Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2237

When He Zhiming saw his daughter being smashed, he became furious and swung his fist to hit Hua Xiaofu.

At this moment, the little green snake hidden in Hua Xiaofu’s sleeve suddenly flew over and wrapped itself around He Zhiming’s neck, opening its mouth to bite He Zhiming ……

Hua Xiaofu was startled in his heart and hurriedly chided, “Little Green come back!!!”

The little green snake’s snake’s letter touched HZM’s skin, but it stopped and returned to Hua Xiaofu’s wrist with a whoosh, winding into a crystal clear emerald bracelet.

“You, you ……” He touched his neck, then looked at Hua Xiaofo’s hand, and suddenly his face turned pale with fear, “You vicious woman, I’ll kill you!

With that, he lunged at Hua Xiaofo ……

“Stop it !!!!”

At this moment, the president’s wife happened to come over and immediately stopped.

Herr Ziming withdrew his fist and Hua Xiaofo withdrew her leg ……

If the President’s wife hadn’t come to stop it, before Hur Zhiming could swing out that fist, he would have been kicked by Hua Xiaofo ……

“Zhiming, what are you doing?” The president’s wife scolded Hur Zhiming, “I just went out to answer a phone call, and you’re making a move on Little Buddha? How can you, a big man and an elder, be so ill-informed?”

“Madam, you have misunderstood.” Hur Zhiming was very agitated, pointing at Hua Xiaofo and saying, “This dead girl, just now, hit me with an ashtray and missed, so she hurt Zijun!”

The president’s wife twisted her head to see that He Zijun’s wound was indeed bleeding and there was an ashtray at her feet, she quickly asked Hua Xiaofo, “Xiaofo, this ……”

“It was Hyuk’s Ming who spoke out first.” Hua Xiaofo said coldly, “I did hit him with the ashtray and he dodged it, that’s why it hit He Zijun.”

Looking at Hezijun’s bleeding wound, Hua Xiaofo felt a twinge of guilt, so he wanted to go up and check it for her, but Hezijun was very resistant: “No need for you to look!”

Hua Xiaofo rolled his eyes and took out a small bottle of medicine from his pocket and threw it at He Zijun: “This is a powder I developed myself, it’s very effective in treating external wounds, use it if you want, or throw it away.”

He Zijun picked it up and was about to throw it away, but He Zhiming stopped her, and whispered, “Take it first, she’s not good at anything else, but her medical skills are still nothing to write home about.”

“Are you alright, Daddy?” He Zijun checked He Zhiming’s neck, “Did you get bitten by that snake?”

“I don’t know ……,” He Zhi Ming covered his neck and said to the President’s wife, “Madam, Zi Jun is not feeling well, I’ll take her back first.”

“Alright.” The president’s wife frowned, “Today I originally wanted to find you to ask for news about Di Feng, moreover I didn’t expect it to get so unpleasant, it’s my inconsiderate work, alas, just now Mr. President has scolded me.”

“It’s none of your business, madam ……”

“It’s just that.” The president’s wife interrupted Hyu Zhi Ming, “You guys go back and take good care of Zi Jun.”

“Good.” Hyuk Zhi Ming didn’t say any more and pushed Hyuk Tzujun away.

He Zijun bowed low to the President’s wife and didn’t even look at Hua Xiaofo. As she turned around, she once again asked her father in a low voice, “Daddy, did you get bitten by that snake?”

“I don’t think so, it doesn’t hurt, but my neck is a bit tingly and cold ……”

Huziming whispered.

“Go back and get a doctor to check it out, the snakes that L raised are very poisonous.” Hyuk-jae was very worried.

“This was raised by L?” Hur Zhiming’s face changed drastically and he hurriedly was about to come and settle the score with Hua Xiaofo, but he was pulled back by Hur Zijun, “Alright, don’t make a scene in front of Madam, go back first.”

Although Hua Xiaofo did not hear the conversation between father and daughter clearly, he also knew the general meaning.

Hua Xiaofo rolled her eyes, full of speechlessness, although she hated the father and daughter pair, but not enough to kill, with the current toxicity of the little green snake, a bite down, He Zhiming will definitely die ……

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