Super Son-in-law Chapter 2781-2782

Chapter 2781

A blinding white light, transformed into a ten-foot-long heavenly blade, fell from the dark clouds, falling at an extremely slow pace, like a white feather in the shape of a curved moon, slowly floating down from the sky.

Before the blade could fall a few metres, a deafening roar erupted from the mountain below, and a neat crack split the hard rocky mountain in two, the cut surface as smooth as a mirror, as if it had been polished and polished.

Before the Heavenly Sword had even fallen, the mountain peak had been split in two, forming a hundred-metre-long, three-metre-wide one-line canyon!

The Heavenly Wind in the middle of the cave, blood gushing out wildly, his breath shrivelled as he lay in the middle of the canyon that had just appeared, a yellow-orange glow enveloping his body, like a large upside-down bowl protecting him within it.

The Heavenly Wind looked at the Heavenly Sword above his head in terror and roared in fear and anger: “Why! Why are you doing this to us! The Heavenly Dao has been damaged but not mended! We in the Heavenly Dao Palace have traditionally been in charge of punishment on behalf of the heavens, making up for the loopholes in the Heavenly Dao, what is wrong with us!”

“Even if we don’t get the credit, we do get the blame! We are not even given a chance to make a mistake!”

However, in response, the Heavenly Sword fell even faster, and the rocks around him crumbled, the hard granite crumbling into slag, raining down like rain, almost burying Heavenly Wind!

The light that enveloped Skywind also began to sway, like a candle flame in the night wind, wavering, seemingly in danger of going out at any moment, and at the same time, a cracked pattern appeared on the curtain of light, densely packed and converging, looking like it was about to crumble!

“The Heavenly Dao is merciless! ~” Heavenly Wind let out a wretched cry of sorrow as another mouthful of blood gushed out, at this moment everything around him was crushed to pieces by the terrifying power, and Heavenly Wind’s skin cracked open inch by inch, forming a hideous wound dripping with blood.

Tianfeng gritted his teeth? er zero dyed closed earth land Lu Yi? The first thing he had to do was to save this slash, to save this backhand, even if he had to die, he had to take the Wang family’s back!

A dazzling yellow-orange light lit up in Tianfeng’s body, a time when the surrounding land seemed to be a part of Tianfeng’s body, the surrounding soil quickly gave way to Tianfeng, who disappeared in place in a flash.

Qi Men Dun Jia! The Art of Earth Transport!

With the disappearance of the Heavenly Wind, the Heavenly Sword also seemed to have lost its target and slowly dissipated, the lightning and dark clouds in the sky all dispersed, and everything returned to peace again, except for the sudden disappearance of the mountain, which was broken into stone slag, and the wreckage on the ground proved the horrible things that had just happened.

This battle has cost the Heavenly Dao Palace a fortune!

Several Heaven’s Path Palace disciples, including Old Seven, died tragically at the hands of Lin Hao. Tianfeng was pestered by Wang Sledgehammer and attracted the attention of Heaven’s Path, forcing him to use his unique technique to escape.

Like Tianfeng, Old Eight, who had managed to escape, was in no better condition and was badly wounded when he found Shui Wu Chang.

At the sight of Old Eight, who was covered in blood, Shui Chang was dumbfounded!

It was the first time he had ever seen the true face of these mysterious people, and the mist around him cleared.

The mist that surrounded them was used to conceal the existence of the Heavenly Dao’s prying eyes, and now the mist could not be maintained, so naturally they were unlucky, this was karma.

He immediately took Old Eight and ran away, and at the same time had someone bring a message to Lin Hao, threatening him to stop pursuing him immediately, or else he would take action against Lin Yun!

This is also no way out, just because the Shui family knows Lin Hao’s ability, this is scornful, especially in the scope of China, is Lin Hao’s world, if not for the mysterious person behind the back, they also do not dare to hard steel with Lin Hao ah.


In the backyard of the Lin family, Chen Haobei quickly returned to the Lin family after dropping Lin Yan back off.


Chapter 2782

Chen Haobei didn’t expect Lin Hao to still stay in the peach blossom formation in the backyard, playing with a ram’s horn hammer in his hand, muttering and muttering about something.

“You’re not sleeping this late, you’re running here to study a hammer.” Chen Haobei looked at Lin Hao somewhat strangely.

Who knew that Lin Hao nodded his head incomparably serious: “I’m not just studying a hammer right now.”

Chen Haobei was crying and laughing, how could this sound awkward, but now this situation seemed to be fine.

“What exactly does this Wang Sledgehammer thing mean, deliberately leaving this to me?” Lin Hao looked at it left and right, and after looking at it for half a day, he couldn’t see what exactly was the use of this thing?

Apart from being a bit darker, lighter and more chic, what was the difference between this and an ordinary ram’s horn hammer?

Chen Haobei’s face was full of questions, who was Wang Dahuo? Why did Wang save a hammer for him? There are plenty of these in hardware shops, so there’s no need to study them, right? He even thought, “Why don’t we buy some hammers for Lin Hao tomorrow?

If Lin Hao had known what he was thinking, he would have cursed: “You buy a hammer!

Chen Haobei saw that Lin Hao was studying so seriously, so he simply didn’t bother him and went back to the highest part of the Lin family, continuing to take care of his security work; at his current realm, it didn’t matter much whether he slept or not.

“What a thing! I’m afraid this isn’t just an ordinary hammer, is it?” Lin Hao clanged and dropped the hammer directly onto the ground, having studied it for half a day, he hadn’t researched anything, he had tried every method, and the hammer was still unresponsive.

Lin Hao looked up at the sky, it was going to be light soon.

He had fallen too low in his realm and still needed to rest? The first thing he did was to take a break.


The hammer landed with a crisp clang, a pleasant sound, it was as if the material was not made of iron at all!

“Brat, pick it up for me!”

Lin Hao was stunned and hurriedly picked up the hammer, looking left and right, but he didn’t find a camera or a sound device inside the hammer.

Could it be that this thing was a treasure?

Wang Sledgehammer did not pay attention to Lin Hao’s enquiry, and talked to himself as if he had recorded his voice in it long ago.

“One fortune, two fortunes, three feng shui, know the fate of the heavens and do your best, the art of heavenly reckoning is the art of borrowing. Who can really calculate the sky? It is only a matter of following the fate of the sky and following the trend.”

“The next thing is up to you, if I continue to hang around here in Jinling, those old b*****ds from the Heavenly Dao Palace will have to fight me to the death, I still want to live a few more years, don’t risk your life because of you.”

“Alright, no more nonsense with you, I’ll give you some basic celestial calculation techniques, this Six Nonfinger is even the most suitable for you to use right now.” As Wang Sledgehammer’s words fell, the small hammer flew up in the air, as if someone held this small hammer, of hammered Lin Hao’s head a few times.

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth twitched, this was the first time he had ever seen the strange way of hammering his brain into a gong method.

This was good, it saved Lin Hao time in learning, but after all, this knowledge was instilled into him, he had no experience, and he had never applied it in practice.

Lin Hao saw that it was almost dawn, so what the hell was he doing sleeping? He could just integrate this new knowledge a little bit, especially since he might be able to use the Six Nonons Finger to directly calculate the direction of the spirit rhyme, or learn about other situations.

The Six Nonons Finger was impressive just by reading the introduction, it was claimed that if you learn the Six Nonons Finger, you don’t need to ask anyone, it has the effect of foretelling!

It was only when Lin Hao had studied and understood it, and had already made a small initial success, that he realized that it was already dawn, and when he looked at the time, it was almost seven o’clock in the morning.

The good thing is that Lin Hao also does not know how it happened, originally still a bit guilty of dazed fatigue, when these things learn to apply, the whole person’s spirit multiplied, the whole person’s essence is completely different.

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