My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1895-1896

Chapter 1895

At the end of the sentence, Tifa also hurriedly said, “Yes, you don’t have to trick us! Your ambition is already obvious, do you think you can do whatever you want after you get the Moon Sphere?”

“I tell you, even if you have it, you still can’t find out where Pandora’s Box is?”

“Hmph, that’s not for Princess Tifa to worry about, if you have the time to spare, you should worry about your own stay.”

When those words came out, Li Hang’s calm face was frowned slightly.

He didn’t feel any pity when the Moon Sphere was taken away just now, but when he heard the question of Tifa’s stay come out of Cui Tianzhi’s mouth, Li Hang instinctively smelled that Cui Tianzhi had a conspiracy!

At this time, a smug smile appeared on Cui Tianzhi’s face, “Actually, what about it, Xu Haoran is right, there is naturally no way for my men to bypa*s the many obstacles and rush to the camps like yours.”

“But that doesn’t mean that the Persian Empire’s army can’t, Princess Tifa should know very well what kind of strength her own country’s army has.”

Hearing this, Tifa’s entire body panicked.

When she had decided to stay in China, she had been the one who had been able to make the decision, and now, because of the sudden outbreak of the zombie crisis in China, her return to her country was far from certain.

The Persian Empire had sent numerous letters, hoping that Tifa would return to her country to take charge of the situation, but all of them were rejected by Tifa.

How could Tifa not have expected her own ministry to appear at this time?

“Cui Tianci, it must be you who betrayed us!” Tifa shouted out in anger and rage.

“Princess Tifa, that’s what you want me to say. We were already enemies, is it wrong for me to betray your whereabouts and curry favour with your empire?”

“You!” Tifa was too angry to speak.

Xu Muqing gently patted Tifa’s shoulder at this time, “Tifa, otherwise, why don’t you go up first and see what’s going on?”

“Brother, what should I do?” Tifa turned her gaze for help, towards Li Hang.

Li Hang’s face was stoic and silent for a while before he turned to Tifa and said, “Let’s go out together.”

With that, Li Hang said in a cold voice to Cui Tianzhi, “Cui Tianzhi, there are a thousand ways I want to kill you, I just don’t care to get my hands dirty.”

“But you repeatedly have to fly in front of me like a bedbug, it’s really annoying.”

“Very well, that’s the effect I want!”

Hearing Li Hang’s words of despising himself, Cui Tianzhi was not angry at all, on the contrary, Cui Tianzhi even looked particularly smug.

He strutted over to Li Hang and confidently shook the Sphere of the Moon in his hand, “Li Hang, do you particularly want to beat me up now? Or do you want to get me killed?”

“Actually, if you want to, you can just do it, don’t always hold it in, it’s not good for this person to hold it in, in case they get sick.”

“I feel especially bored and lonely every time I just think that you will be P*ssed off alive and there will be one less opponent in this world to play with.”

“So what, if you want to kill me, just think about it, if after killing me, there will be no one else like me who can cause you trouble, then won’t your life be boring in the future?”

Li Hang was in tears as he listened to Cui Tianci’s soph*moric reasoning.

Almost at the same time, Li Hang’s body suddenly moved!


Li Hang’s burly body turned into a black shadow in the air, and in full view of everyone, Li Hang arrived in front of Cui Tianzhi and grabbed him by the collar.

The corners of Li Hang’s mouth were hooked up and he smiled evilly, “Although Cui Tianzhi’s words may be unpleasant, there is indeed some truth in them.”

“But I have to remind you, if you provoke me again and again like this, I can indeed not kill you, but to make you break a leg or an arm, that’s just a casual matter.”

At Li Hang’s threat, instead of being afraid, Cui Tianzhi laughed out loud.

“I know, ah, you have this ability to break my arms and legs. But don’t you forget, likewise I also have this ability to bring my arms and legs back to life.”

“And, right, I’ve recently discovered something particularly interesting, and that is that when I cut off the hands and feet and bodies of those living people separately, and then give them a bit of rea*sembly, they become a whole new contraption.”

“One particular advantage of these contraptions, I guess, is that they work better than those brainless zombies, and they’re also particularly strong in combat after they’ve been improved.”

“When you guys came in just now, the ones you met halfway through the road weren’t even the strongest.”

Hearing this, a look of anger pa*sed over Xu Muqing’s face as she glared and said angrily, “Cui Tianzhi, you are simply too cruel! How can you hurt your own kind?”

“One of a kind?” A grim smile appeared on Cui Tianzhi’s face as he suddenly rotated his neck 360 degrees and asked at Xu Muqing, “Xu Muqing, when you see me in this state now, do you still think that I killed my own kind?”

Xu Muqing had never seen such a bizarre look from Cui Tianzhi, and seeing him rotate his neck 360 degrees, Xu Muqing’s entire body couldn’t help but take two steps backwards.

“You! How did you become like this?”

In response to Xu Muqing’s question, Cui Tianzhi had absolutely no intention of answering, as he stared grimly at Li Hang, with a defiant smile always on the corner of his mouth.

Turning to Li Hang, he said coldly, “Li Hang, don’t think that just because you are the Red Sea God of War, you can be omnipotent.”

“Know that there are people outside the sky, and there are people outside the world, and this world is far more complicated than you can imagine.”

“Right now, I, Cui Tianci, might be as simple as crushing an ant inside your eyes.”

“But don’t blame me for not reminding you, if you crush me a Cui Tianzhi, someone more troublesome than me may come behind you, but then again, this person is someone you don’t understand at all.”

“If I were you, I should let go of my hand from my collar right now.”

“After all, fighting a familiar enemy is always easier to control and much more certain than fighting a strange one.”

Xu Haoran cursed angrily at Cui Tianzhi, “Don’t be so forceful there, my brother-in-law is the most powerful man in the world.”

“Whether he wants to kill you or release you, it all depends on my brother-in-law’s mood, there’s no need to consider the crooked reasoning that comes out of your mouth.”

“Yes, that’s right!” Gu Yanxi, who had been silent at the side, also shouted out very angrily at this time.

This brittle voice precisely attracted Cui Tianzhi’s attention, and Cui Tianzhi turned his head and looked at Gu Yanxi with a burning gaze.

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