Am I A Gigolo Chapter 2242

Hearing that Hyuk’s Ming had spoken out of turn and that the little green snake had almost bitten him, both Auntie and William blushed and asked in unison afterwards, “Did it bite?”

“No.” Hua Xiaofo was very sure, “The little green just flew over and I stopped it ……”

“Are you sure you didn’t bite it?” The aunt patted her heart, “Did Hyuk’s Ming have any reaction then?”

“He muttered a few words to his daughter, didn’t hear what was said clearly.” Hua Xiaofo frowned and said, “But I’m sure Xiaoqing didn’t bite him, otherwise, he would have collapsed a long time ago and still walked out alive?”

“That’s …… true,” said the aunt, relieved.

“Can’t say for sure.” William’s brow furrowed, “Could the biochemical poison L refined have caused some genetic alteration to the little green snake, causing its toxic buffer to explode?”

“That ……”

Hua Xiaofo thought about it, it was possible, before she went out, Shu had reminded her that the little green snake was now even more toxic after being soaked in the poison ……

So it wasn’t impossible if there would be a buffer.

Moreover, the little green snake was so small that the teeth marks were so small that they could not be seen at all, and at that time, He Zhiming had been covering his neck, so she could not be completely sure that there was really no bite.

Thinking of this, Hua Xiaofo hurriedly ordered the servant, “Go and get Ah Shu to come over.”

“Yes!” The maid was about to go and call Shu when an attendant hurriedly came to report, “Miss Hua, many police officers have come outside, saying that they want you to go over to a*sist in the investigation.”

“What?” Hua Xiaofo was very shocked, “What kind of a*sistance in the investigation?”

“Miss Hua ……”

Just as he was saying that, Ah Shu came running in a hurry and said anxiously, “I just got the news that Hyuk Zhi Ming is dead.”

“What ????”

Hua Xiaofo was stunned, and his eyes almost fell out.

The aunt was also dumbfounded.

William, on the other hand, was stunned for a moment, and then his face immediately turned gloomy, his eyes incomparably complicated ……

“What the hell happened today?” Shu asked anxiously, “The police said that Hyuk Jae-jun reported that you were the one who killed Hyuk no-myung, and the Supreme Police Department got directly involved in the investigation.”

“Me?” Hua Xiaofo was completely confused and suddenly had a strong sense of foreboding in his heart, as if, as if …… this was all arranged.

“Shu, there is a problem that you have to remember.” At this time, William suddenly said solemnly, “L once said himself before that the toxicity of the little green snake is very strong, once it bites a person, the toxicity will immediately kick in and the other person will not live for more than half an hour.”

“Huh?” Shu looked at him dumbfounded, “Mister didn’t say that ……”

“Listen to him.” Auntie hurriedly interrupted Shu, urging anxiously, “Whether it was said or not, just a*sume that’s what it said.”

Shu came to a sudden understanding and nodded as an afterthought, “Yes!”

“Leave everything else alone and go out and stop those people.” William instructed, “Tell them that no one is to trespa*s in the castle until L returns, and that if there is anything, wait until he returns.”

“Yes.” Shu immediately did as he was told.

“Everyone else stand down.” Auntie commanded.

The servants bowed their heads and hurriedly retreated.

Mina asked impatiently, “Your Highness, as you expected, this meeting today is a trap.”

“Who is trying to harm Little Buddha?” The aunt pursued anxiously.

“If I’m right, it would be the one who asked her out to meet ……” William looked deeply at Hua Xiaofo, “The President’s wife!”

“。。。。。” Hua Xiaofo’s body shook, full of shock, “Why? I have no enmity with her, why would she want to harm me?”

“It should be related to her daughter, the exact reason, we are still investigating.” William frowned, very calm, “She has harmed you many times, each time you have avoided it, but this time …… alas ……”


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