My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1839-1840

Chapter 1839

Xu Muqing was a little angry, although she didn’t know exactly what the man in the speaker was, there was one thing Xu Muqing knew very clearly, this man’s intention was just to toy with them!

“Honey, Gu Yanxi and I were already capable of defending ourselves, even if you hadn’t caught us just now, we wouldn’t have been hurt too much.”

Although Xu Muqing had a problem with the bearded man, but in front of the righteousness of life and death, Xu Muqing decided to forgive the other party, after all, the old man and the child were innocent.

The bearded man was already surrounded by a large wave of zombies at this time, only to see him using the knife in his hand in a frenzy, swinging and slashing at the zombies non-stop.

But because he was unable to do so, he expended a lot of energy and failed to kill a single zombie.

Despair, fear, filled his body and mind.

In a moment of near collapse, he thought not about whether he could live, but whether his family could live.

The bearded man turned to Li Hang and made a harsh plea for help: “Hero, please save my children and my family! I was too selfish just now, I shouldn’t have pushed your loved ones off the tree branch.”

As he spoke, a zombie had already lunged and bit towards the bearded man’s arm.

Xu Muqing couldn’t help but cover her eyes, although she had seen many times the image of a living person being bitten to death by a zombie, as long as she thought of this bearded man being bitten, his child losing his father and the old man in the family losing his son, Xu Muqing’s heart would ache uncontrollably.

“Ka ka ka!”

The tree branch could no longer bear the weight and suddenly snapped.

At this time, Li Hang moved.

Only to see his entire body rise up in the air, like an eagle with wings flying high, swooping down in the direction of the bearded man.

“Don’t mind me, save my children and my family!”

The bearded man shouted, and at once, two walkers swooped and bit towards him, and a piece of flesh was bitten off his arm by a walker so fiercely.

Blood dripped out and harsh screams continued.

Li Hang’s eyes sank as he looked at the bearded man, revealing a touch of helplessness in his eyes.

Although the bearded man was still able to speak normally. However, in Li Hang’s eyes, he was already no different from a walking zombie.

As long as the bearded man died, soon the man would mutate and become one of the many zombies who had lost their sensory abilities.

This discovery was made after he had entered the underground laboratory and intercepted it inside a super computer.


“Don’t go there, he’s not your father anymore.”

Li Hang pulled the emotional girl and said to the girl’s mother, “Your husband is hopeless, if you are willing, follow me, if you are not ……”

“I am willing, please save us!”

The girl’s mother burst into tears and made a plea to Li Hang.

Without saying anything, Li Hang directly opened the way in front and led this new group of people to retreat to a place en ma*se.

Xu Haoran had been waiting at the entrance for a long time, and when he saw Li Hang coming with a large group of people, he hurriedly stepped forward, “Brother-in-law, they will become a drag on us.”

“Little brother, my husband was bitten to death by a zombie, and I, a woman, am a dead man in this environment.”

“It doesn’t matter if I die, but my children are still so young, please, help us, if you are still angry about my husband pushing your sister and friend off the tree branch earlier, I will kneel down and kowtow to you and apologise.”


Chapter 1840

As she spoke, the girl’s mother was already about to land on both knees.

Xu Haoran hurriedly held her up, “Forget it, forget it, it’s fine if you want to follow us, but you have to promise that you won’t be allowed to have bad intentions!”

Soon, Li Hang led a group of people into the underground laboratory.

They had just entered the entrance, when the unmistakable voice of the man spoke again from the square speaker, “Enjoy the wonderful journey, and have a good one.”

At these words, a gunshot sounded from the loudspeaker.

Meanwhile, in one of the most secretive rooms of the laboratory, the room was filled with computer screens.

A man in a white lab coat, leaning back in his chair, the hand gripping the gun slowly slid down.

Only his temple was visible, with a hideous mark of a bullet through it.


Li Hang crashed in with his men and was the first to come to the man who was already dead.

“Brother-in-law, could this man be the pervert who spoke over the square speakers just now?”

“He should be the one who was killed by that pervert.” Li Hang said calmly.

“Husband, what exactly is this place for? Why are there so many electronic monitors?” Xu Muqing’s eyes were filled with unease inside.

As soon as the words left her mouth, the child called Lily cried out loudly.

“Go away! Go away! I want daddy! I want daddy!”

Lily was crying so hard that inside the whole room, her heartbreaking cries echoed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t teach the child well, I’ll make her stop right away!”

Lily’s mother was very upset as she apologised to Xu Muqing and the others repeatedly.

“She just lost her father, it’s normal for her to be emotional, it’s just that this world doesn’t allow for vulnerability, and there’s no way for a vulnerable child to live.”

Xu Muqing said solemnly to Lily’s mother’s group with a calm face at this time.

When these words came out, all the people looked at each other with blank faces.

Indeed, Xu Muqing was absolutely right, only that they were all ordinary people, and it was really too difficult for them to survive.

Perhaps, tomorrow, they would lose their lives.

“This kind of precarious life, I’ve really had enough of it! If it wasn’t for you, I would have stayed outside with your father!”

Lily cried out as her mother suddenly burst into a shout.

“Mummy …… ummmm ……”

“Lily’s mother, you need to stop yelling at the baby, she’s still just a baby.” Li Liu’er couldn’t look at it anymore, looking at Lily’s crying and helpless appearance, some unfamiliar image suddenly came up inside her mind.

In this image, there was a little girl wearing ragged clothes and a goat-horn braid, pushing a stone mill in a dilapidated courtyard.

And what this little girl was wearing was not modern clothes, but something like the attire of the Republic of China.

“What are you gawking at?” Xu Haoran suddenly came over and bumped Li Liu’er with his elbow.

Li Liu’er reacted as an afterthought, and saw that Lily’s mother had already led the men, all of them, out of the room.

“Where are they going?”

“The living conditions in this underground lab are not bad, there’s food and drink, and hot water for bathing, after my brother-in-law told them this, it made them so happy that they rushed to occupy the bedroom, ready to use this place as a refuge.”

Xu Haoran spat ungratefully at Lily’s mother’s gang for being ungrateful, while at this time, Li Hang was silent, seemingly being troubled by something?

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