My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1881-1882

Chapter 1881

At once, the whole town was in a state of amazement, and everyone focused on Xu Haoran who was performing his flight in the air.

Li Hang took the opportunity to open all the containers, and the moment the crowd saw Li Hang, they were all in tears, as if they had seen their loved ones.

The group of people, led by Li Hang, headed straight across the town and quickly evacuated.

The brief commotion created by Xu Haoran bought Li Hang and his group enough time. Soon, Marshall’s group realised the seriousness of the problem, and by the time they came back to check where the hostages were being held, it was already too late.

“b*****ds! f*cking b*****ds! Li Erniu, Stick, you wait for me, don’t let me catch you! I’ll definitely cut you all to pieces!”

Li Hang led dozens of Lingxiao Group’s employees to retreat smoothly to a place that had been chosen in advance.

When Xu Muqing saw Li Hang appear, she couldn’t wait to rush over and hug him, kissing him pa*sionately.

Li Hang half-squinted his eyes in enjoyment, allowing Xu Muqing’s pa*sion to envelop his whole body like fire.

“General Manager, we’re so happy to see you here.”

At this time, a few senior executives from the group’s staff, couldn’t help but break the atmosphere.

When Chad heard the familiar voice, Xu Muqing was still a bit dazed, and only then did he realize that there were still so many people gathered around him.

“She hurriedly retreated from Li Hang’s arms and muttered in a low voice, “Why didn’t you tell me there were so many people following behind you?”

Li Hang stretched his hands innocently and said to Xu Muqing, “Honey you didn’t even have a chance to give me a word.”

“Oops, I’m not talking to you anymore, bad egg.”

Xu Muqing stomped her foot and then said to the crowd, “Welcome back to our big family, from now on we have to support each other and strive to recreate glory in this chaotic world.”

The experience of these days had still had a great impact on Xu Muqing.

Originally Xu Muqing was a kind girl who was uncontested in the world, but after this period of experience, Xu Muqing suddenly realised that in this world that eats people without spitting out bones, it was not the case that if she was kind and treated others well, she would receive the same in return.

Moreover, sometimes one’s kindness would drag down one’s most cherished family members, something Xu Muqing would never allow to happen.

So back when Ruiwen was deliberately let back in to lure them into rescuing Lingxiao Group employees, Xu Muqing had already secretly resolved that she would never let outsiders bully her again.

She must arm herself to be Li Hang’s strongest backing, so that her family would never be subjected to outside strife again.

“Now is not the time to catch up, we need to take a quick break now, I guess the Governor will send someone over to deal with us soon.”

Xu Haoran jumped out at this time and spoke out to the crowd as a reminder.

“Honey, what’s going on?” Xu Muqing couldn’t help but ask.

Li Hang said with a calm face, “It’s a long story, let’s get out of here first.”

As the words fell, the crowd nodded their heads and then did exactly what Li Hang had instructed them to do.

When choosing this camp, Lihang had already planned well in advance.

If it was necessary to retreat, he would lead the group to the southeast side, but a large retreat would definitely leave a very large trail.

Chapter 1882

So Li Hang would take a small group of people by himself and walk up the road a few kilometres to the northwest first, then take a detour to join up with the main group.

While Xu Muqing and the others took the one true retreat road, along the way, everyone would hold a branch with leaves in their hands, which was used instead of a broom to clean up the traces of their retreat.

After a long trek of three hours, Li Hang and his group came to a place with clear mountains and beautiful water.

This place had many natural caves that would provide shelter from the wind and rain for everyone.

There would also be many wild fruits in the vicinity, and animals would occasionally come out, making it the best source of protein intake for everyone.

After a comprehensive a*sessment, Li Hang chose this location as their camp for the near future.

And the most important thing was that this place was easy to defend and hard to attack, even if the Governor’s equipment was more advanced, after entering the deep forest, those heavy equipment would not be able to enter, which would greatly weaken the combat power of the troops under the Governor’s hand.

“General Manager, whatever we have to do next, just give us orders.”

Zheng Kai, the supervisor who was previously in charge of the personnel department at Lingxiao Group, was the first to make his attitude clear to Xu Muqing.

As the words fell, the others also said that they would follow Li Hang from now on.

The people within the Lingxiao Group had long known that Li Hang was not as dodgy as he appeared to be.

But in the past, Li Hang had always done things by pushing behind Xu Muqing’s back and would rarely stand directly in front of the crowd.

Today, he broke into the Governor’s base alone with Xu Haoran and saved everyone without much effort, which gave the staff of Lingxiao Group a whole new understanding of Li Hang, who was now regarded as a god-like being by everyone.

In response, Li Hang acted very calmly as he stood directly to a relatively high place and said to the group of people below.

“It is a fate that we are all gathered here today, many of you may have dealt with me before, and once may have only seen me from afar inside the group.”

“But now that we are all gathered together, we should all have the same goal in mind.”

“In these next few days, we should all support each other, twist each other into a rope, and not abandon our companions even in the face of danger.”

“If everyone can do this, they are our friends.”

“Of course, if everyone can’t do this, I won’t force everyone.”

“You can come forward now, and I will give everyone enough food and ammunition to divide, and you can leave on your own.”

Li Hang’s words were very straightforward and also directly conveyed his meaning to everyone’s heart.

It didn’t take long for someone in the group to pick up the conversation.

“Li Hang, we all listen to you.”

“You saved our lives, we will do whatever you tell us to do.”

Li Hang nodded, “In that case, then everyone will go in groups of six and all go and pick the cave where they will live.”

“Later, I will ask Tifa and Gu Yanxi to distribute compressed biscuits and mineral water to everyone, so we will fill up our stomachs and rest first, and then we will do the specific division of labour tomorrow.”

The two of them, Tifa and Gu Yanxi, were already tired and sweating as they carried down a box of mineral water from the truck.

Li Liu’er was below helping with the work, a look of desire on her face every now and then.

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