My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1897-1898

Chapter 1897

Gu Yanxi’s body shivered as she was stared at by Cui Tianzhi’s blunt gaze, and she subconsciously hid behind Tifa.

At this time, Cui Tianzhi suddenly said to Gu Yanxi, “Miss Gu Yanxi, the world is not good now, and you, a popular star, are no longer useful.”

“I can give you everything that Li Hang can give you. Everything that Li Hang can’t give you, I can give you just the same.”

“Don’t be in a hurry to reject me first, it’s not too late for you to answer me after listening to the conditions I’ve offered you.”

Gu Yanxi’s face became very ugly, in her heart, she did not follow Li Hang to get anything, she just simply wanted to be by his side, as long as she could do that, no matter how Li Hang treated her, Gu Yanxi had no regrets.

However, Cui Tianci suddenly said, “Miss Gu Yanxi, don’t you want to know who your real parents are?”

“As far as I know, you were sent to an orphanage at the age of three and adopted by an ordinary family when you were six, so you could have had a very good life.”

“But the family who adopted you gave birth to their own child six months later, and you have been the most redundant person in the family ever since.”

“At first, the family only spoke to you coldly. Later on, as you grew up, they had second thoughts about you and wanted to send you to a nightclub to sing to support the family.”

“So, at the age of 15, you ran away in the night and have lived a life of upheaval ever since.”

“Although you suffered later on and became a man of the cloth, turning into a household name and a big star.”

“But your own drifting life has always been a knot in your heart, if you come with me, I can reunite you with your real parents.”

Gu Yanxi’s eyes shone with a complex light inside, all along her own birth was a sore spot that she could not mention.

Once in front of the press, Gu Yanxi would always deliberately avoid these questions about her biological parents, and she would never reveal a single thing to the outside world.

There were even times when Gu Yanxi thought she had sprung from a crack in the stone, and she would never imagine that she could ever be reunited with her parents.

“Gu Yanxi, don’t listen to Cui Tianzhi’s compelling words, this despicable person, what he does best is to pry into other people’s secrets, there is not a single word of truth in his mouth.”

At this time, Rui Wen reminded him loudly from the side.

As the words fell, Cui Tianci spoke to Raven again, “I have long heard that Xu Muqing has a capable female a*sistant by her side, she is smart, bold and precise in her judgement, a hundred times better than a hundred times better, Miss Raven is really a woman!”

“About your origin I think we all know it by heart, when you were abandoned by your own master, it was Li Hang who ploughed you out of the dead.”

“In gratitude to Li Hang for this kindness, you stayed by Xu Muqing’s side, willing to be a green leaf to complement Xu Muqing, a delicate red flower.”

“But you’re also a woman, your feelings for Li Hang are so strong, don’t you want to get a little response?”

“Shut up, Cui Tianzhi! If you dare say one more word, I’ll pull your tongue out.” Raven glared angrily.

Chapter 1898

“Miss Ruiwen, are you annoyed and angry?” Cui Tianzhi was not angry at all, on the contrary, he said to Li Hang with great ease, “Li Hang, do you think you are creating sins?”

“You are obviously devoted to Xu Muqing, but you have to be unfaithful and loverly at every turn, causing so many women to love you to death and disregard everything, don’t you have any guilt towards them at all?”

Li Hang’s brows were furrowed tightly, and he did not refute the words spoken by [penchant island] to Cui Tianci, but only said indifferently.

“If you just want to take the Sphere of the Moon away. You can absolutely leave now, you really don’t need to lift the secrets of the people around me, one by one, to say.”

“Li Hang, you are worthy of being the Red Sea War God, since you’ve opened up your words, then I won’t be polite.”

As he spoke, Cui Tianci had already raised his hand and placed it on the back of Li Hang’s hand, only to see Cui Tianci’s hand exert a slight force, and the pieces of his collar were directly left in Li Hang’s hand.

Cui Tianzhi withdrew from Li Hang’s grip, he reached out and pulled off half of the collar left on his clothes with one hand and said with a bland face, “Actually, I just want to talk to you about a business deal.”

“Cui Tianzhi don’t you just want my brother-in-law to help you find Pandora’s Box, I’m telling you, my brother-in-law will never agree to a despicable person like you.”

Xu Haoran yelled from the side, and then he flew to Gu Yanxi’s side and said solemnly to her, “Gu Yanxi, don’t listen to Cui Tianzhi’s nonsense, you are already a member of our family.”

“No matter who you were and who you will be? In my parents’ hearts, they already consider you as their own daughter.”

“Although I know you always have a knot in your heart about your real parents, but it’s just a knot in your heart.

“These things my brother-in-law can also help you to do, you must not listen to Cui Tianzhi’s compulsions.”

For Xu Haoran’s words, Gu Yanxi naturally knew it by heart, but there were some things that Gu Yanxi had a hard time opening her mouth.

It was true that Li Hang could help her find her biological parents, but what about love? It was a kind of despair for her to keep holding on to a love that she could never wait for.

If Gu Yanxi had thought of countless reasons to leave Li Hang, then now Cui Tianzhi’s appearance had given her an opportunity to do so.

Perhaps it was a wrong choice, but for Gu Yanxi, it was at least a fresh start.

Even if she disappears from this world, her departure will leave an eternal imprint on Li Hang’s heart that will not linger.

At this moment, Cui Tianzhi looked very confident, he was sure that he could make Li Hang suffer today.

The struggle with Li Hang had long since ceased to be a pleasure for Cui Tianzhi to kill Li Hang himself.

For Cui Tianzhi, making Li Hang suffer and live forever in self-blame was the greatest punishment for Li Hang.

“Have you thought about it? Make a decision if you want to, my patience is running out.”

As Cui Tianzhi spoke, he had already drawn a bizarre charm into the air, and immediately a strange energy ripple appeared in the air, which immediately followed, the energy ripple transformed into a mirror.

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