I Will Get My Divorce Chapter 1261

It was just the right time to make a big move, to make an example of some other families, to warn some other families that they had better all behave themselves.

This time, so many families have jumped out to make trouble, obviously because he has been too kind in the past few years, making them think that his character has changed, so they dare to make small moves.

Maybe there are other families that are also foolish enough to do something about it.

This time, he would do something about it, cut off their paws, and snuff out any ambitions that had sprung up.

He wants them to know that he is still the same Fu Jingting, he has never changed.

Even if he is not as tough these years, it does not mean that he is really kind.

He had just, lurked away.

“Yes, Mr. Fu, I’m on my way.” On the other end of the phone, a*sistant Zhang hurriedly answered.

He knew which Wang family was the Wang family that Mr. Fu was talking about.

Some time ago, when Mr. Fu accompanied Miss Rong to the Lu family, what Mrs. Lu had told Miss Rong, Miss Rong had told Mr. Fu.

After that, Mr. Fu gave him a general description of the Wang family and asked him to look into the situation of the Wang family.

So he also knew the Wang family’s ambitions.

In his opinion, this Wang family was simply whimsical.

Not to mention the fact that the Wang family, a small and unpromising family, had the audacity to try to climb up to Mr. Fu, and that it was a dream to climb up to other powerful families, but they even wanted to climb up to the largest powerful family, the Fu family, directly.

It was ridiculous.

As he was thinking, a*sistant Zhang heard Fu Jingting suddenly ask again, “By the way, has the Liu family arrived yet?”

“I was just about to tell you.” a*sistant Zhang collected the disdain he had for the Wang family in his heart, then hurriedly replied, “You guessed it, the Liu family has indeed arrived, and the two who came were still Liu Lao and Liu Linlin, but I stopped them just as they reached the entrance.”

Fu Jingting was not surprised by this result.

He had guessed that the Liu family would come.

This was merely the fulfillment of it.

“But ……” a*sistant Zhang’s tone suddenly became difficult at this moment.

Fu Jingting frowned, “But what.”

“Mr. Fu, Liu Lao and Liu Linlin refused to leave, I asked the security guards to take them to the car forcibly, but they broke free, and since Liu Lao’s age was there, neither I nor the security guards dared to force them, in case something happened, it would be troublesome, so I could only invite the two grandparents to a private room in the hotel, and temporarily arranged them inside, guarded by bodyguards I promised them that you would meet them after the banquet was over, and only then did they stop, otherwise they wouldn’t have stayed quietly in the box.” a*sistant Zhang scratched his hair, very headstrong.

A touch of mockery surfaced on Fu Jingting’s face, “How come I didn’t know before that an old man like Liu Lao could actually play a scoundrel.”

a*sistant Zhang skimmed his lips, “Of course I have to maintain my image as a teacher that high-minded in front of you, ah, otherwise you would only now completely realize that Liu Lao’s original was all pretend, and his true face is so unpleasant?”

Fu Jingting’s thin lips pursed into a straight line and did not answer.

Having been finished by a*sistant Zhang, what else could he say.

Indeed, he had only known in the past that the Liu family did not want to be what they appeared to be in front of him, not realising that they were even worse than he had thought.

It was only because they were too well disguised in the end, plus he didn’t have the interest to thoroughly understand what kind of people they really were, or else perhaps, his relationship with the Liu family would have been broken long ago, and would not have been maintained at all until now.

So much so that now he regretted why he hadn’t gotten to know the Liu family properly back then, allowing them to stick it to him and suck so much blood not to mention bullying his people.

“Alright, tell them that after the banquet is over, I’ll go see them and tell them to settle down a bit.” Fu Jingting pinched the bridge of his nose and instructed in a deep voice.

a*sistant Zhang nodded in response.

The call ended, Fu Jingting hung up his phone, put it down, lifted the wine in front of him and took a sip, continuing to wait for Rong Shu to return.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

But about this, Fu Jingting was not worried.

She had grown up too much, and he was sure she would be fine.

Fu Jingting sat on the sofa, folding his legs, shaking the wine in his hand, his body half-hidden, half-visible, and full of mystery, seductive and charming.

The ladies at the banquet, who had been sneaking glances at her from time to time, had their hearts racing, and they were jealous of Rong Shu.

How could such an outstanding man see such a down-on-her-luck young lady as Rong Shu?

They said they couldn’t understand.

Well, they admitted that Rongshu was a little better looking than them and a little more established than them.

After all, they were still just canaries who had no jobs, no companies, only a small share of the company, receiving a small dividend, being raised by the family as pigs, waiting for the family’s need to marry off for the family’s benefit by way of marriage at any time.

Rong Shu, on the other hand, is already the chairman of a company, a free man without parental control and without the need to marry for the family’s benefit.

This, indeed, they could not compare.

sh*t, when they thought about it, they seemed to envy Rong Shu even more?

The women gritted their teeth in anger, and then they saw a woman in a wheelchair, suddenly driving into the restricted area, heading towards Fu Jingting.

Yes, the forbidden zone.

The area where Fu Jingting was located was off-limits as far as they were concerned, and no one dared to come forward to disturb it.

However, at this very moment, there was a person who suddenly stepped into the forbidden area where they could not go forward.

That person, moreover, was heading directly towards Fu Jingting, indicating that he was not borrowing the way, but was aiming at Fu Jingting.

How could these young ladies and young masters not be shocked by this?

A sound of inhalation of breath was almost unbroken.

“Who is that woman, she’s really brave.”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen her in the circle, she’s a raw face, she shouldn’t be from our Hai City circle, could she be from another circle?”

“Not from our Beijing circle.”

“Not from our South River either, haven’t seen this one, and I haven’t heard of any family in the national circle whose daughter-in-law is in a wheelchair, so I reckon it shouldn’t be someone from the circle, if it is, it’s impossible not to know that Mr. Fu always has a girlfriend, and even more impossible not to know that Mr. Fu hates women pestering her.”

“That’s right that’s right, there are so many women who like Mr. Fu, but none of them rushed to appear in front of him, so I also think that this woman, should not be any family’s golden girl, I guess, probably a star or netizen, or who made a girlfriend, saw Mr. Fu and was charmed, so they went straight up to Mr. Fu and hit on him, only these kinds of possibilities can explain this woman Only one of these possibilities would explain why this woman dared to go up to him, because she didn’t know that Mr. Fu hates women pestering him.

This thousand lady asked, pointing at the young masters around her.

The other thousand ladies also looked at them suspiciously.

They shook their heads like a rattle and hastily denied it.

“Don’t joke about it guys, this banquet, none of us brought a woman over, the family has repeatedly instructed that Fu will always come to the banquet and we are not allowed to bring a woman, in order to eliminate the situation of our women looking at Mr. Fu and going to pester him, so where we still don’t do as we are told.”


The millennial ladies could see that they weren’t lying and were even more puzzled on their faces.

“Since you didn’t bring them in and they’re not from the circle, then how on earth did this woman get in?”

“I suppose she got in by mistake, it’s not like this sort of thing hasn’t happened before, there was a small party a couple of months ago and a commoner girl who was trying to marry into the gentry secretly changed into waitress clothes and got in, this is probably a similar situation.”

“Quite possible.”

The crowd nodded, finding it plausible.

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