I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1244

Rongshu didn’t notice the man’s difference, rubbing her eyes her voice still soft and fluffy, “Good ……”

She stretched out and finally opened her eyes completely, looking at the man with an embarra*sed smile, “I didn’t think I would sleep so heavily either, I’m not even completely awake yet.”

“It’s normal to suddenly appear in a very warm environment when it’s too cold, it does make one feel intensely sleepy.” Fu Jingting said while taking out a bottle of canned coffee from the car warmer and opening it, handing it to Rong Shu, “Have a couple of sips to wake up.”

The coffee was hot, so Fu Jingting wasn’t worried that she might get cold after drinking it.

The coffee Fu Jingting handed her was like a life-saving remedy.

Her eyes lit up as she hurriedly reached out to take it, “Thank you.”

After thanking her, she tilted her head and took two sips of the coffee.

After drinking, her little face instantly turned into a bitter melon, “Huh …… It’s so bitter, what kind of coffee is it?”

She brought the canister to her heel to check the packaging carefully.

But the writing on it was not in English, she couldn’t read it.

Fu Jingting saw her little face bitter look, lightly smiled and explained, “It’s Blue Mountain, original flavor, not 3 in 1 coffee, it’s what I usually drink when I work in the car, there’s nothing else to drink in the car, only this, and it just happens to refresh the brain, so I’ll have to let you drink this.”

“No wonder it’s so bitter.” Rongshu spat out her tongue, “But it’s really refreshing, I’m not sleepy anymore.”

Could it not be refreshing?

It was so bitter that I believed that anyone who drank it would not feel sleepy at once.

She felt like her tongue was tingling with bitterness now.

Rongshu spat out her tongue again.

Fu Jingting knew that she was suffering from the bitterness.

After all, she had always loved sweet things and didn’t like bitter at all.

Even with coffee, she would drink the three-in-one coffee, not this kind of original flavor.

So it was normal to be too bitter to bear at this moment.

“I’ll put some other refreshing drinks in the car later, this time it’s because I wasn’t thoughtful either, I can only use this to refresh you, bear with it, after you enter the banquet hall, just drink something else to suppress the bitterness.” Fu Jingting comforted.

Rong Shu nodded, “I was thinking the same thing, but this coffee ……”

She turned the coffee, which was still mostly in her hand, and looked embarra*sed.

Fu Jingting could tell, “Don’t want to drink it?”

“I can’t drink it, it’s too bitter, it’s like drinking Chinese medicine.” Rongshu said with her mouth slightly puckered.

It was too wasteful to drink it all and too bad to throw it away.

Besides, the things men bought were always surprisingly expensive.

She couldn’t bear to throw it away.

Just when Rongshu was in a dilemma, not knowing what to do with the coffee in her hand, she suddenly felt an empty hand and the coffee was taken away.

Rongshu hurriedly looked over and saw that it was the man who had reached out and taken the coffee out of her hand.

“I’ll fix it if you can’t finish it.” With those words, the man tilted his head and settled the rest of the coffee in three or two sips.

It was a good thing that the canister was not too big either, about six centimetres in height and four centimetres in diameter.

This was the smallest size of cans in the world standard for canned drinks.

The coffee inside was not particularly large, just a few sips.

So it was not a very exaggerated act for the man to settle it in three or two sips.

When Rongshu saw the man drink the rest of his coffee, the whole person was still a bit dumbfounded, “That’s what I drank, you ……”

The man elegantly wiped the corner of his mouth, “So what?”

“You don’t mind?” Rongshu asked with a wink.

The man tossed the cafe into the car bin, his tone carrying a bit of teasing, “What’s there to dislike about what your own woman has drunk? Besides, I’ve got your saliva ……”

Knowing what the man was going to say, Rong Shu blushed and hurriedly interrupted him loudly, “Well, you don’t say anymore, didn’t you say you’ve arrived, I’m also sober now, hurry up and get off.”

she took off her down jacket, took a deep breath, made a mental preparation that she would be greeted by the cold wind when she got off the car, and resolutely opened the car door and went out.

Seeing the woman’s somewhat desolate back, Fu Jingting faintly hooked his thin lips, then picked up her down jacket and also opened his side of the car door to get down.

a*sistant Zhang had gotten out of the car as soon as it was parked and was waiting for them outside.

He was waiting for Fu Jingting and Rong Shu to come down so that he could get back in and drive the car to park it.

Of course, some people may say, since they have to get into the car to park it later, why not just drive the car to park it and get down together, or just wait for them to get out of the car and then drive to park it, why do they have to get out of the car and wait, isn’t it superfluous to do so?

For a*sistant Zhang, it really isn’t a superfluous task.

Even if it’s cold outside the car, he doesn’t want to stay in the car and wait.

After all, they are in the car, why should he, a single dog, follow and participate?

It would be disgusting!

In saying that, Miss Rong fell asleep, Mr. Fu is responsible for asking Miss Rong to wake up.

As for what way to wake up, that is unknown.

So to avoid seeing something he shouldn’t, it was better for him to get out of the car.

The partition is good, but it’s not foolproof.

This is not the case, a*sistant Zhang waited for ten minutes.

Ten minutes Fu did not wake up Miss Rong to get out of the car, it can be seen that his guess was right, Fu must have woken up Miss Rong under the guise of mixed personal goods, take advantage of Miss Rong.

As the most powerful lapdog of Mr. Fu, he can say that he knows Mr. Fu very well.

The most important thing is that you can’t get close to him.

But in fact, it is all fake.

In front of Miss Rong, how much dog licking there is to do, how much sex, criticism, criticism.

When Miss Rong was asleep, it was a good time for Mr. Fu to mooch off her.

He did not believe that Fu would let it go.

Sure enough, his guess was right, if Mr. Fu really just simply woke up Miss Rong, it wouldn’t take more than ten minutes at all.

So in those ten minutes, Mr. Fu had definitely done something indescribable to Miss Rong.

Heh, man!

a*sistant Zhang was spitting in his heart when he heard the car door open.

He hurriedly put away these messy thoughts, stood up straight from the side of the car and turned his head over to see Rong Shu and Fu Jingting getting out of the car, left and right.

“Miss Rong, Mr. Fu.” a*sistant Zhang hurriedly greeted the two.

At the same time as he greeted them, he quietly surveyed Rong Shu’s expression.

Miss Rong was a very understandable person, typically thin-skinned and shy.

As long as Mr. Fu did something to her, she would easily blush.

Sure enough, with this sneaky glance, a*sistant Zhang saw the redness on Rong Shu’s face that had not yet dissipated.

Based on his experience, this was definitely not a blush from freezing because of the cold, this was an encounter with something shy.

The president is really still the same president, as long as there is the slightest chance, he will not let Miss Rong go.

It really is …… men too.

This is the happiness of men ah.

Well, a*sistant Zhang admitted that he really envied Mr. Fu.

But when he had a girlfriend, he definitely wouldn’t be worse off than General Fu, maybe even happier than General Fu.

“a*sistant Zhang.” Rongshu did not know the twists and turns in a*sistant Zhang’s mind, and she returned a smile to him as a response to his greeting just now.

Fu Jingting ignored a*sistant Zhang, instead he came in front of Rong Shu and unfolded the down jacket, “Put the clothes on.”

Rong Shu shook her head and refused, “I’m not putting it on, I’ve already reached the hotel entrance, I’ll have to take it off again after I put it on.”

“Then you can take it off later, put it on for now, don’t freeze.” The man didn’t have to say a word, he directly draped the down jacket over her body and insisted that she put it on.

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