My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1899-1900

Chapter 1899

From this mirror, one could actually put one’s hand through, as if this mirror was connected to two different spaces.

Only what Gu Yanxi did not know was whether the space connected behind this mirror was heaven or hell for her?

“Cui Tianzhi if you want Pandora’s Box to be found, you will hand over the information of Gu Yanxi’s real parents now, or if you have already captured her parents, hand over her parents now.”

“The Sphere of the Moon is the key to finding Pandora’s Box, and I can help you crack Pandora’s secret.”

Li Hang said solemnly with a stoic face.

“This offer you made is indeed very tempting, but barring that, I think even if I don’t exchange with you, you’ll still find me on your own a*s.”

“After all, you wouldn’t be comfortable letting a great evil like me set out alone on a quest to find Pandora’s Box.”

“Besides, in case I curiously open Pandora’s Box after finding it, then what do you think the world will become?”

As Cui Tianzhi spoke, the expression on his face became extremely frantic, “As I said just now, there is a deal to be made between us, and this deal is actually very simple, and that is for you to follow me and leave together.”

“As long as Li Hang you follow me yourself, then I can ignore all of these women of yours.”

“After all, when there are many women here, there are many debts, and I don’t have your kind of leisure to pity the jade.”

Li Hang smiled coldly, “You’ve made such a big detour, in the end you just want me to go with you, just say it straight, I may not say yes.”

“That would be best.” A winning smile appeared on Cui Tianzhi’s face as he continued, “I, for one, am not an unreasonable person either. I can give you one night to give an account of your afterlife, and we will meet at the Governor’s office at nine o’clock tomorrow morning.”

“Brother-in-law, don’t promise him, this guy must have conspired with the Governor to work against you!” Xu Haoran shouted in anxiousness.

Xu Haoran was well aware of his brother-in-law’s character, Li Hang was a man who could stick his neck out for a woman and completely disregard his own safety.

Although Xu Haoran worshipped Li Hang a lot of the time and wanted to be a man like Li Hang who stood on top of the sky all the time, he would never joke with his own life like Li Hang did.

“Honey, don’t promise!” Xu Muqing shouted out a little out of control emotionally.

Gu Yanxi, Ruiwen, and Tifa also shook their heads incessantly.

However, Li Hang smiled brightly and said to Cui Tianzhi, “It’s a deal.”

“Since you’ve agreed so readily, then we won’t see each other again.”

With that, Cui Tianzhi was about to enter the mirror that was connected to another dimension.

As a result, Li Hang reached out and pressed his shoulder at this time, “Leave the Sphere of the Moon first, otherwise, our deal is waived.”

“Li Hang, can’t you still figure out your situation now? I’m the dealer, you’re the player, I call the shots on the rules.”

“You don’t want Pandora’s Box, the rules are your call, if you do, then it’s my call.”

Li Hang’s nonchalant words directly blocked Cui Tianzhi into silence, only to see Cui Tianzhi’s palm gripping the Ball of Moon couldn’t help but tighten, then he fiercely clenched his teeth and directly threw the Ball of Moon out.

Chapter 1900

It was too late, the yellowish glowing Moon Ball traversed an arc in mid-air and was finally caught by Xu Haoran, who flew up and caught it steadily.

As soon as Xu Haoran caught the ball, he started cursing, “D*mn Cui Tianzhi, he is incapable of finding Pandora’s Box, so he is playing tricks, he is really hateful.”

“Brother-in-law, you’re really the same, you had the chance to kill Cui Tianzhi directly, but you had to let the tiger return to the mountain.”

“And just now I clearly saw that you had a chance to snatch the Moon Sphere from Cui Tianci’s hand, brother-in-law, why didn’t you do so?”

At the same time as the words fell, Xu Muqing and the other girls came around together, and several slender hands were on Li Hang’s body, and Li Hang felt an indescribable itch all over his body.

Almost at the same time, Li Hang took several steps backwards and said to Xu Muqing, “Wives, don’t worry, I have my own plans.”

“Right now, the most urgent thing is to go back to the ground and take care of those uninvited guests from Persia.”

After Li Hang finished speaking, he had already taken the lead to walk out of the stone door, seeing this, Tifa also hurriedly followed him out.

At this moment, on the ground.

A group of well-dressed men were standing at attention.

They were all united around the edge of the pit, their faces solemn.

Only when Tifa poked her head out, a neat and unified voice shouted above her head: “Greetings to the Princess!”

The majestic voice echoed incessantly inside the entire mountain forest, startling the people of the entire camp.

The employees of the Lingxiao Group, represented by Zheng Kai, could not help but let out a cheer when they saw Li Hang and the others come up from the bottom of the pit safely and unharmed.

“Great! The boss and the boss’s wife are fine!”

“Quickly go and tell the chairman and chairman’s wife!”

Although the staff of Lingxiao Group were no longer working inside the group building now, they still habitually called Xu Xiaoyang and Liu Yufen as the chairman and chairman’s wife.

This was not just a form of respect for them, but also an act from the heart of the Lingxiao Group’s employees.

This was because in their view without Li Hang and Xu Muqing’s plucked help, they would not be where they were today, and their lives were given by Li Hang.

When Xu Xiaoyang and Liu Yufen heard the commotion, they hurriedly came out from inside the cave.

Liu Yufen was the first to rush to Xu Muqing’s side, looking up and down at her daughter, and only after making sure that Xu Muqing had not suffered a single injury did she let out a long sigh of relief.

“Mom, I’m fine, you don’t have to worry.”

“Mom, my sister is well protected by my brother-in-law, what you should be concerned about is your precious son.” Xu Haoran spat out heartlessly from the side at this time.

As a result, Liu Yufen flew over with a blank stare, and Xu Haoran shrank back, “Fine, I talk too much, I’ll go to sleep, okay?”

After saying that, Xu Haoran directly pulled Li Liu’er back to his cave.

“What are you pulling me for? I still have to be outside.” Li Liu’er was a little irritated and tried to break free from Xu Haoran.

But Xu Haoran’s hand was firmly gripping Li Liu’er’s wrist, and he pulled Li Liu’er away from him and whispered in her ear, “Don’t fool around outside, there might be a tough battle to be fought later on. ”

“We’d better hurry and find a place to hide, otherwise we’re going to get caught in the crossfire.”

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