said coldly, “Anyway, before Di Feng left, he personally told me and the president that Xiao Fo was his fiancĂ©e and that she would take care of this household while he was away.

Since Little Buddha is not willing to take the seal to you, you should discuss it properly, instead of leading people here and making a fuss, what is the decency of this!!!”

“Yes, yes, yes, we were just in a hurry and got a bit emotional ……”

Yan Wanli immediately softened his attitude.

He Zhiming was still unconvinced.

“Go back first, we’ll talk about what’s going on later.” The president’s wife instructed, “Maybe in a couple of days, there will be news from Di Feng.”

“This ……”

Yan Wanli and He Zhiming glanced at each other and led the people away.

Everyone then breathed a sigh of relief, and Nora hurriedly had someone prepare tea and greet the president’s wife.

Hua Xiaofo also said gratefully to the president’s wife, “Thank you, madam!”

“We are all among ourselves, don’t be polite.” The President’s wife shook Hua Xiaofo’s hand and said with concern, “Xiaofo, it’s only been a few days, you’ve haggard quite a bit, you look so bad.”

“I probably didn’t sleep well.” Hua Xiaofo raised the corners of her lips, “Madam, please sit down.”

The President’s wife sat down, exchanged pleasantries with Hua Xiaofo and gave her the gifts she had brought, then asked, “Xiaofo, what exactly is the situation with Di Feng now? Has he contacted you yet?”

“Right now it’s just in the disconnection stage ……” Hua Xiaofo said in a low voice, “No contact.”

“No call from Leng Gang either?” The president’s wife pursued.

“Yes, he’s also looking for Leng Di Feng.” Hua Xiaofo was tired, “Madam, if there is any news of Leng Di Feng, I will send someone to inform you.”

“Alright.” The president’s wife sighed, “I know you must be exhausted right now, and I don’t want to disturb you, the president asked me to come and ask, so I had to make a trip.”

With that, she also patted the back of Hua Xiaofo’s hand, “Xiaofo, don’t worry, Di Feng will be fine.”

“Thanks.” Hua Xiaofo nodded her head.

“Seeing that you are very tired, I will leave you alone.” The president’s wife looked at her heartily, “You have my number, if that gang comes to hara*s you again, just call me, I will come and help you.”

“Thank you!” Hua Xiaofo was very grateful.

“Take good care of yourself, I’ll leave now.”

The president’s wife didn’t say much and got up to say goodbye. After walking two steps, she remembered something else and said to Hua Xiaofo, “By the way, I’ve heard that there’s news from He Zijun, I’m planning to ask He Zhiming out alone tomorrow to poke around, maybe there will be a clue.”

“There’s news from Hyuk Tzu-kwan, really?”

Hua Xiaofo hurriedly pursued the question.

“I just heard that too, I don’t know if the news is accurate.” The president’s wife said with a frown, “That’s why I wanted to ask Hyuk’s Ming out for confirmation, Hyuk Tse-kwan went to M with Di Feng and broke the connection together, if she has news, it would also mean that there are clues about Di Feng’s disappearance.”

“Right.” Hua Xiaofo nodded repeatedly, “Then I’ll go with you tomorrow, is that convenient?”

“Of course it’s convenient.” The president’s wife patted her hand, “I’ll let you know the time and place once I’ve made an appointment with him.”

“Okay, thank you!” Hua Xiaofo was even more grateful.

“Don’t mention it ……”

The president’s wife smiled at her and turned to leave.

Hua Xiaofo saw a new hope and was in a mood of excitement.

When her aunt came to ask her about the situation, she told her about it, and her aunt frowned and said, “It’s not right, such an important matter should have been said at the beginning, why put it on the way out as if she suddenly remembered something and told you alone?”

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