My Dreamy Doctor Chapter 1907-1908

Chapter 1907

Xu Muqing had always known about Gu Yanxi’s feelings for Li Hang, but Gu Yanxi had never expressed them to Li Hang on public occasions.

Now Xu Muqing looked into Gu Yanxi’s eyes, her expression looked very complicated.

“Li Hang, you must be good to Sister Mu Qing, otherwise, I won’t spare you.”

In the midst of everyone’s gaze, Gu Yanxi said these words to Li Hang, which made everyone smile.

In the past, the employees of Lingxiao Group were privately rumoured that the big star Gu Yanxi was deeply in love with Li Hang, while the group’s general manager Xu Muqing was turning a blind eye and had always been very generous.

But now Gu Yanxi’s performance immediately dispelled the doubts in the hearts of Lingxiao Group employees.

Zheng Kai stood up from the ground and said to Gu Yanxi, “Miss Gu Yanxi, your words have spoken to our hearts, I’ll drink to you.”

As the words fell, Xu Haoran also hurriedly stood up to join in the fun, “Come, come, let’s all drink a toast!”

After Gu Yanxi drank the wine, she walked up to Li Hang and sat down next to him.

Li Hang couldn’t help but swallow his saliva and was slightly nervous in his heart.

At this time, Gu Yanxi’s moist red lips came up to Li Hang’s ear and blew hot air: “Li Hang, if one day I also leave like Tifa, will you think of me occasionally?”

Hearing this, a touch of doubt pa*sed inside Li Hang’s eyes, “Do you have something on your mind?”

“Don’t take Cui Tianzhi’s words to heart, I will definitely bring your parents to you.”

“I know, you can do it, thank you.”

After saying that, without waiting for Li Hang’s response, Gu Yanxi had already gone back to the cave on her own.

Xu Muqing was going to follow Gu Yanxi, but Li Hang reached out and grabbed her wrist, “Let her be alone.”

“Honey, are you sure you don’t want to go and take a look?”

“No need, it’s safe inside the camp, no one will be able to break in.”

Xu Muqing nodded, then snuggled into Li Hang’s arms, “Honey, will you think I’m overbearing? I’ve driven away all the confidantes around you.”

“Fool, you are my wife, the only love of my life.”

Back in the cave, Gu Yanxi was indeed, as Li Hang had said, very safe.

However, Li Hang had overlooked the point that just because no outsiders could break into the camp, it did not mean that those in the camp could not get out.

For those outside who wanted to enter the camp, the camp had the right time, the right place and the right people, but for those who wanted to leave the camp, they could do so as long as they could walk on two legs.

Gu Yanxi sat inside the cave for a while and finally took a deep breath and said with a reluctant face, “Goodbye, Li Hang.”

When Cui Tianci left the tomb during the day, he secretly slipped a slip of paper into Gu Yanxi’s coat pocket, on which was written a very strange rune.

When Gu Yanxi burned the rune with fire, a very strange phenomenon appeared in the air, which was very similar to the mirror phenomenon that appeared when Cui Tianzhi left.

Gu Yanxi subconsciously reached out her hand, and as a result, when her hand touched that piece of air, her hand could actually pa*s through.

So, Gu Yanxi took a deep breath and walked in without hesitation, and in the blink of an eye, she disappeared inside the cave.

Xu Haoran happened to be excitedly dragging Li Liu’er back to the cave, and the two young lovers wanted to spend some time together, when they heard the movement inside the cave, followed by the sight of Gu Yanxi disappearing out of thin air.

Chapter 1908

“Did I get misty-eyed? Did Gu Yanxi just disappear?” Xu Haoran asked, rubbing his eyes.

Li Liu’er reacted as an afterthought, she hurriedly shook off Xu Haoran’s hand and ran out towards the outside.

“It’s not good, Gu Yanxi is gone!”

A sharp shout directly broke the atmosphere of the happy bonfire, and everyone was looking nervously at Li Liu’er who ran over.

“Sister Mu Qing, Hao Ran and I watched as Gu Yanxi disappeared out of thin air in front of us! It was exactly like that Cui Tianzhi!”

Hearing these words, Li Hang jerked up.

“Honey, where are you going?” Xu Muqing asked in a deep voice as she grabbed Li Hang’s sturdy arm.

“Don’t worry, I will bring her back safely.” After Li Hang finished speaking, his body had already turned into a blinding shadow and disappeared from the sight of the crowd.

As soon as Li Hang left, Xu Haoran hurriedly went forward and asked Xu Mu Qing, “Sister! Do you think that brother-in-law left in such a hurry, is he interested in Gu Yanxi?”

“Cut the crap! Go back to bed!”

Xu Muqing gave Xu Haoran a blank stare before returning to the cave on her own.

Liu Yufen followed Xu Muqing into the cave and said with a worried look on her face, “What’s the situation with Xiao Hang and Gu Yanxi? Did you guys encounter something under the ground during the day?”

“Mom, don’t worry, your son-in-law he is the strongest man in the world, he will definitely bring Gu Yanxi back safely.”

“I’m not asking you about that, I’m asking you, is there a conflict between you and Xiao Hang?”

As a person who had come over, Liu Yufen naturally could see that her daughter had a lump in her heart.

Xu Muqing couldn’t help but reveal a touch of helplessness and said to Liu Yufen, “Mom, it’s actually not a disagreement, your son-in-law has actually always been devoted to me.”

“It’s mainly because your son-in-law is so good that the women around him are attracted to your son-in-law, and it’s always bad for me as a wife to overdo it.”

Liu Yufen instantly heard the meaning of Xu Muqing’s words and sighed, “That’s true, Xiao Hang is indeed very good.”

“The boy has a good character and is helpful, and he’s also very capable, those girls will definitely be attracted by the charm in Xiaohang.”

“But as a wife, you still have to set some rules, so that at least Xiao Hang knows how to control the scale when he is with girls, so that he can avoid making mistakes.”

“This is also good for the relationship between you two couples.”

Xu Muqing listened and nodded, “Mom, I know, don’t worry, go to sleep, we may have to pull out of camp tomorrow and go back to Ningzhou, if we sleep late and can’t get up, we’ll be delayed in going home.”

“Back to Ningzhou? Tomorrow we can?” Liu Yufen asked excitedly, she had thought it would be a good long while yet.

Xu Muqing’s mind wandered, just now she had a bright idea, thinking that Li Hang should have taken him by surprise and gone ahead to his appointment with Cui Tianzhi and the Governor.

In that case, a return to Ningzhou must be just around the corner.

“Mother, I am guessing, but it must be soon.”

At the thought of returning to her long-lost hometown, Liu Yufen’s whole being came to life, and she couldn’t wait to turn her head back to the cave and share the happy news with Xu Xiaoyang.

Meanwhile, Gu Yanxi travelled through a mysterious space and was brought to a luxuriously decorated room.

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