My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1891-1892

Chapter 1891

“I’ve grown up and will meet Prince Charming in the future, if you keep doing this, I won’t be able to get married.”

Hearing this, Li Hang couldn’t help but stare, he didn’t expect Tifa to actually say such a reasonable thing.

He knew that after the timeline was changed, Tifa, Gu Yanxi and Raven had inexplicably become his nominal wives, and everyone knew it by heart, but no one had taken the initiative to bring it up.

Tifa was still the first to clearly express her wishes.

“Good, my Princess Tifa is all grown up, when we get through this, brother I will help you recruit a harnessed horse.”

At Tifa’s suggestion, Li Hang eventually told Xu Mu Qing and the rest of them about how he and Xu Haoran were going to go down to the bottom of the pit again.

After hearing this, Xu Muqing didn’t stop Li Hang, but went back inside his cave at the first opportunity, grabbed a backpack and turned back again.

“Wife, what are you doing?”

“Of course I’m going with you guys, we’re a couple, we have to be together for everything.”

The two of them, Gu Yanxi and Ruiwen, had also come to Li Hang’s side with their packs by this time, and seeing this, Li Hang couldn’t help but feel a big headache.

“If we all leave, who will be left in charge of things on the ground?”

In response to Li Hang’s words, Xu Muqing had already made arrangements: “I’ve already arranged for Zheng Kai to direct everyone’s work up there, when he was inside the group before, he had also served as the planner and conductor of some large events, I believe he can handle the current task.”

At this time, Xu Xiaoyang and Liu Yufen both walked over from afar as well.

Liu Yufen stuffed a large bag of dry food into Li Hang’s hand, “Xiao Hang, you must be safe and come back early, mum and dad are waiting for you here.”

“Yes, safety first, go early and come back early.” Xu Xiaoyang hastily added next to him.

In response to the second old man’s instructions, Li Hang nodded solemnly, “Mom and Dad, I will definitely take care of everyone, you must also protect yourselves.”

Soon, Li Hang led Xu Muqing and his group and quickly descended to the bottom of the pit.

Xu Haoran was the first to light up a torch to illuminate the path ahead.

A gust of gloomy wind blew in, and the crowd couldn’t help but shiver.

Xu Muqing couldn’t help but lean over to Li Hang: “Honey, why is this place so cold?”

“Now we are 100m underground, the temperature must be very low, let’s all put on our cotton jackets, in case we catch a cold.”

Li Hang said and already took the initiative to drape the cotton jacket on Xu Muqing’s body.

At this time, Gu Yanxi suddenly said, “Do you guys smell a very strange smell in the air?”

“What smell? Why can’t I smell it?” Xu Haoran inhaled hard.

Gu Yanxi added, “It’s impossible, I clearly smelled a very strong smell, this smell is like the smell from a decaying corpse, can’t you guys smell it at all?”

Hearing this, the crowd couldn’t help but change their faces, but they all shook their heads.

At this time, Li Hang instructed to the group, “I will walk in front, you guys follow behind, and no matter what happens later, stay behind me and make sure to protect yourselves.”

After saying this, Li Hang took the lead to open up the road in front of him and walked along the narrow road, gradually the narrow road became spacious.

After walking for about twenty minutes or so, Li Hang and his group arrived at a huge stone door.

“Brother-in-law, why is there a stone door here?”

Chapter 1892

“Yanxi, you just said you smelled a rotting corpse, do you still smell this smell now?” Li Hang asked coldly.

Gu Yanxi nodded, “Not only has this smell not lessened, it’s getting stronger, could it be coming from behind the stone door?”

As the words fell, a tense look appeared on everyone’s face.

Li Hang did not speak again, but went straight up and studied the stone door.

This stone door had two panels, and its surface was very smooth and looked plain to the naked eye, but when Li Hang placed his hand on it, he clearly felt a very powerful energy fluctuation inside the door.

The moment Li Hang’s palm was placed on the stone door, a light blue glow emanated from its surface.

The crowd couldn’t help but be surprised, and Xu Haoran was the first to rush up, also wanting to follow Li Hang’s example and place his hand on top of the stone door.

“Don’t move!” Li Hang let out a warning to Xu Haoran.

At once, Xu Haoran’s hand, which was almost touching the stone door, felt like it had been stabbed by a needle and immediately retracted.

“Brother-in-law, don’t scare me, I’m timid.” Xu Haoran deflated his mouth somewhat depressedly.

“Who told you to move around, don’t want to live.” Li Hang said in a deep voice.

As he said that, the hand he placed on the stone door had started to wander around recklessly.

One could only see that everywhere his palm pa*sed by, a blue halo would glow, and along with his palm leaving, the blue halo would quickly disappear as if it had never appeared before.

Finally, when Li Hang took his palm away completely, the stone door returned to its original dull and lightless state.

“What’s going on here?” Xu Muqing asked curiously.

Li Hang spread out his palm and a glint of light flashed inside his eyes, “Moro Eyes.”

Immediately afterwards, that brilliant light inside Li Hang’s eyes suddenly intensified, and many, many strange words immediately emerged inside the spread palm of his hand.

“These scripts look like ancient Egyptian scripts, why are they appearing in China?” Tifa was the first to recognise the peculiarity of these characters.

As the words fell, Raven was also surprised and couldn’t help but say, “There can’t be any mummies in here, can there?”

“No way? We’re in China here, how could there be such a thing as a mummy?”

Xu Haoran was somewhat unconvinced, and he quickly walked over to Li Hang and asked him, “Brother-in-law, how can this door be opened? Is there a mechanism around it?”

Li Hang’s face was calm as he looked around for a few moments and finally said, “There is no mechanism.”

“There is no mechanism, then how do we get in?”

Just as Xu Haoran’s words fell, he saw the corners of Li Hang’s mouth hooked, and then his palm just seemed to be placed on the stone door with ease, and many ripples of energy immediately surfaced on the stone door, this time more intense than before.

Immediately afterwards, a thick layer of ash fell from the stone door.

With a “boom”, the stone door was pushed open by Li Hang with his bare hands before the eyes of everyone.

“Wow, brother-in-law, you’re too powerful!” As Xu Haoran stammered and spoke, he was already impatient to go in.

As a result, just as he poked his head in, a sharp arrow shot over.

Instinctively, Xu Haoran bounced to the ground and used his ability to fly to dodge through the air. The clanging metal arrows kept falling to the ground, and Xu Haoran kept changing his stance before his feet finally landed back on the ground.

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