Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2240

“Not yet.” Hua Xiaofo shook his head and said firmly, “But I believe he will be fine, he will come back safely.”

“I believe that too, I have to believe that.”

Leng Dongcheng was actually saying these words to himself, he was cheering himself up, in fact now he was also gambling, if Leng Di Feng could return safely then it would be great.

If not, then he was seeking his own death by defecting to Hua Xiaofo now ……

The three great families would not allow him even if he didn’t defect to Hua Xiaofu, if something really happened to Leng Difeng.

It was better to gamble.

“Is there anything else to say?” Hua Xiaofo asked.

“Let me talk to you about the situation of the company.” Leng Dongcheng said gruffly, “The company has indeed been greatly affected by what happened to Di Feng.

Several big projects have been suspended because they don’t have his signature, and some big partners are calling every day asking for news about him, as well as the president’s side, which is also asking every day.

All in all is that, the safety and security of Di Feng affects the whole group, as well as the fate of many partners, and is even linked to the economic lifeline of E country, so this matter is really important and vital.

But the problem is that even if the seal is taken out, the three families will not be able to represent Di Feng, those partners will not continue to cooperate with Leng just because they have the seal, and the economic lifeline of Country E will be just as turbulent and unstable.

Because all this existing is not brought about by a seal, and even more so, it is not something that can be stabilized by the three great clans, what those partners recognize is Di Feng as a person, and the entire Leng’s also needs Di Feng to take control in order to be stabilized ……”

“Understood.” Hua Xiaofo finally understood, “So they came to make a fuss about the seal, just to fight for power and profit for themselves, and not for the company.”

“That’s right.” Leng Dongcheng nodded, “Not only can they not run the company well, but if they get the seal, it will make the company collapse even faster.

The reason those partners aren’t making trouble now is because they believe that Di Feng will still come back, if they let those three dogs get the seal, they are putting out a signal ……

something really happened to Di Feng, then all the partners will withdraw their capital and cancel their cooperation, and by then Leng will really be hopeless.”

Speaking of this, Leng Dongcheng let out a long sigh ……

“To be honest, before when Di Feng was around, I always felt that he was too cold-blooded and ruthless, never showing any mercy, and even sometimes I wished that someone could fight against him and make him take away that violent temper.

Now I realise that a group of this size can’t really be managed well without an iron fist like his, and, apart from him, no one can carry it off.”

Hearing these words, Hua Xiaofo couldn’t help but be a little moved, she didn’t even know before that Leng Di Feng was carrying so much responsibility and …… on his shoulders

“The current situation is probably like this.” Leng Dongcheng continued, “By the way, Huang Shaoqi went to Hai Cheng and never came back, now it’s all Yan Wanli and He Zhiming who are taking the lead.

Of these three, Huang Shaoqi is the youngest but the most cunning, he always hides behind, waiting for those two dogs to take the lead and then reap the benefits himself, in short, you should be careful to guard against him.”

“I understand all this.” Hua Xiaofo gave his aunt a look and said to Leng Dongcheng, “Now I have a few questions to ask you.”

“Go ahead.” Leng Dongcheng straightened his back in a hurry.

“Apart from you, are there any other seniors of weight in the Leng Clan? The ones that can hold down the three great families?” Hua Xiaofo asked directly.

“There is no more, if there was, he would have come to you long ago.” Leng Dongcheng sighed, “Right now in the entire Leng family, only I still have a seat, other relatives from the side lines can’t even speak.”

“Then apart from Leng, who else has any weight in speaking?” Hua Xiaofo pressed again.

“There is only the President.” Leng Dongcheng replied, “He’s the only one who can still hold down the three great families.”

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