Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2234

“Then what?” Mina asked weakly, “Or should I go talk to Miss Hua again and ask her to take me along?”

“Do you have a brain or not?” William was speechless and didn’t want to talk to her any further, “I’ll think of another way, you can stand down.”

“Your Highness ……”

Mena wanted to say something else, but seeing his bored look, she just had to bow her head and retreat.

Mina was aggrieved, she was a senior FBI detective, her duty was to investigate cases and catch criminals, she was not good at disguising herself at all.

But she had done everything she could to do well ……

Hua Xiaofo had nightmares all night, dreaming that something had happened to Leng Difeng, pinned under a car, his legs dripping with blood and dying ……

She wanted to go over and save him, but her feet felt as if they were nailed down, and she couldn’t move.

She was so desperate that she struggled, but to no avail.

At that moment, there was a loud bang and the car suddenly exploded.

Hua Xiaofo’s eyes widened in shock as she watched Leng Difeng being engulfed in flames ……


Hua Xiaofo screamed in terror and sat up violently, sweating profusely.

Looking at the familiar room, she realised that she had just been dreaming, but the feeling was so real, so real that she thought it was real ……

She touched the pillow next to her, thinking of Leng Di Feng’s warmth before he left, and her heart tingled even more.

Picking up her phone to check, there was still no call, only a message from Leng Gang: “No one has been found yet, Miss Hua!”

Hua Xiaofo covered her forehead, her mood was low ……

But there was nothing she could do now, so she slept in a daze for a few hours until the phone rang to wake her up ……

“Little Buddha, I have an appointment to meet at the North Star Hotel at 1pm.”

The president’s wife called.

“Okay, I’ll be there on time.”

A glimmer of hope ignited in Hua Xiaofo’s heart as she looked at her watch, there were still a few hours left, she was looking forward to the time arriving quickly and being able to know Leng Di Feng’s news sooner.

Auntie learned about Hua Xiaofo’s going over and reminded, “You should have researched some biochemical drugs in the past few days, right? And concealed weapons and such, bring some for protection.”

“Those things are too ostentatious.” Hua Xiaofo said, “I can’t dress casually and carry a backpack when I go to meet the president’s wife.”

“Then you ……”

“Don’t worry, auntie, I’m prepared.”

Hua Xiaofo asked Shu to take her to Leng Di Feng’s laboratory and summoned the little green snake out.

The little green snake remembered her, and when it heard her whistle, it flew over with a whoosh and wrapped itself around her wrist like a crystal clear emerald bracelet.

“Auntie, look, this is my little bodyguard!” Hua Xiaofo raised the little green snake, “It was the one that bit Blackfield last time!”

“This little thing is very poisonous, isn’t it?” The aunt looked creeped out.

“Miss Hua, for the past two months, the little green snake has been soaked in biochemical drugs, it’s very toxic now, you should be careful.”

Ah Shu warned.

“Don’t worry.” Hua Xiaofo looked at the time, “I have to leave now.”

“Miss Hua, let me escort you along.” Ah Shu hurriedly followed.

But Hua Xiaofo said, “You guys stay at home and don’t let anyone come and cause trouble, I’ll be back as soon as I go.”

“But your safety is important too.” Shu said hurriedly, “What if something happens to you, what will I tell Mr. Hua?”

“If anything really happens, the few of you won’t be able to stop it.” Hua Xiaofo was confident, “Besides, I can handle it myself.”

“This ……”

Shu was about to speak when Hua Xiaofo jumped into the car and disappeared with a kick of the accelerator ……

“Miss Hua, Miss Hua ……”

Ah Shu shouted after him a few times, but the sound of the wind drowned it out.

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