My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1869-1870

Chapter 1869

When Xu Haoran heard this, he sprang up from the ground like a spring and took the roasted leg of lamb from Liu Yufen’s hand, and following Li Hang’s example of feeding Xu Muqing a roasted leg of lamb, he also handed it to Li Liu’er’s soft lips.

“Liu’er, ah, have a bite.”

Li Liu’er frowned slightly, if she bit down with this bite, Xu Haoran would definitely take a bite directly at the place where she had bitten, so wouldn’t that be the same as an indirect kiss.

Thinking of this, Li Liu’er’s cheeks couldn’t help but blush, she wasn’t going to be taken advantage of by Xu Haoran.


Only, her stomach rumbled indisputably at this time.

“Liu’er, just eat, don’t waste my mother’s heart.” Xu Muqing said with a smirk.

At the critical moment, it was still his own elder sister who was powerful, Xu Haoran immediately threw Xu Mu Qing a grateful and pitiful little look, which made the crowd couldn’t help but be happy.

It had to be admitted that the current circumstances were very harsh, but as long as everyone was together, even the worst circumstances could not change anything. Li Hang’s family will always be happy and look after each other.

Gu Yanxi and Tifa, who were part of Li Hang’s family, were also infected by this harmonious family atmosphere during this time.

The two of them ate the cumin lamb that Liu Yufen had personally baked for them, their hearts warmed up and their conversation boxes couldn’t help but open up a little.

Tifa took the lead in starting a conversation and coldly asked Xu Muqing, “Sister Muqing, are you pregnant with your brother’s child?”

At these words, everyone froze, especially Liu Yufen and Xu Xiaoyang, both of whom stood up from the floor with wide eyes and excited faces.

With a small knife for cutting mutton in her hand, Liu Yufen stomped over to Xu Muqing and, without saying a word, lifted the blanket draped over Xu Muqing’s body and tried to touch Xu Muqing’s belly.

“Mom, what are you doing?” Xu Muqing was a little embarra*sed and dodged away.

“Of course I’m touching my future grandson, what’s wrong with you, you don’t even know to tell us that you’re pregnant.”

“If we had known, we would have stayed at the West Hill farm for a longer time.”

“You can’t even nurture your baby properly with all this travelling.”

Liu Yufen was an experienced person who knew very well that in order to have a healthy and lovely baby, the family environment had to be very stable.

Although she was very happy to hear that she was going to be a grandmother, she was more than a little worried just thinking about the poor conditions now.

As she thought about it, Liu Yufen couldn’t help but turn her attention to Li Hang.

When he came out of the farm, Li Hang already knew that Xu Muqing was not carrying his child in her belly, which made him breathe a sigh of relief.

Although there was more or less a small loss in his heart, Li Hang was incomparably glad that Xu Muqing’s suspicion that he was pregnant was just an oops.

Because he couldn’t bear the thought of Xu Muqing losing their child due to the recovery of his healing superpowers, Li Hang was acting very relaxed at this moment.

Tifa blinked twice and looked at each other with Gu Yanxi.

“What’s the deal with you guys? Why do I feel like there’s something fishy in the middle? Could it be that we’re missing something?”

Gu Yanxi couldn’t help but ask.

Xu Muqing was just about to speak when Li Hang snatched the words, “For the record here, it was me who didn’t plough hard enough, so the pregnancy thing was just an oops.”


Chapter 1870

As the words fell, Gu Yanxi and Tifa both subconsciously breathed a long sigh of relief.

Liu Yufen and Xu Xiaoyang, on the other hand, both felt like they were on a roller coaster ride, instantly swinging to the bottom.

“Could there be a mistake? Xiao Hang, hurry up and take Mu Qing’s pulse, don’t make a mistake.” Liu Yufen couldn’t accept it, her grandson, how could he be gone just like that?

As she spoke, Liu Yufen had already grabbed Xu Muqing’s wrist and shoved it into Li Hang’s hand.

Li Hang’s broad palm gently held Xu Muqing’s slender wrist, which was as smooth as silk in his hand, the white hand shifting restlessly in his palm, the skin shuttling between them, creating a certain wonderful touch in their hearts.

As they looked at each other, Li Hang’s eyes looked like they were filled with a sea of stars, and Xu Muqing only felt like she was going to be sucked in the next moment.

“Cough cough, I can’t eat this wave of dog food anymore.”

Xu Haoran suddenly yelled out, instantly dissipating the burning atmosphere between Li Hang and Xu Muqing.

A look of defiance appeared on Xu Haoran’s face as he draped the blanket over Li Liu’er’s body, then walked straight to the campfire and faced the crowd.

“It’s still early, why don’t we play a game?”

“What game?” Tifa asked with interest.

“Truth, Dare.” Xu Haoran said, directly picking up a cola bottle from the side and placing it on the ground as he continued, “I’ll spin the bottle, and whoever it spins, Truth or Dare.”

“This is interesting, let’s hurry up and start then.” Tifa clapped her hands excitedly, she couldn’t wait to play the game.

“This young man’s game, we two old people will not participate.” Xu Xiaoyang said coldly.

After saying that, he took Liu Yufen’s hand and the two of them were going back to the tent to rest.

Li Liu’er was also about to stand up at this time, intending to leave, when Xu Haoran saw this, he couldn’t help but be anxious, he was playing this game especially for Li Liu’er’s sake.

“Liu’er, just don’t leave, otherwise we won’t be able to play if there are fewer of us.” Xu Muqing seemed to understand her brother’s mind, and very kindly retained Li Liu’er.

Li Liu’er had some difficulty, she looked at the crowd and said in a weak voice, “I don’t know how to play, I’m afraid of spoiling the fun for everyone.”

“What’s the point, it’s very simple, just turn the bottle to whoever, and that person will choose Truth or Dare.”

“If he chooses Truth or Dare, he chooses to answer a question, and if he chooses Dare, he lets us all a*sign an adventure and he goes through with it.”

Xu Haoran couldn’t wait to give his explanation, and as he spoke, he had already started spinning the bottle in his hand.

Within a short while, the bottle stopped and pointed directly at Xu Muqing.

“Sister, do you choose Truth or Dare?”

Xu Muqing said without hesitation, “Dare.”

As soon as they heard this, everyone came to their senses; everyone knew that Li Hang and Xu Muqing had very strong feelings for each other. But all along, Xu Muqing’s way of expressing her feelings for Li Hang had always been very introverted.

Now Xu Muqing, who had always been gentle and generous, had actually chosen to take a risk, which made everyone very excited, and they were all curious about what kind of risky things Xu Muqing would do to Li Hang.

The knot in Li Hang’s throat rolled twice subconsciously, and he had to admit that he was a little nervous now, or maybe it was more of an anticipation.

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