Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2236

This statement is full of provocation ……

Hua Xiaofo frowned and was about to speak when the president’s wife hurriedly came to round up the situation, “Alright, alright, the priority now is to find Di Feng.”

“I want to find him too.” Hezijun said to the president’s wife, “My men and I have dealt with Leng Gang about the specifics, and Leng Gang has all-round information and is investigating.”

“That’s good, then.” The President’s wife sighed sadly, “I hope Di Feng returns safely!”

“We all hope.” At this point, Hyuk Shao Ming said grimly, “With Di Feng away, some urgent projects can’t be started, and some important projects have no one to approve them, so they can only be suspended, which has already caused a lot of damage to the company, if this continues, the problem will get worse.”

“The President has already sent someone to rush over.” The president’s wife changed the subject, “and is also dealing with the officials there to ensure that Di Feng returns safely.”

“It would be great to have Mr. President’s help.” Huziming hurriedly said, “I believe Di Feng will be back soon.”

“Yes.” The President’s wife nodded, “Let’s dine first and talk while we eat.”

“Madam ……,” said He Zijun weakly, “I am not feeling well and am not comfortable staying out for too long, so I will not accompany you to dinner tonight.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” He Zhi Ming hastily agreed, “Zi Jun is very seriously injured, he was carried home on a medical bed in the early hours of this morning, if you hadn’t summoned us, Madam, we wouldn’t have come out at all.”

“It’s just as well, Little Buddha is a doctor, why don’t you let Little Buddha take a look at Zijun?” The President’s wife said enthusiastically.

“No need.” Hu Zijun gave Hua Xiaofo a cold look, “I don’t need Dr. Hua’s help for this small injury of mine!”

Hua Xiaofo was furious in her heart, and the president’s wife rounded up again, “Xiaofo is highly skilled in medicine, before Wei’er had a heart attack, other doctors were at their wits’ end, and she helped solve the problem.”

“Is Wei’er alright?” Huzi Jun asked with concern.

“The condition has stabilised.”

As the President’s wife spoke, her mobile phone suddenly rang, she looked at the caller ID and hurriedly said, “The President is calling, I’ll go answer it, you guys sit down for a while and wait for me to come back.”

“Okay, okay, you go ahead and get busy.”

Hur Zhiming nodded his head repeatedly.

He Zijun nodded back.

The president’s wife took her phone and left, leaving only the Hyuk family father and daughter, Hua Xiaofo, and a few maids in the box.

Hur Zhiming said grimly, “Don’t think that just because Di Feng is with you, you can be the mistress of the Leng family, you need to get it straight, you are not married yet, and you have no name and no points, what kind of mistress is that?”

“Daddy ……,” Hu Zijun stopped with a frown.

“Zijun you’re just too nice.” Hur Zhiming glared at Hua Xiaofo indignantly, “And I don’t know what Di Feng likes about you, you want nothing, and now you’re holding a chicken feather for an arrow, I’m telling you, sooner or later you’ll have to hand over the seal.

Di Feng is not here, other directors also have to ensure that the group is running, not you a layman say so ……”

“Have you said enough?” Hua Xiaofo shouted angrily in boredom, “You want to take advantage of Leng DiFeng’s absence to seize power, and you have to put words in your mouth, how hypocritical!!!”

“You ……”

“You what you?” Hua Xiaofo interrupted him indignantly, “Don’t think I’m easy to bully, with me around, no one will try to touch anything in the Leng family.”

“Simply don’t know what to do.” Hur Zhiming was so angry that he gritted his teeth, “Who do you think you are? Do you really think you’re someone? Are you just a woman that Leng Di Feng played with? Sooner or later, you’ll be swept off your feet ……”

“Daddy ……”

“How outrageous.”

Hua Xiaofo was on fire, grabbed an ashtray in his hand and smashed it over ……

He Zhiming dodged in a panic to avoid the ashtray’s attack.

However, the ashtray smashed on He Zijun, who screamed in pain and his face turned pale ……

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