The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 1299(FINALE)

A trail of blood exploded out of Chen Ge’s chest, covering his entire body. Such monstrous magical power was still something that Chen Ge had never expected. “Chen Ge, you have always wanted to know the secrets of the Sun Alliance, and for that reason, your cultivation has soared, however, the Tao is one foot … Read more

The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 1298

“This formation looks so familiar!” Zhu Sheng San said coldly. “It seems to be the ancient Black Dragon Sect’s Seven Immortal Punishing Formation!” Chen Ge said. “No wonder I feel so familiar, this formation, wasn’t it wiped out long ago? How did you know about it?” Zhu Sheng San asked in surprise. The Seven Immortal … Read more

The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 1297

These words caught Chen Ge’s attention. At that moment, Daoist Tian Zhen took out a sample of the herb he was looking for. Upon looking at it, Chen Ge could not help but have his eyelids slightly jump. This was actually the herbs that he was looking for that had been pa*sed down from the … Read more

The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 1296

“Lao San, you’re so f*cking unrighteous!” Tian Zhen Di Zhen, Xuan Zhen took a look and his face turned white with anger. And trying to fend off Black and White and Zhu Sheng San, they found that their mighty pressure was just too powerful. In just one round, the three were knocked out of the … Read more

The Poorest Rich Man Chapter 1295

Chen Ge was very surprised by these few people. This was because what Chen Ge felt from their bodies was a demonic breath. Clearly, these few people were all demon cultivators. The aura they carried was very different from Chen Ge’s Dao cultivation, as well as Zhu Sheng San’s demon cultivation. Chen Ge had read … Read more

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