My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1841-1842

Chapter 1841

Xu Muqing walked over to Li Hang and asked in a small voice, “Honey, do you have something on your mind?”

Li Hang grinned at Xu Muqing, “No.”

“Honey, you must have something on your mind, we are a couple, so don’t lie to me.”

Saying that, Xu Muqing had reached out and cupped Li Hang’s cheek so that Li Hang’s face was facing her, “Honey, whenever you have something to hide from me, your eyes don’t meet mine.”

“Just now, when I asked you what you were hiding from me, you just subconsciously avoided my eyes.”

Hearing this, Li Hang couldn’t help but freeze, regarding this point, he really didn’t think much about it.

In fact, as the Red Sea God of War, he had enough ability to not show his joy and anger, so that no one could see what was actually going through his mind.

But in front of Xu Muqing, he would always reveal his truest side, and in front of Xu Muqing, he never disguised himself either.

“Wife, I’m just a guess right now, I don’t have any solid proof, and I’m afraid you’ll worry if I tell you.”

“I’m only more worried if you don’t say anything.”

Xu Muqing said and directly pulled Li Hang to the side, “Just tell me secretly, I promise I won’t tell Hao Ran and the others.”

“Actually, I just found a problem in the lab’s super computer.”

“Is it about the cause of the zombie outbreak?” Xu Muqing interjected coldly.

A trace of surprise flashed inside Li Hang’s eyes, he had always agreed with Xu Muqing’s intelligence, however, Li Hang did not expect Xu Muqing to be so accurate.

Li Hang nodded: “Yes, according to the information intercepted in the super computer, this lab we are in was originally used by someone for biological research.”

“And the recent ma*sive outbreak of zombie tide, the source of the disease is likely to have spread from this lab.”

Hearing this, Xu Muqing’s face couldn’t help but become very grave: “Honey, then will it be very dangerous for us to stay here now?”

“This is not a big problem for now, I have already conducted a risk a*sessment in advance, this location we are staying in now is the safe zone of the entire experimental base.”

“Those scientific staff who participated in the biological research at the beginning, their main living place was here, this place has been isolated beforehand, so there is not much of a problem.”

As the words fell, Xu Muqing couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief, “That’s good, that scared me to death.”

“What are you guys talking about?”

Gu Yanxi’s voice suddenly came from behind, Xu Muqing hurriedly turned her head and said to Gu Yanxi, “Yanxi, have you finished looking for your room yet?”

Xu Muqing consciously changed the subject, which made Gu Yanxi feel a little strange, but she didn’t think too much about it and said straight away, “The rooms are all taken up by those people, so tonight, the few of us can only squeeze into one room to rest.”

“It’s not good to have five people in one room, is it?”

Li Hang spoke up, and was directly met with an eye slash from both Xu Muqing and Gu Yanxi.

“I just asked a casual question, you two don’t be so mean.”

A faint blush surfaced on Gu Yanxi’s beautiful face, even after so much time had pa*sed, every time she saw Li Hang playing cheap shots at her, Gu Yanxi would involuntarily blush.

“Then again, I wonder how Mom and Dad are doing at the farm?”

Xu Muqing could see clearly, and in order to ease the awkward atmosphere, she immediately changed the subject.


Chapter 1842

Gu Yanxi was instantly pardoned and naturally took over the conversation, “Yes, uncle and aunt should be quite worried about us now, in fact if I could, I would like to rush back to the farm now.”

“No, it’s too dangerous to rush at night, the power supply is down, all the public lighting systems have stopped, and it’s easy to encounter danger when the road conditions are unknown.”

In response to Li Hang’s words, Xu Muqing also agreed very much: “Yes, we’d better hurry early tomorrow.”

“Oh yes, the woman with the child and her companion, what are you going to do? Are you really going to take them back to the farm with you?”

Gu Yanxi said what was on her mind straight away, what she meant was that it would be better to go our separate ways tomorrow, after all, we are not familiar with each other and it would be difficult to live together without a foundation of trust.

“Honey, I know you’re willing to help people, but we’ve already helped them once, and that’s enough.”

During this period of time, Xu Muqing, who had always been kind, had gradually learnt a very important thing, that is, to throw away the excess pity and compa*sion.

After seeing the ugly side of human nature, Xu Muqing felt that to protect her family, she had to harden her heart.

Meanwhile, the wave of Lily’s mother, who had occupied several bedrooms, was gathering in one room.

“Cosmos is dead and now our gang is without a leader, what’s next? I mean to choose a new leader.”

The suggestion of a man in a checkered shirt drew immediate agreement from the crowd.

“Pick a leader who will use this base as a stronghold and lead us to take this experimental base over.”

“Occupying is not possible, right, that man outside called Li Hang looks very powerful, we people are no match for him.”

“Right, and that Li Hang and the others seem to have a landing place too, there’s no need for us to reveal our true thoughts.”

The man with the checkered shirt asked back with a grimace, “How do you guys know that Li Hang and the others don’t plan to keep this base to themselves?”

“Our group of people are strangers in their eyes, and if anything happens, we will definitely be the ones pushed out first as sacrifices.”

As he spoke, the plaid shirt man said directly to Lily’s mother, “Sister-in-law, you take the shot, I think Brother Datong could have been spared death, it’s all because of Li Hang who saw death and didn’t save him that Brother Datong died for nothing.”

“Lily lost her father at such a young age, it’s all because of those people outside.”

Hearing these words, a trace of ruthlessness flashed inside the dull eyes of Lily’s mother who had been in a state of grief, she firmly hugged her daughter and said through gritted teeth, “Ah Cheng, you can be the leader of this, I just have one request, to help my husband take revenge.”

As the words fell, the crowd looked at each other and nodded their heads as well.

This man in a checkered shirt, Ah Cheng, also patted his chest and promised with conviction, “Since everyone trusts me, then I will be this leader.”

“Please don’t worry, I already have a detailed plan, that gang out there won’t survive until tomorrow morning.”

“Now let’s hurry up and go over the plan, and at night when they fall asleep, we’ll make our move.”

With that, Shing made a sorrowful gesture of wiping his neck at the crowd.

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