Super Son-in-law Chapter 2763-2764

Chapter 2763

Lin Hao frowned as he got into the car and looked at Wang Sledgehammer in wonder, “What do you want, can you say it straight?”

“Isn’t this nonsense? I’ll go wherever you go! I can tell from my fingers that you will have a beautiful wife and concubines tonight, and I can’t miss such a good thing.” Wang Sledgehammer’s decent face was full of a Sl*tty smile, “I’m telling you, be careful with your waist, it won’t take much, no, I like to help people out, half for half, I’m not taking advantage of you!”

Lin Hao looked at him with a bitter smile, “Master, you just don’t tease me, can you, you can tell, you should know what I am going to do, you go to the hustle and bustle, this is not messing up?”

He didn’t know what level of master teller Wang Sledgehammer was, but he should be a lot better than the guy who was behind it.

Once he, Wang Sledgehammer, stepped in, would the other party still dare to make a move?

“What the hell do you know! I’m messing up? If I don’t go you’ll have to turn over in the gutter tonight, believe it or not?” Wang Sledgehammer sat calmly in the pa*senger seat, his face full of arrogance, as if his face said: beg me, come on, beg me quickly!

Hearing Wang Sledgehammer say this, Lin Hao’s brow furrowed, in that case, the person behind Lin Yan was really planning to make a move on him tonight?

Lin Hao thought about it, and then looked at Wang Sledgehammer in the pa*senger seat, and gritted his teeth, “Fine, I’ll take you to pick up a girl, but isn’t this look of yours a bit ……”

“Hey hey, just promise, don’t need to worry about this matter, I have a way.” When Wang Dahuo saw Lin Hao agree, he was instantly happy.

Immediately, he took out a yellow talisman from his pocket and began to recite the words in his mouth, “Tai Shang Pardon Order ……”


The yellow talisman ignited itself without fire and turned into flying ashes in an instant, the fire light dissipated, Lin Hao was also a bit dumbfounded by the other party’s set, it was just like what was shown on TV, like that!

Lin Hao looked up and saw, and the moment? The first thing you need to do is to take a look. He was shocked: “D*mn, who are you?”

He suddenly found that there was a strange young man sitting in the pa*senger seat, all brand name, young and handsome, button open deliberately open a few, a look is a certain wanderer rich second generation ah.

“Mud, it’s me! It’s a blindfold, what’s all the fuss about.” The handsome man on the pa*senger side glared at Lin Hao without good grace.

Lin Hao was stunned, “Even this? Even I can’t see through it?”

“Not to mention you now, even if you were at your peak state, you wouldn’t be able to see through it, just kidding, I can even fill the Heavenly Dao, so why worry if I can’t hide it from your pair of dog eyes.” Wang Sledgehammer’s tone was full of disdain.

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched, this b*****d didn’t know how many girls he had oohed and aahed with this method, how ruthless.

But just the fact that the other party could even fill the Heavenly Dao was enough to show that the other party was enough of a bully.

The fact that there was a Wang sledgehammer in the room, and that his own body contained a sword intent from his peak moment, what was there to fear?

With a kick of the accelerator, he headed straight for Lin Yan’s place!

After arriving at Lin Yan’s house, Lin Hao gave a message and Lin Yan came downstairs in less than five minutes, which also reflected Lin Yan’s high cla*s.

After all, it wasn’t unusual for a boy to wait for a girl for an hour, but the other party came downstairs in less than five minutes.

Lin Yan, however, was much more generous this time, and instinctively went to open the pa*senger door, but as soon as it opened, Lin Yan froze, how there was already someone on the pa*senger side, and it was a handsome man, not inferior to Lin Hao in the slightest, and the richness of his body, his prodigal temperament, made Lin Yan look a little dumbfounded for a moment.

“Hello beautiful, my name is Jason.” Wang Sledgehammer got out of the car and made a gesture of invitation with deep affection, obviously giving the pa*senger seat to Lin Yan.

Lin Hao, however, was amused, you’re still Jason?

Nonsense is really open-mouthed ah, open a small number, restart life, just a yellow paper ……

Lin Yan quickly came back to her senses, her complexion changed, originally everything was arranged to directly target Lin Hao, but no one expected that Lin Hao would not bring his wife and daughter forward, but suddenly brought a rich family son a piece.


Chapter 2764

Lin Yan wondered if taking this man with her would ruin those people’s plans.

Lin Hao naturally noticed Lin Yan’s subtle change, although it was well concealed, Lin Hao had been paying attention to the other party’s expression, so naturally he had caught it in his shop.

Lin Hao had a bit of a headache, he didn’t want to take him with him, but Wang Da Hammer was determined to follow, so he had no choice but to speak up: “Lin Yan, is it okay if I take a friend with me? Why don’t you just forget it? After all, it’s my first time attending, so it’s not good to bring someone with me? Jie Shan Jie Pao Shan Wu Fu Shan?”

Lin Hao had thought that if he said that, it would be good if Wang Da Hammer knew something and withdrew himself, but the result was that Wang Da Hammer shut up and didn’t say anything, still making the same motion of letting Lin Yan get into the car.

Lin Yan smiled and shook her head, “Why not, it’s good that you brought an extra friend with you, so it won’t be too awkward for you, let’s go.”

Lin Yan obediently got into the pa*senger seat, Wang Da Hammer didn’t say anything and ran straight to the back seat.

Lin Hao breathed a sigh of relief, since the other party didn’t object, it was best, otherwise Lin Hao’s plan to lure the snake out of the hole would probably be put on hold again.

Lin Hao followed the address navigation given by Lin Yan and drove towards the outskirts of Jinling, the distance was not really that far.

Lin Hao had just left when two figures walked out of the alley below Lin Yan’s house, shrouded in a black mist, using the cover of the night, not to mention ordinary people, even illusionary spirit masters might not be able to detect their existence.

“Strange.” One of the black-robed mystics spoke coldly, “Why can’t I see through that person’s origin, what a weird feeling, it’s like a mist is shrouded over him, I can’t really see it. Seventh Brother, should we report it up?”

“Old Eight, leave this matter to you to report, apart from Shen Xiyan and Lin Hao, and that old thing, there is no existence that we can’t see through, you go and make contact, I will go and meet Lin Hao.” The other figure beside him spoke hoarsely, and then quietly faded into the darkness.

The remaining one in black hesitated for a moment and faded into the darkness in another direction.

On the way, Lin Yan explained to Lin Hao about the people at this party, all of them were some rich ladies, famous families, real celebrities, not those who could compete with those who spelled out the famous ladies.

At the same time, she also hinted to Lin Hao that at the party, he should communicate more with these rich ladies. Although Lin Hao was already married, there were still plenty of opportunities, and as long as he made good connections, titles, fame and status would be at his fingertips.

Lin Hao accepted on the surface, but his heart was full of speechlessness, but it was normal, isn’t that what ordinary people are after?

But for Lin Hao, these are just things that are within his reach, and there is a feeling of loneliness in a high place.

Having everything that ordinary people want to have, but being so low key and ordinary, the life of people at the top turns out to be so simple and dull.

Lin Hao did not have anything else to say, since the other party knew that he did not bring his wife and daughters to come, that must be a move to make ah.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


There are no street lights on the suburban roads, and the moon is hiding in the heavy dark clouds tonight.

“There’s really something strange about the suburbs tonight, the atmosphere isn’t even right.” Wang Sledgehammer spoke indifferently. ,

In fact, without Wang Sledgehammer reminding him, Lin Hao had already felt it, not to mention that the other party was coming for him, it would be strange if he wasn’t a little prepared.

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