Super Son-in-law Chapter 2785-2786

Chapter 2785

“I hope Lin Hao you don’t go back on your word, or else you’ll suffer the consequences.” The other party grunted coldly and hung up the phone with vicious words.

Lin Hao was crying and laughing, this vicious words did not have any deterrent effect at all, right, to say the least he kinda sympathized with these robbers, poor thing.

Lin Hao went to the kitchen and told Shen Xiyan what had just happened, who was stunned: “My God, is Ling Yun so wild? The kidnappers couldn’t even help her? Looks like I was worried for nothing for so many days, not happy.”

“Auntie Ling Yun is so powerful.” Lin Ruoshi was so admiring that her eyes were full of stars, scaring Lin Hao into hurriedly stopping the topic, how could she feel that expression on her daughter’s face, as if she was also looking forward to being kidnapped once.

Lin Ruo Shi was just a doppelganger, the two were not even comparable.

After breakfast, ready to go to school, Lin Hao also happens to have cla*s today, to go to school together, after all, there is a period of time did not go to cla*s, the headmaster is not care about him, but let others resentment ah.

But Lin Hao just ready to get up, but suddenly feel wrong, under the projection Lin Hao a head two big.

“What’s wrong Lin Hao, hurry up and go to school, don’t be late later, the traffic jam at this time of the day is the most powerful.” Chen Haobei looked at Lin Hao in bewilderment, wondering what Lin Hao was up to.

“I just did some calculations, trouble will come to me later, you guys go first, I’ll hide for a while.” Lin Hao sighed, this craft of Wang Da Hammer is really good, using the situation to deduce, tend to avoid harm and turn good fortune into good fortune!

“This is not bullsh*t, who is looking for your bad luck early in the morning, have you not slept all night your head is confused ah.” Chen Haobei felt that today’s Lin Hao was very godly.

“The first woman you meet after you go out, tell her I’m not available at the moment, and if she asks you where I’ve been, you must tell her I’m not at home! Also, don’t give her the key, just tell her that no one is home and it’s not convenient for her to come, got it?” Lin Hao hurriedly gave a few instructions and then blew Chen Haobei and the others out.

Shen Xiyan looked puzzled, and Lin Ruo Shi was even a little strange: “Why is dad acting weird today?”

“Your father has been like this since he came back last night, and I don’t know if he fell out of his head last night, all becoming delirious, I can see him holding? Wu Fu Xi Yi Shan Wu Di closed? A ram’s horn hammer, muttering all night.” Chen Haobei teased amusingly.

The result was a vicious glare back from both mother and daughter Shen Xiyan, scaring Chen Haobei into shrinking his neck, smiling and hurrying off to the car.

Chen Haobei did not believe in Lin Hao’s words, and even wondered if Lin Hao had a problem with his head and did not even take Shen Xi Yan and her daughter seriously.

However, the smack in the face came faster than they thought!

The car had only just driven out of this ancient mansion area when, at the intersection, they ran into Lin Yan, who was walking towards the Lin family’s house. Today, Lin Yan was dressed conservatively, which added a bit of mature femininity to her, still beautiful, but a bit more elegant.

Chen Haobei did not take Lin Hao’s words at face value, so he pretended not to see Lin Yan. Shen Xiyan also knew Lin Yan’s identity, so he did not bother to pay attention to her, but unexpectedly, Lin Yan stopped Chen Haobei’s car.

Lin Yan first glanced at the car, but did not see Lin Hao, a flash of disappointment in her eyes, but also smiled and greeted Shen Xiyan and the girls, but Shen Xiyan’s response was somewhat perfunctory, and Lin Ruoshi even ignored her.

“Brother Hao Bei, how come Brother Lin Hao didn’t go to school with you guys? There’s a cla*s for him today.” Lin Yan asked cautiously.

Chen Haobei froze for a moment, quickly recalling what Lin Hao had just said, and subconsciously said, “He’s not free for now.”

“Where has he gone? What’s he busy with.”

“I don’t know.” Chen Haobei was a bit put out in his mind, hell, why did it feel exactly like what Lin Hao had just guessed?


Chapter 2786

I didn’t see him take his phone or get a call during the meal either, so how did he know?

It seemed like everything was moving in the direction Lin Hao had just said, that Lin Yan was the first woman they’d met out here, and that the questions asked, in the words Lin Hao had just said, were exactly right!

What a living hell!

“In that case, then Brother Hao Bei, would you conveniently give me the key, I’ll wait for him to return.” Lin Yan finished and also smiled apologetically at Shen Xi Yan, “Sister-in-law, don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean anything else, I just want to apologize to Brother Lin Hao in person, I was the one who caused trouble for everyone before.”


Chen Haobei, Shen Xiyan and Lin Ruoshi all shrieked in unison and looked at each other with incredulous faces, all of them, all of them were right about Lin Hao!

Lin Hao had already told them how to answer each other’s questions even before they had seen him!

This was truly a ghost, if the two of them hadn’t joined forces to tease the three of them, it would have been amazing.

Crucially, they also didn’t think that Lin Hao would join forces with this woman to act out a scene and thus come to tease them.

Chen Haobei said stiffly, “Sorry, no one is home, this isn’t very convenient, we have to rush to school, there isn’t quite enough time.”

“I’m sorry, it’s me being abrupt, you guys go ahead. I’ll take the bus over later, my cla*s is at ten o’clock.” Lin Yan could hardly hide her disappointment, but she also knew that she had indeed gone a bit too far with such a request.

Chen Haobei nodded awkwardly and hurriedly put his foot on the accelerator, and the car quickly sped out.

“Mum, dad is not so childish as to join forces with that Lin Yan to tease us, right?” Only then did Lin Ruoshi react, this felt simply amazing, much more amazing than those fortune tellers.

Shen Xiyan shook her head with a bitter smile, she was full of questions herself: “Lin Hao wouldn’t be that boring, it’s probably a coincidence.”

Only Chen Haobei felt a special pain in his face, only he knew that it was definitely not a coincidence! Lin Hao, who was staying at home, now had an even bigger headache, what do you call this!

Because he counted that even so, Lin Yan still wouldn’t leave and simply sat on the steps in front of Lin’s house waiting for Lin Hao.

You say this girl also? er cover up the service west whisk ground zero? It’s the shaft, what do you have to wait at home for? You can’t go to school and wait?

In fact because of Lin Hao’s words yesterday, Lin Yan came to her senses, she wanted to change her face and live again, change her previous sexy and beautiful style and curb her behavior.

Therefore she specially wanted to come and thank Lin Hao, but it turned out that Lin Hao was nowhere to be found, leaving her very helpless.

Lin Hao was speechless, he had been waiting for more than half an hour and she still hadn’t left.

It wouldn’t be long before Shen Xiyan and Chen Haobei were due to return, while Lin Hao had to go to the school to pick up the pieces and take care of his daughter’s safety.

He had to go to school, and after thinking about counting the begs, he planned to slip out the back door, only to have the door open, and then he thought, “No! I have nothing to do with her, nothing has happened, what is he being vain about?


Lin Hao knew very well that it was impossible to be purely friends with Lin Yan, and even more impossible to have a relationship other than friendship.

He was begging and slipping away.

Lin Hao slipped away from the back door and when Shen Xiyan returned, Lin Yan was still waiting at the door.

Shen Xi Yan was also quite helpless, after thinking about it, let’s just let the two of them meet, just to make things clear.

Shen Xiyan invited Lin Yan in, only to find out that Lin Hao had long since disappeared, which made Shen Xiyan even more suspicious of Lin Hao’s ability to foresee things.

In a small hospital in a city adjacent to Jinling, Old Bajie was lying on a hospital bed, bandaged and wrapped up like a mummy, looking as miserable as he could.

There was another bed two metres away from him, and on it was a unlucky man who looked similar to Old Buster, none other than Shui Wu Chang, who did not dare to come within two metres of Old Buster now.

Once you get close to Old Buster, the bad luck simply won’t stop and you don’t know what fatal crisis you’re going to encounter next!

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