Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2238

After the Herr’s father and daughter left, Hua Xiaofo did not want to linger, and after a few words with the president’s wife, she hurriedly said goodbye.

Walking out of the hotel, she saw Shu and the others waiting at the roadside and couldn’t help but frown: “Why are you here?”

“Worried about your safety, so I came to pick you up.” Shu said respectfully.

“Get in the car first.” Hua Xiaofo opened the car door and Ah Shu followed and got in, “Miss Hua, are you alright …… ah ……”

Before Ah Shu could finish his words, the car flew out.

He was startled.

The entourage’s car was on the verge of losing him behind.

“Who’s guarding the house when you guys come out?” Hua Xiaofo asked unhappily, “Didn’t I say so? Keep a good watch on the house now, what if those dogs send someone to steal the seal?”

“No.” Shu hastily explained, “I only brought two people out, the others are guarding the house.”

“It’s good that it’s alright ……”

Just as Hua Xiaofo finished speaking, Shu’s mobile phone rang, he answered the phone and couldn’t help but be shocked, “What? Did it get through? Outrageous, I’ll be right back.”

“What’s going on?” Hua Xiaofo hurriedly pursued the question.

“It’s really true that you’ve got it right.” Shu said in exasperation, “Someone came to the door and stole something, and was caught by Auntie ……”

“Has the person been caught?” Hua Xiaofo asked.

“Ran away.” Ah Shu looked at her weakly, “The family didn’t have enough men, the one who infiltrated in should be a master ……”

“Remember next time, your task is to guard the house.”

Hua Xiaofo stressed again.

“Yes, I know.” Ah Shu dared not say more.

When they hurried back home, the bodyguards were already waiting at the door, and when they saw the two of them, they hurriedly reported the details, and finally said, “Fortunately, auntie’s eyes were sharp enough to spot it, or else ……”

“It wasn’t my doing either.” The aunt stepped out, “The study has a security system that sends out an infra-red alarm when someone breaks in, and I only discovered it when I saw the alarm.”

“I’ll go in first and have a look.”

Hua Xiaofo walked in quickly and hurried to the study to check.

The infrared sensor in the study was still flashing, and no one else dared to approach because they would be electrocuted if they got close ……

Hua Xiaofo was just about to reach out and push the door when Shu hurriedly stopped, “Miss Hua, the bandits have triggered the alarm system, going in now will electrocute you.”

“Then when can we go in?” Hua Xiaofo asked.

“I’ve never encountered such a situation before.” Shu was a little hurt, “I don’t really know how long it will take, if Mister is there, he can unlock it with his fingerprints.”

Without thinking, Hua Xiaofo put his fingertip on the fingerprint sensor to try to see if he could unlock it ……


The alarm system actually turned off.

Everyone was shocked, including Hua Xiaofo.

She had no idea when her fingerprints had been taken in and could actually open the alarm system in the study.

“Little Buddha, you go in first and take a look.” Auntie reminded Hua Xiaofo.

Hua Xiaofo hurriedly went in to check the safe, fortunately, it hadn’t been moved, everything in the study was still the same as it was when Leng Di Feng left ……

Only the window was opened, although there is no security window, but once an outsider breaks in, it will trigger the security system, then everything in this study will leak and the sneak attacker will be electrocuted.

Hua Xiaofo closed the window and checked everything, then closed the study and instructed, “Don’t run around these days, guard the house well, and no matter what happens, absolutely do not hand over the seal, got it?”

“Yes, Miss Hua!”

Everyone replied in unison.

“All stand down.”

Hua Xiaofo dismissed everyone and pulled her aunt into the room, “Aunt, did you get a good look at that man? What kind of man was it?”

“All dressed in black, wearing a hat and a mask, couldn’t see clearly.”

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