My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1831-1832

Chapter 1831

“Watch out!”

Xu Haoran shouted, his entire body bouncing off the ground and knocking Li Liu’er to the side.

“She watched as the zombie pounced on Xu Haoran’s body and bit down hard on Xu Haoran’s neck.

Xu Haoran’s two arms spurted with muscles, firmly gripping the zombie’s head.

With a roar, he smashed his fist into the brain of the corpse, which immediately opened up like a watermelon.

The red and white stuff inside flowed out and directly stained Xu Haoran’s body.


Xu Haoran couldn’t help but dryly vomit a few times.

Li Liu’er hurriedly struggled to get up from the ground as she rushed to Xu Haoran’s side, “Hurry up and take off your clothes!”

Without waiting for Xu Haoran to react, Li Liu’er had already taken the initiative to help Xu Haoran take off his shirt.

Xu Haoran blinked his eyes and stared at Li Liu’er for an instant.

“Liu’er, I didn’t expect you to be so enthusiastic about me ……”

“You need to stop making a fool of yourself, the clothes on you are contaminated and must be thrown to immediately!” Li Liu’er interrupted nonchalantly, and as she spoke, she picked up an iron rod on the ground with her hand and looked around warily.

Xu Haoran held his mouth and somewhat b*tchily came up behind Li Liu’er, deliberately using his clean upper body to rub Li Liu’er’s back.

Li Liu’er could clearly feel the scent of a man, and her cheeks could not help but feel hot.

She jerked her head around and met Xu Haoran eye to eye, mouth to mouth, and the scene descended into awkwardness.

“Hey, Liu’er, I’m actually still quite good looking, aren’t I?” Xu Haoran was the first to break the silence, flirting out.

Li Liu’er reacted and immediately turned her head back, but from an angle that Xu Haoran could not see, Li Liu’er’s cheeks were already blushing and her heart was pounding uncontrollably.

“The thing Sister Mu Qing is looking for is over there!”

Li Liu’er promptly changed the subject and pointed to a fallen shelf on her right and shouted.

Xu Haoran followed the direction of her finger and saw a box of “early pregnancy” reagent lying there quietly.

He hurriedly went forward, bent down and picked it up from the ground, shoved it into his backpack, and then said to Li Liu’er, “Mission accomplished, let’s go find my sister and the others.”

Li Liu’er did not sing the opposite tune to Xu Haoran this time, nodding her head, and the two of them left the supermarket one after the other.

Just as the two left, the door to a small, dark room inside the supermarket was slowly pushed open.

There were two tall, strong men, clutching weapons in their hands, walking out of it.

One of the men picked up the walkie-talkie in his hand, “There’s prey breaking into area two, all hands on alert, stand by for a kill.”

Not long after the words fell, a reply came over the intercom, “Copy that.”

“It’s been a long time since anyone has dared to come to our town, this group of people dare to come in with their bare hands, could they have some ulterior motive?”

At this time, the tattooed man next to that walkie-talkie asked with a furrowed brow.

The man with the walkie-talkie snorted coldly, “No matter what their purpose is, I will tell them to come back without a return.”

At the same time, Li Hang and his group arrived at the location of the town centre square.

Right now, there were quite a few zombies roaming around this central square, and these zombies were a bit different from the ones they had encountered outside.


Chapter 1832

They don’t just pounce and bite at the sight of a living person.

“Brother, don’t you think these zombies are strange?”

Tifa said at this time, and the two of them, Gu Yanxi and Xu Muqing, echoed the sentiment.

Li Hang’s gaze burned as he stared at the walking zombies in front of him and said to Xu Muqing, “The three of you hide in the trees first, I’ll go and scout around.”

Just now, Li Hang had already made a general understanding of the entire town’s pattern. According to his judgment, if this Furong Town really hid a secret, this square should be the place with the highest probability.

And now that these zombies saw humans but did not take the initiative to come over and attack, it confirmed the suspicion in Li Hang’s mind.

If he was right, these zombies that would attack humans should have been artificially manipulated.

“Honey, will it be too dangerous for you to go over alone, I’d better we accompany you.”

“It’s fine, you take Tifa and Gu Yanxi and find a safe place to hide, don’t come down later no matter what happens.”

When Li Hang said this, Xu Muqing’s heart became even more worried, but she didn’t say anything and dragged Tifa and Gu Yanxi to a big tree.

The tree was at least ten metres above the ground, so she climbed up shrewdly and found the most stable branch to stand on, then turned to Li Hang Han below, “Honey, don’t worry about breaking in, we’ll take care of ourselves.”

“Brother, don’t worry, I will protect sister Mu Qing and Gu Yanxi.”

Li Hang nodded to Tifa and then spread his sturdy legs as he approached towards the wandering herd of zombies.

The closer they got to the herd of zombies, the more these aimlessly wandering zombies became very agitated, and along with Li Hang pa*sing by, they were all constantly turning their necks, looking for the location of food.

And Li Hang wandered at a very special pace, from Xu Muqing’s and the girls’ perspective, Li Hang looked like he was strolling at leisure, looking very leisurely.

But since all three of them had special recognition abilities, they knew that the gait Li Hang was using now should be completely invisible to ordinary eyes if they were to see the trajectory Li Hang was walking.

“Wow, it’s just too impressive, isn’t it, I can’t see how he’s moving through the corpses at all!”

Li Liu’er, who had hurried over to the rendezvous with Xu Haoran, couldn’t help but exclaim.

As a result, as soon as she spoke, the agitated herd of corpses all surged towards the direction where Xu Haoran and Li Liu’er were!

“Holy sh*t!” Xu Haoran’s whole body jumped up, and he hurriedly pulled Li Liu’er and spilled out into a wild run.

“Haoran get up the tree!” Xu Muqing shouted a warning from not far away.

Xu Haoran hurriedly led Li Liu’er to the tree first, without saying a word, he directly squatted on the ground, reached out and patted his shoulder and said to Li Liu’er, “You step on my shoulder and go up first!”

Li Liu’er froze, she never thought that Xu Haoran would help her get up the tree at such a crisis, moreover, she didn’t know how to climb a tree either.

“Hurry up, if you keep dawdling, you, who can’t climb a tree, will really be eaten!”

Hearing this, Li Liu’er’s eyes flashed with surprise, although she had heard Xu Haoran say things like she was his long lost daughter-in-law many times.

But the fact that she couldn’t climb trees was something that even her closest companion, who had been closest to her before, didn’t know.

Li Liu’er also knew very well that she had never mentioned it to anyone.

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