My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1857-1858

Chapter 1857

Inside the room, Xu Muqing said to Li Hang with a serious face, “Husband, I want to hurry back to my supernatural abilities now, you should not worry about my body and choose to use those mild methods.”

“Just directly use powerful powerful qi to awaken the dusty abilities inside my body directly like you did with Hao Ran.”

Hearing Xu Muqing’s words, Li Hang’s face couldn’t help but reveal a touch of seriousness, “If that’s the case, your body will most likely be traumatized, and this process of awakening your abilities might be rather painful.”

“Husband, I’m not afraid, as long as I can get Old Mother out of danger to her life as soon as possible, no matter how hard I have to endure, it doesn’t matter.”

However, at this time, Li Hang was hesitant.

Only to see Li Hang walking out of the room alone, Xu Muqing wanted to follow, but was directly stopped by him.

Xu Muqing hurriedly said to Gu Yanxi and Tifa, “You two follow him and ask him what’s wrong and if he has any other concerns?”

This was the first time Xu Muqing had seen Li Hang do something so indecisively, and in that state of wanting to say something but not doing so.

It was obvious that the two of them were the closest of people, but why couldn’t they be honest with each other at this juncture now, which made Xu Muqing feel particularly sad inside.

“Mu Qing, maybe Xiao Hang has his own considerations, don’t worry yet, your mother’s body is no longer that uncomfortable after Xiao Hang’s treatment.”

Xu Xiaoyang comforted Xu Muqing from the side.

Liu Yufen also hurriedly said, “Yes, Xiao Hang is a stable and responsible child, he must have his own plans if he doesn’t help you regain your superpowers right away.”

“We are husband and wife, we can sit down and discuss it. If he has a point, I will definitely listen to him.”

A faint look of anger surfaced on Xu Muqing’s pretty face.

“Look, you’ve never lost your temper like this before, can Xiao Hang not have concerns when he sees it.” Liu Yufen couldn’t help but say, her voice had become a whisper as she was really a bit weak.

“Mom, don’t say anything, I won’t get angry with him, just rest quickly.”

“Alright, I’ll take care of your mother, you hurry up and talk to Xiao Hang.” Xu Xiaoyang waved his hand at Xu Muqing.

Xu Muqing nodded and hurriedly left the room.

At this moment, Gu Yanxi and Tifa caught up with Li Hang.

“Brother, why did you hesitate to say anything just now, what are you really worried about?” Tifa was a quick-tempered person and asked Li Hang straight away.

Li Hang had his hands behind his back and a tangled glint inside his eyes, he didn’t say anything.

“Brother, what the hell are you thinking about? How can you, as a son-in-law, be so abrasive now that your aunt is in danger? This is so unlike your usual style!”

As Tifa spoke, her person had already run to Li Hang’s front.

As a result, she froze for a moment.

Because she actually found that Li Hang had tears in his eyes!

“Brother, why are you crying?! What the hell happened?!”

The Red Sea God of War, conquering the sands and killing, shedding blood without shedding tears!

Tifa had seen with her own eyes the magnificent scene of Li Hang dashing through the thorns and blood from the corpse sea, no matter what happened, Li Hang would never show any hint of vulnerability.


Chapter 1858

But now a powerful man with a will of steel was actually shedding tears in front of others!

As Tifa froze, Gu Yanxi hurriedly walked up to Li Hang, a look of concern spreading across her pretty face as she asked tenderly at Li Hang, “Is it that awakening Sister Mu Qing’s superpowers is very bad for Sister Mu Qing herself?”

In the long time since I’ve known Li Hang, Gu Yanxi has never seen Li Hang reveal such a difficult look. If there is anyone else in this world who can move Li Hang’s inner emotional ripples, it is only Xu Mu Qing.

Although the conversation inside the room just now was very relaxed, Gu Yanxi knew that if Li Hang could awaken Xu Muqing’s superpowers very easily, there would be no need to say so much nonsense.

Because she knew that Li Hang had never been a man of many words, he had always been a man of action, doing what he said he would do and saying what he would do, and he would definitely fulfil what he promised to people unconditionally.

Li Hang had another torn look on his face at this time, followed by a deep breath as he said to Tifa and Gu Yanxi, “Do you know about Mu Qing’s pregnancy?”

“Pregnant? When did Sister Mu Qing get pregnant? How come I didn’t know anything about it?” Tifa yelled, somewhat explosively.

However, compared to Tifa’s surprise, Gu Yanxi was much more calm.

When Tifa saw this, she immediately grabbed Gu Yanxi’s arm and asked her, “When did you know, we both eat together and sleep together every day, we’ve never been apart, I didn’t find out, how did you find out?”

“Oh I see, it must have been Sister Mu Qing who approached you privately to talk about this.”

Gu Yanxi dismissed Tifa’s guess straight away, Gu Yanxi said to Li Hang, “So the problem you’re struggling with now is that you’re afraid that forcibly awakening Mu Qing’s superpowers will affect the baby in Mu Qing’s belly?”

“It’s not that it will affect the baby, but that I have to choose between the two.” Li Hang said in a deep voice.

When they had gone to Furong Town to explore earlier, Xu Haoran had thought he was going to die, so he had told Xu Muqing in front of the group that he had asked him to find an early pregnancy test.

Everyone knew that Xu Muqing suspected that she might be pregnant, and Xu Muqing was a person who was very cautious in what she did, so if she wasn’t 100% sure, she wouldn’t have let Xu Haoran look for a pregnancy test.

If Li Hang were to forcefully help Xu Muqing to awaken her body’s supernatural powers, it is very likely that the child in Xu Muqing’s stomach would be injured, and such a result is something that Li Hang cannot afford.

Similarly, if this matter was known to Liu Yufen, as a grandmother, she would never sacrifice the life of her little grandson or granddaughter to get her health back.

So when he was in the house, Li Hang did not dare to make his words too clear.

At the same time, he was being verbally abusive to Xu Muqing, but he also wanted to make up, in another way, for this one shortcoming.

Li Hang knew Xu Muqing’s temperament very well, and if he had to choose between the two, Xu Muqing would definitely choose to sacrifice the child in her belly to save her mother.

But if this really happened, although Xu Muqing would not show it on the surface, it would become a pain in her life.

This was something Li Hang definitely did not want to see. He hoped that the woman he loved could live happily and carefree for the rest of her life.

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