My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1873-1874

Chapter 1873

“Don’t get me wrong, I just think this crossbow is quite suitable for me, not that, if I accept your gift, I’m accepting your person.”

Xu Haoran didn’t listen to a single word of Li Liu’er’s words, he was now filled with thoughts of when he could be like his brother-in-law and sister, sleeping under the same blanket every day, kissing and hugging and lifting them up high.

Xu Haoran scratched his scalp and said heartlessly, “One day, you will accept me.”

At this time, Li Hang returned to the camp with a person.

The moment they saw this person, Xu Muqing and the others could not help but speak in unison, “Ruiwen.”

Li Hang did not expect to meet Ruiwen in this place, and he now held her in his arms in a princess hug, as Ruiwen was very weak at the moment, her body seemed to be undergoing a great deal of torture, and she appeared to be in a great deal of pain.

Xu Muqing hurriedly asked Li Hang to put Raven inside the tent where they were staying.

Gu Yanxi and Tifa also rushed in to help. The three girls were busy and quickly checked all over Raven’s body.

Twenty minutes later, Xu Muqing came out of the tent with a gloomy face.

“How’s the situation?” Li Hang stepped forward and asked.

Xu Muqing’s face changed slightly as she said in a deep voice, “There are many injuries on Ruiwen’s body, and it seems that she has experienced some inhuman abuse during this period of time.”

Hearing this, Li Hang’s face turned very grave: “Asking for specifics?”

“Her body is very weak right now and she has already slept through, so let’s wait for her to recover a bit tomorrow before we talk about anything.”

Saying that, Xu Muqing turned around and was about to go back inside the tent again.

Li Hang reached out and grabbed Xu Muqing’s slender arm, “We’ll sleep inside the truck tonight, let Tifa and the others sleep in the tent.”

Xu Muqing blinked her eyes, a puzzled look appeared on her face, and she almost blurted out, “I can sleep inside, why should I sleep in the truck with you?”

“Honey, we haven’t slept for a long time.”

Li Hang said this piece in a condescending and pitiful manner, and the meaning of his words revealed a different kind of meaning, which made Xu Mu Qing blush.

“Nasty, this is already what time, why do you still have the leisure to think about all that nonsense?” Xu Muqing couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“Ruiwen’s body has been taken care of in the best way possible, we’ll fix her problem after she wakes up, it’s not in conflict with us sleeping together at night.”

Li Hang spoke with a straight face, but Xu Mu Qing was not buying his argument, she directly threw a thousand white eyes and turned around to leave.

“Brother-in-law, as I see it, let’s both make up for the night together.”

Xu Haoran’s gloating voice came from behind him, Li Hang twisted around violently and swept a leg over, sending Xu Haoran to the ground, causing Xu Haoran to bare his teeth in pain.

“Brother-in-law, you don’t bring yourself to bully people like that.”

Li Hang indifferently shrugged his shoulders, his brother-in-law owed him a beating, so he should be beaten up.

“But then again, brother-in-law, don’t you think it’s very strange for Raven to suddenly appear inside our camp?”

Xu Haoran walked up after Li Hang, and when he brought up the question in his mind, Li Hang couldn’t help but stop in his tracks, “You’ve noticed that too, it seems I haven’t taught you in vain during this period of time.”

Chapter 1874

Xu Haoran, who had received a compliment, immediately drifted away as he spoke his thoughts to Li Hang.

Li Hang was silent for a moment after hearing this and said in a deep voice, “No matter what kind of purpose the other party has, we must be prepared for anything.”

“Since the other party will send our friend Raven over as bait, it means that he is ready to wipe us out.”

After Xu Haoran heard Li Hang’s analysis, he couldn’t help but stutter in his heart, “Brother-in-law, aren’t we very pa*sive like this now, if we mess up we will really be taken out in one pot.”

“He has Zhang Liang’s plan and I have a ladder, it’s not yet known who will end up with who.”

The next day, the first rays of the morning sun fell on the camp where Li Hang and his men were.

When Ruiwen awoke, the wounds on his body had been carefully bacon-tended.

The scene of being hugged by Li Hang last night came to mind, and Ruiwen’s dead heart started thumping.

“You’re finally awake.”

Xu Muqing lifted the tent just in time to see that Ruiwen had already woken up, and she carried a bowl of milk and oatmeal porridge and came to Ruiwen.

“Hurry up and drink some while it’s hot, it’ll help you recover your strength.”

“Sis, are you guys done yet? Brother-in-law said that we’re pulling out of camp.”

Xu Haoran yelled from outside at that moment.

Ruiwen downed the milk and oatmeal porridge and said, “General Manager, don’t go any further, there’s a roadblock thirty kilometres from here, we have to take a detour, the employees of Lingxiao Group are all locked up, we have to go and rescue them. ”

Hearing these words, a hint of understanding flashed inside Xu Muqing’s pretty eyes.

In the morning, Li Hang had told her that Rui Wen should be locked up somewhere, and she had taken the opportunity to escape.

And if there was no mistake, Raven’s smooth escape should have been done deliberately by the other party.

Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Raven to find Li Hang and the others if she was alone.

Xu Muqing knew very well how Ruiwen was, so she did not intend to hide anything and asked directly, “Don’t you think there is something strange in the fact that you were able to find us without any problems?”

Raven froze for a moment, and then she quickly regained her senses: “I see, they let me out on purpose.”

Meanwhile, thirty kilometres away was a small town.

This town was sparsely populated, and there were occasional wandering zombies pa*sing by on the streets.

Inside a blue building in this town, a large group of heavily armed, sturdy men had gathered.

The men are all fists in the air, they are going to do something big today, they have been told by their superiors that there will be a break-in today and they are to wipe out the group in one fell swoop.

These men were all under the Governor’s command, they were all strong men who had survived this chaotic world, each of them had killed at least a thousand zombies and faced a group of zombies attacking them all by themselves like nobody’s business.

“Remember everyone, when Li Hang’s group enters our trap, all the women will be captured alive, and the men will be killed on the spot immediately.”

On the high platform, a man covered in riveting decorations spoke impa*sionedly.

This man was none other than Marshall, sworn to die for the Governor and an avid supporter of the Governor, a man of Croatian blood and a fanatical fighting man by birth.

Having followed the Governor’s footsteps all the way from the Red Sea, he had witnessed the Governor’s painstaking journey to be driven from the altar by Lihang.

Therefore, more than anyone else, Marshall hated Lihang, and hated to have Lihang drawn and quartered.

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