My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1845-1846

Chapter 1845

West Hill Farm.

Cui Tianzhi sat in the house with a leisurely look on his face, and Zhang Manke stared at him warily.

“Don’t be so nervous, I didn’t come here to look for trouble this time, I just came to see my old friends.”

“I don’t even know you, are the old friends you are referring to Li Hang and the others?”

Hearing Zhang Man Ke’s question, Cui Tianci couldn’t help but smile, “It seems you’re a bit smarter than I thought, it’s a pity to be a farm owner.”

“Oh, right! You don’t even seem to be a farm owner now, I heard from someone under my hand that you’ve handed over the control of the farm to Li Hang.”

“I’m really quite curious, out of what kind of mentality did you hand over the foundation of your ancestral lineage to a man who would kill your childhood friend?”

As soon as those words came out, Zhang Man Ke’s face immediately looked bad, “Don’t you dare stir up trouble here, I will definitely not be influenced by you.”

“The old friends you wanted to see, they haven’t returned yet, I think it’s time to get lost.”


Cui Tianzhi stood up from the top of the sofa with a leisurely applause as he walked up to Zhang Man Ke, “I have to admit you have a lot of guts, no wonder you can get along with someone like Li Hang.”

“Actually, I can tell you the truth, Li Hang is really quite a dangerous person.”

“If you put your life and the lives of so many people on the farm in Li Hang’s hands, you might as well put it in my hands for insurance.”

Without waiting for Cui Tianzhi to finish his sentence, Zhang Man Ke had already interrupted nonchalantly, “But, you have conditions, right?”

Cui Tianzhi froze for a moment, then laughed loudly, “Not bad, not bad, really a smart woman.”

“Indeed, if you want to survive under my wings, you have to complete the task I give you.”

“As long as you hand over the two old guys, Xu Xiaoyang and Liu Yufen, I can make your farm a chicken and a dog, and you will never have to suffer the stress and panic of being eaten by all kinds of zombies every day again.”

“Don’t rush to reject me first, listen to the conditions I give before you make your answer.”

Zhang Man Ke had already arranged for Xu Xiaoyang and Liu Yufen to hide in a hidden dark room on the negative ground floor in advance when she sensed that someone had barged into the house.

That dark room had been dug by her ancestors long ago, so that her children and grandchildren could have a place to hide when they were in danger.

This dark room is connected to the outside world by a tunnel with several exits, just like a cunning rabbit’s cave.

The people inside could leave through any of the exits, which made it impossible for the outside intruders to find their trajectory.

The reason why Cui Tianci was so patient and spoke to Zhang Man Ke in a nice manner was also because he had suffered from this aspect.

Just half an hour ago, the teams he had sent out to look for the traces of the two old guys, Xu Xiaoyang and Liu Yufen, had all come back to no avail.

Therefore, he now had to pry out from Zhang Man Ke’s mouth exactly which exit the two Liu Yu Fen and Xu Xiaoyang would leave through before Li Hang and the others returned?

As long as these two old things were in hand, Li Hang would not be able to turn over the sky.

For Cui Tianzhi now, letting Li Hang die was no longer his greatest wish.

Instead, it was his greatest wish to make Li Hang submit under his feet and wag his tail in front of him like a dog.


Chapter 1846

“You don’t have to lobby me anymore, kill or die as you please, I will definitely not say a word to you that will harm the interests of my companions.”

Zhang Man Bu nonchalantly refused, and with that she had a*sumed a posture as if she was ready to die.

Cui Tianzhi’s eyebrows couldn’t help but raise a little: “Are you still imagining that Li Hang and the others will return soon, to tell you the truth, they 80% won’t be able to return.”

“So, a good bird chooses a good tree, you still choose to listen to me, it’s better for the people on your farm.”

Zhang Man Ke’s eyes burned as she stared at Cui Tianci, she was discerning the level of truth in his words.

In fact, it had been more than two bells since she had agreed with Li Hang.

Zhang Man Ke had more or less some idea of Li Hang’s ability, if someone as powerful as Li Hang would have experienced a delay, then it must have been some force majeure that had tripped them up halfway.

But Cui Tianzhi spoke so confidently, as if he was in full control of Li Hang’s trail, Zhang Man Ke’s eyes turned and asked in a cold voice, “Do you know something?”

“I don’t know everything, I have a friend who happens to have some problems with Li Hang, and he doesn’t like Li Hang’s group, so he played some tricks to trap them.”

“If time is right, they should all have been blown to dust by now.”

“You’re nonsense! Li Hang is the Red Sea War God, he’s not as weak as you say!” Zhang Man Ke retorted.

Cui Tianzhi laughed coldly, “What Red Sea War God, what kind of world is it now, he is fighting alone, even if he has such a powerful identity, he is still a bare commander.”

“Where is it compared to me, behind me is the Sword Pavilion, that is an existence above this world.”

“As the saying goes, it’s good to have a big tree at your back, if I can look up to you, you should kneel down gratefully and kowtow to me in thanks.”

“Instead of disobeying me again and again like you are doing now.”

As he spoke, Cui Tianci suddenly grabbed Zhang Man Ke’s neck, the elegant smile on his face suddenly turned grim and cold as he said word for word, “I’ll ask you one last time, where exactly are Xu Xiaoyang and Liu Yufen?”

“Cough cough cough!”

As Cui Tianci kept tightening his palm, Zhang Man Ke’s breathing became more and more difficult, her face had turned purple-black, and her whole body was just like out-breathing more and in-breathing less, on the verge of being strangled to death.

Zhang Man Ke’s eyes widened in horror, her hand dropped helplessly as she spat out one word with difficulty, “Get out!”

“Seeking death!”

A flash of killing intent erupted inside Cui Tianci’s eyes, followed closely by the tightening of his palm.


Suddenly, a strong gunshot sounded out.

In the blink of an eye, a bullet almost brushed against Cui Tianzhi’s temple and the skin of his temple was cut open by the high speed flying bullet, and blood flowed down.

Zhang Man Ke took the opportunity to bite Cui Tian Chi, who in pain flung Zhang Man Ke straight out like a piece of rubbish.

As Zhang Manke was about to hit the wall hard and possibly break multiple bones and die from lack of treatment, he saw a swift shadow fly past and catch Zhang Manke in mid-air.

Li Hang put Zhang Man Ke firmly on the ground: “Sorry, I’m late, I made you suffer.”

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