My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1893-1894

Chapter 1893

“Holy sh*t, I actually hit the mechanism, brother-in-law, why didn’t you come to my rescue?”

“You can handle it yourself, why would I waste that effort?” Li Hang turned his back on Xu Haoran, at this time, he had already used the torch in his hand to examine the walls inside the stone door.

Through the dim light, Li Hang found that there were many, many strange murals on these walls.

The figures on these frescoes were all ancient Egyptians were life scenes.

“What is painted on this?” Xu Muqing walked over and asked.

“Brother-in-law, there’s something here.”

Xu Haoran suddenly pointed to the spot above his head at this time and shouted.

Everyone lifted their heads up and saw an orb with a pale yellow glow resting in front of a god statue.

“The Orb of the Moon.”

Tifa let out a gasp of awe as a glint of awe flashed inside her eyes.

“The Orb of the Moon, what is it? Is it something from the moon?” Xu Haoran was like a curious baby, asking once more.

As the words fell, a puzzled look appeared on everyone’s face.

Without waiting for Tifa to speak, Li Hang had already spoken to himself, “Have you guys ever heard of the Moon God Temple?”

“Legend has it that the Moon God Temple houses Pandora’s Magic Box, which contains weapons that can destroy the world, and once opened, the entire world will cease to exist.”

“Pandora’s Box? Isn’t this something from ancient Greek mythology? How could it come to our China?”

As soon as Xu Muqing’s words came out, Tifa hurriedly answered, “Yes, brother, is there something wrong in it?”

Xu Haoran suddenly bounced off the ground at this time, and his entire body flew up and sat on top of the idol’s shoulder with a single buttock.

Being able to fly through the air at will, Xu Haoran was now in the position closest to the Sphere of the Moon, and he blinked his eyes, carefully observing the sphere, and then said to the people below, “I found some strange black dots on top of this ball, it looks like a map or something.”

“Then hurry up and bring it down for us to see.” Tifa yelled out in a no-nonsense way.

“The problem is that this ball seems to be set inside an iron cover, so I can’t take it out.”

As soon as Xu Haoran’s words fell, Li Hang’s feet suddenly bounced off the ground and he spun in the air, arriving at the location where the Moon Ball was.

Li Hang took out a small welding device from his backpack and melted the metal imprisoning the Moon Sphere in front of the crowd.

Meanwhile, outside the stone door, a group of sneaky people were slowly approaching.

Cui Tianzhi, with a group of men, had been guarding the door for a long time, and he had been watching Li Hang and his men’s movements.

In fact, two days earlier, Cui Tianci had found this Egyptian tomb from another place, but when they arrived at the stone door, they were completely helpless against it.

Just when they were having a headache, a deep pit caved in at the top suddenly appeared, never expecting that they would be able to meet up with Li Hang again at this place.

So, Cui Tianci chose to keep watch and wait, and sure enough, Li Hang and the others came to his door of their own accord.

Just now, he watched Li Hang easily push open the stone door that he had been unable to open for days with his bare hands.

“Master, the Sphere of the Moon has been successfully taken down, should we go over and grab it now?”

Chapter 1894

The black-clad henchman whispered a warning from the side.

Cui Tianzhi’s eyes narrowed as he raised his hand high in the air and gave an instruction for action.

Instantly, the black-clothed guards behind Cui Tianzhi surged in directly like a tidal wave.

And this time, the way Cui Tianci sneaked up on Li Hang was different from any other time he normally fought with him.

As Cui Tianzhi was sending people in, he had already had them launch an attack directly at Li Hang.

As everyone was not able to fire at will inside the cave, these men in black, who were hidden in the shadows, used all carefully improved crossbows.

The range of these crossbows was around 100 metres, and Li Hang and Xu Haoran were now in the best range for the crossbows to fire.

When it was too late, the bows in the hands of the men in black were like a hailstorm of arrows and were shooting recklessly towards Li Hang and Xu Haoran.

“Honey, be careful!”

Xu Muqing was watching from below with fear and trepidation as she flexibly responded to the attacks and hara*sment of the people next to her, while on the other hand, she had to keep an eye on Li Hang’s safety.

The two of them, Tifa and Gu Yanxi, surrounded Xu Muqing firmly in the middle, only to see the two of them being so agile that they directly beat up the few men in black who attacked.

In the blink of an eye, a dozen of black-clothed men had already been knocked to the ground by the two girls, wailing in pain.

Li Hang darted and came to Xu Haoran’s side. The two swiftly dodged a dozen flying arrows and finally landed firmly on the ground.

At this time, everyone noticed Cui Tianzhi at the door.

“Cui Tianzhi, you despicable villain, you always do things like stealing chickens and dogs, are you ashamed of yourself?”

Xu Haoran scolded angrily over in some anger.

However, Cui Tianzhi was not the least bit angry and walked in slowly and leisurely and said to Li Hang, “Li Hang, don’t you think it’s quite a fate that we can meet again in this place?”

“I think it’s just a case of bad luck.” Li Hang said very nonchalantly.

Cui Tianzhi’s face changed slightly, and at that moment, a black-clothed henchman came over holding the Sphere of the Moon, “Master, it has arrived.”

“Hahahaha, Li Hang, I’m really curious now, how do you feel in your heart after being a graft for someone else?”

“What I am feeling has nothing to do with you, right, besides, things haven’t come to a final conclusion, we don’t know who is doing the dowry for whom yet?”

Saying that, Li Hang had already taken a step and walked towards Cui Tianzhi.

Cui Tianzhi’s face turned cold and immediately ordered his men to aim their guns at Li Hang’s group.

“If you dare to take one more step forward, I will immediately shoot you all with my gun, Li Hang I know you are very capable, but don’t forget that there is a large group of people waiting for you outside.”

At these words, Xu Muqing was the first to react and questioned at Cui Tianzhi, “Are you still a human being, Cui Tianzhi? Why would you do this to a group of innocent people?”

“Whether I will lay hands on that group of innocent people or not, this depends entirely on your husband’s attitude towards me ah.”

“As long as you behave yourselves and don’t resist, I can get the people above to retreat immediately.”

“Cui Tianzhi, you needn’t be pretentious here, when we came down, we had already made an ambush up there, there’s no way your people could have stepped half a step into our camp!” Xu Haoran was the first to retort to Cui Tianzhi.

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