I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1225

Now he finally understood why, at that time, when he saw Rong Shu’s back as she got out of the car and hurriedly ran towards the Tian Sheng building, he would feel as if she had done something bad and ran away with a weak heart.

Because his guess was right, she had done something bad and ran away.

Deliberately leaving lipstick marks on his face and making him walk with them in public for people to see him laugh, wasn’t that doing something bad?

As for why he said that Rong Shu had done it on purpose, Fu Jingting had a piece of evidence in his heart.

It wasn’t that Rongshu hadn’t kissed him on the face when they were apart before.

But she had never left lipstick marks on his face.

It was because every time she had kissed, she had only lightly dabbed at his face so as not to leave a mark.

But this time, when she kissed him, she did it very hard.

He thought at first that it was because she couldn’t let him go that she had suddenly changed her habit and kissed him harder, and he was still quite pleased.

He thought she loved him even more.

Now he realised that it wasn’t that she couldn’t bear to part with him, but that she was deliberately pranking him.

How could she not leave a lipstick mark with that kind of intensity?


Fu Jingting shook his head helplessly and gave a related laugh, not being angry with Rong Shu either, instead his face revealed a doting look.

He then took out a decorative handkerchief from his left breast pocket and wiped the lipstick on his finger slowly and carefully.

When a*sistant Zhang saw him like this, he despised him mentally.

He’s just in love, is it necessary to show love in front of him, a single dog, all the time?

It’s okay to let him see how sticky they are together.

Now it’s even more outrageous that one has to bring the other half’s imprint to show affection in front of him.

This was not giving him, a single dog, a chance to live.

a*sistant Zhang was furious in his heart, but his face was still full of smiles.

Not only did he have to smile, but he also had to help point out where the lipstick marks on Fu Jingting’s face had not been wiped until they were clean.

Putting away the handkerchief, Fu Jingting finally gave a*sistant Zhang a glance, “What is the document in your hand?”

a*sistant Zhang reorganized himself and handed over the document with both hands, “Mr. Fu, this is the information you asked me to collect on all the Su family’s properties some time ago, but they are all on the surface or have Su Cheng’s participation in them, the ones on the dark side have not been collected yet, and there are still many that are not quite sure if they are Su Cheng’s or not.”

Fu Jingting gave a hint, “Got it, open the door.”

He took the file and flipped it open, reading it while instructing in a light voice.

a*sistant Zhang answered and opened the door to his office.

Fu Jingting stepped inside, followed by Zhang’s a*sistant.

On the other hand, Tiansheng Group.

Rong Shu was also sitting behind her own desk, pen in hand and a file spread out in front of her.

She said she was working on the document, but in reality, it had been spread out for a while, but she didn’t have the slightest intention of putting pen to paper, instead, she was holding her head with one hand and folding the pen with the other, her eyes dazed, obviously lost in thought.

She was thinking that by this time, Fu Jingting should have arrived at the Fu Group, right?

Then the lipstick marks on his face should have been discovered.

I just don’t know what his reaction would be!

The reaction of the others, she knew, would definitely be to laugh at him.

Even if they didn’t dare to laugh to his face, they would certainly hold their laughter and thus reveal something.

The man would have noticed the staff’s perversity and would surely have sensed if something was wrong with himself to make them react like that, and then he would have noticed the lipstick marks on his face.

So now she was wondering if the men would be angry.

After all, a man walking around with lipstick marks on his face for most of the day, being seen by so many people and laughing at them in his mind, would surely feel that he had lost face.

And she, the culprit who made him lose face, it is hard not to be remembered by the man.

Hey ……

Rong Shu sighed and adjusted her posture as well.

In fact, she now also a little regret, regret at that time should not be so impulsive, thinking that the man usually always change the way to take advantage of her, she should also give him a lesson.

So when the man asked her to kiss him, she thought of the idea of putting lipstick on his face in a flash.

But ignoring the fact that men have always been good at saving face and have strong self-esteem, plus their status is there, doing so herself would probably tarnish his image and make the outside world laugh.

Especially since there are some old timers in Fu’s group who will certainly also criticize Fu Jingting and put Fu Jingting on notice ……

What to do?

Rong Shu rubbed her cheeks in annoyance.

Her current mood is like this, how happy she was when she did it, how much she regrets and how apprehensive she is at this moment.

Worried that she had harmed the man, and worried that he was angry with her.

So much so that she is now afraid to contact the man and ask him if he is really angry with her or not.

As she was thinking, there was a knock on the office door.

Rongshu temporarily collected these thoughts, took a deep breath to return to her work appearance, and shouted at the door, “Come in.”

The door opened and the person outside the door entered, it was Lina, the secretary who had taken Tong’s place.

“Chairman, I’ve come to deliver Secretary Tong’s official resignation to you.” Lina walked across to Rong Shu’s desk and stopped, handing over a document with both hands.

Rongshu put down her pen and reached out to take it, “Okay, I understand, I’ll sign it later, thank you for your hard work.”

Lina shook her head and then looked at Rongshu, wanting to say something.

Rongshu sensed the dilemma of what she wanted to say but couldn’t, so she smiled lightly and asked, “What’s wrong? If you have something to say, just say it.”

“Chairman, is it true that Secretary Tong is going to resign? Do you really agree with her resignation too?” Lina bit her lower lip and finally asked what she wanted to know in her heart.

Rong Shu nodded, “Why don’t you agree, our previous guess was wrong, Secretary Tong didn’t resign because there was something wrong with her health, she resigned because she had obtained a qualification for further studies abroad.”

“A further training qualification?” Lina froze.

While signing her name on Secretary Tong’s resignation letter, Rongshu explained, “Yes, Secretary Tong has always wanted to go abroad for further training to make herself even better, do you know why Secretary Tong is so capable of doing things, neither I nor Lu Qi have let her sit in the position of secretary general?”

Lina shook her head at first, then realised something and returned in a daze, “Secretary Tong doesn’t have a certificate.”

“Yes.” Rongshu signed and closed the document, “After Ah Qi graduated from university, he joined Lu’s and didn’t pursue further studies, and Secretary Tong, as Ah Qi’s …… friend, also followed along and left school to go to Lu’s to help Ah Qi, thus giving up the opportunity to continue his education, without continuing his education, many relevant certificates and examinations could not be carried out, therefore for so many years Secretary Tong could only work as a secretary, doing the job of secretary general, instead of directly becoming secretary general, here is the reason.”

“I probably understand, Secretary Tong now wants to continue his further education, go abroad for further studies and re-qualify, so that when he comes back later, he can actually sit in the position of secretary-general.” Lina smiled.

Rongshu handed her the document, “That’s right, that’s why I agreed to her resignation so readily after I knew that the real reason for her resignation was this, after all, there was something about her future, I couldn’t possibly try to stop her, now you shouldn’t be upset when you hear that Secretary Tong is resigning like this, right?”

“Of course not, I’m very happy for her.” Lina shook her head and smiled back.

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