Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2235

Shu was very worried, but his aunt rea*sured him in turn, “Don’t worry, ordinary people can’t hurt her at all.”

“But ……”

“I just noticed a beast training ground at the back? Why don’t you take me to have a look.”

The aunt suddenly changed the subject.



Hua Xiaofo drove the car to the agreed location, the North Star Hotel.

The president’s wife’s car was already parked outside, and her personal bodyguard and the head of the hotel were waiting at the entrance, and when they saw Hua Xiaofo, they hurriedly greeted her with a respectful greeting.

Hua Xiaofo got down from the car and hurried into the hotel, “Has Madam arrived?”

“It has arrived long ago.”

The bodyguard led Hua Xiaofo inside, while the head of the hotel stayed at the entrance to wait for the people from the Her family.

Hua Xiaofo found that there was no one at the hotel today, so it was obvious that the President’s wife had chartered it.

When he came to the private room, the president’s wife was sipping tea, and when she saw Hua Xiaofo coming, she quickly greeted him, “Xiaofo, you’re here, come and try this black tea.”

Hua Xiaofo did not have the heart to drink the tea at all, but still sat down and waited patiently.

“Little Buddha, when they come later, I will ask.” The president’s wife patted Hua Xiaofo’s hand and admonished, “Don’t worry, they definitely won’t dare to hide anything from me.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, the head of the hotel came in with the people from the Hyuk family.

Hua Xiaofo turned his head to look and couldn’t help but freeze ……

He Zhi Ming was pushing a wheelchair, and sitting on it was actually the seriously injured He Zi Jun.

“Zijun?” The president’s wife was very shocked, “When did you come back?”

This was also the question Hua Xiaofo wanted to ask.

“I arrived home at around three in the morning.”

Her voice was hoarse and low, her head was wrapped in thick gauze, one leg was in a cast, her arm was bruised, and most crucially, she had been shot in the chest and was now struggling to sit.

“How did you get like that? What the hell happened? Where’s Leng Di Feng?” Hua Xiaofo asked after her anxiously.

Hurtsun was very weak and did not speak.

At this point, the president’s wife inquired, “Yes, what exactly happened?”

“Sir and I were attacked, he covered my retreat first, in the process of escaping, I was injured and pa*sed out, I woke up to find myself lying in the hospital, while Sir and his men all lost contact, I sent people to look for him but never found any news, yesterday I was attacked again, so I had to go back to E first… …”

Hur Zijun strained to tell what happened.

Hearing these words, Hua Xiaofo’s heart was even more disturbed, Leng Di Feng and his men covered for Hur Zijun’s evacuation, Hur Zijun could even be injured so badly, it was evident that the firepower of the attack was fierce at that time ……

“How did this happen? What kind of people attacked you?” The president’s wife asked anxiously.

“It should be the priest and Yideng’s men.” Huzi Jun frowned, “Previously, when Mr. expanded the European market and cut off the priest’s money, the priest had been harbouring a grudge, and the forces behind him wanted to pull in Mr., and Mr. did not agree.

So, that gang let the priest do whatever he wanted, and with the help of Yideng and the Night family, their power is getting bigger by the day, plus sir didn’t bring enough people this time, so we’ve been at a disadvantage ……”

“Di Feng has really been negligent and careless this time.” He Zhi Ming sighed, “He usually takes many people with him when he goes out on an errand, why did he only bring a dozen people this time?”

“It was said that he wanted to leave more men at home to protect the others.” Hur Zijun glared at Hua Xiaofo with hatred, “Mister acted in haste this time and was obviously ill-prepared, which is why he was exploited.”

“Cut the crap.” Hua Xiaofo didn’t eat her words, “Where were you attacked? Tell me the exact address, the specifics ……”

“I’ve dealt with Leng Gang on all of them.” He-Zi Jun said coldly, “I care more about Mister’s safety than you do!”

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